Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Savitri Era steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals

Launching ARYA in 1914, Sri Aurobindo started writing on Human Aspiration and not merely about Hindu Destiny. Time to get over parochialism.
Long years of sedimentation has robbed religions of their true worth. Savitri Era inaugurated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo rescues essence.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have examined human affairs from all possible angles and the solution they offer are by far the most appropriate.
Savitri Era Religion is a fresh option and an intellectual challenge to overcome present conflicts and contradictions arising from the past.
Neither Ethics nor Elections, the collective mind must find time and opportunity to concern itself with the Veda, Savitri, and Evolution.
Hindutva is drunk on Power now and it's tad impossible for its enthusiasts to see reason but Sri Aurobindo had warned against such scenario.
Hindutva is opposite of Vedic imperative that Sri Aurobindo seeks to uphold. Savitri is his message of Evolution, Perfection, & Immortality.
Hindutva stalwarts are unsure about basic ontological questions like Rebirth, Karma, or Yoga but are unwilling to learn from Sri Aurobindo.
Savitri is, not only a storehouse of Metaphysical knowledge, but also an excellent medium of practice of Yoga through Poetry and Aesthetics.
Now that Hindutva is in power, important to understand the redeeming perspective of Sri Aurobindo instead of defending Nehruvian secularism.
Hindutva rides on Mythology and Medievalism. Sri Aurobindo gives a global spectrum anchored to the Vedic ideals of Evolution and Perfection.
Hindutva Rituals tend to whip up desire and greed for a materialistic or hedonistic life. Sri Aurobindo asks to seek Vedic "ratna" or bliss.
Present Hindutva Govt can hardly claim any ethical distinction and, hence, the Evolutionary paradigm of Sri Aurobindo remains a destination.
Sri Aurobindo theorised against Sankara, Sayana, and Max Muller in 1914 and hundred years later it now turns pivotal for resisting Hindutva.
Let Hindutva scrutinise Mythology, Astrology, & Ritualism. When the initial charm evaporates, the youth will gravitate towards Sri Aurobindo.
Forcing unadulterated Hindutva down the throats of the new generation has its limitations. Thankfully, Sri Aurobindo hewed an escape route.
Savitri Era unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has robust Philosophy and Psychology and steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
Sri Aurobindo weans away from Vedic Ritual and initiates into Integral Self-Perfection derived from Psychological interpretation of the Veda.
Nehruvian neglect of Sri Aurobindo's Knowledge Capital has cost the country dear and it has to pay the price by way of Hindutva backlash.
Nehruvian perspective was okay for adolescence but the Nation must evolve into Sri Aurobindian maturity after a brief Hindutva interregnum.
Twitter is full of know-alls but the challenge is how to inform and educate the young whose numbers are added every day across the globe.
Anti-corruption rhetoric of Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Ramdev, & Modi etc was thoroughly exposed and found hollow. #Lessonsfrom2014
Unique Nationalist & Nonpartisan comments on current affairs in the light of Sri Aurobindo's insights at Savitri Era:
[On 29 March 1914, the Mother met Sri Aurobindo ... triggered the publication of a monthly journal, the Arya.]
[Hundred years ago happened two events which make 1914 a landmark year in the spiritual history of the world.] ~RB
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