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Sri Aurobindo speaks of global Civilisational goals

No greater irony than instead of following The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo, claiming unwilling Buddhists as Hindus forms a priority.
When one doesn't realise own strength, he fears others. Reading Sri Aurobindo can infuse the inherent strength of India and the Vedic power.
Modi represents the confusion, vacillation, and ambivalence of Hindutva whereas Sri Aurobindo speaks of India's global Civilisational goals.
If the object of Nationalism is power and prosperity, there is no long term assurance on this. Time to understand Sri Aurobindo's Evolution.
Indian polity has suffered much due to Nehruvian, Marxist, Subaltern, and Hindutva narratives. Time now to usher in Sri Aurobindo's thought.
Instead of debating Bharat Ratna award, learn how Sri Aurobindo interprets "ratna dhatamam" (first rik of Rig Veda).
Indian youth must never remain satisfied with mere clapping from the gallery. Sri Aurobindo's SAVITRI invites for Adventure of Consciousness.
Morality or anti-corruption stand are temporary tools. Sri Aurobindo stresses on radical internal changes through Yoga, for enduring effect.
Thinking in line of religious divides is a trap whereas Sri Aurobindo wants us to evince interest in Evolution and Transformation of nature.
Most people are disappointed at Sri Aurobindo's criticisms and reinterpretation of Vedic texts but he had little respect for mere tradition.
Thorough in Western culture and tradition, Sri Aurobindo applied a critical examination of Indian religions and pointed out shortcomings.
Present religions are out of date, Sri Aurobindo was sure. He pursued the Vedic idea of Perfection as a general goal for humanity as a whole.
When we compare the ongoing concern for castes or conversions, Sri Aurobindo clearly stands head & shoulders above with theory of Evolution.
What Sri Aurobindo achieved during his forty years' stay in Puducherry is hardly understood. Apart from Sadhana, he produced robust Theory.
Eminent commentators avoid The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and, therefore, it's for young learners to discover them independently with own effort.
The paradigm The Mother created after Sri Aurobindo's departure has much relevance in India today as various religions are at loggerheads.
Many have developed appreciation for Sri Aurobindo through Twitter interactions and they must also know about Mirra Alfassa, The Mother.
@ranganaathan My request is to avoid extreme language and harsh judgment of important persons of history who were products of their time.
@kickthecorrupt Sri Aurobindo has discussed Max Muller in his famous "The Secret of the Veda" which is worth reading.
@calamur 2014 also happens to be the Centenary year of "ARYA," a Philosophical monthly Sri Aurobindo started on August 15 just before WW-I.
The demand to change the name of Delhi Aurangzeb Road is actually intended to beat the present Muslim citizens of India with a symbolic rod.
Some people seem to be suggesting there should be religion based international armies to fight for their own men (and women) in distress!
@vivekshroff Who prevents Shourie from writing authentic history text books instead of merely criticising and sensationalising peace meal?
@vivekshroff Certainly not and it should be left to the academicians to give their verdict instead of popular folklore or plays and movies.
@vivekshroff No need to follow others nor it's desirable to juxtapose Hitler with Aurangzeb that has the potential of further twisting truth.
@vivekshroff It's for the Govt but I personally feel the status quo should be maintained so that the tension in the full story is available.
@vivekshroff Let's be honest in arguing. I tweeted against demonizing present day Muslims through the pretext of Aurangzeb. This is unjust.
@rnpadukone There might be some lacuna in your supposed Hindu View as you might not be as well read. Hope, you discover more uncertainties!
@rnpadukone I didn't say you are wrong, I said it's simplistic. So no contradiction as your views are as much valid as mine on their own.
@rnpadukone I find your worldview a bit simplistic since there is no such thing as truth and everything is text & its varied interpretation.
@rnpadukone @dkgdelhi Not necessarily. History is a contested place and as assessments differ from age to age all players must be in story.
@rnpadukone @dkgdelhi Those who award Bharat Ratna also name Roads and go for wars. It's the ruler who has the power but looks at votes too.
@dkgdelhi As long as he is firm in history books there should be no objection to remembering him by students through roads, tombs, or forts.
Invoking Aurangzeb for demonizing present day Muslims in India is but crude intellectual terrorism built upon a false religious superiority.
Those who are consistently abusing fellow citizens for their Religion are doing a disservice to their own Religion and Indian Constitution.
Accusing some Religion on the basis of certain sections of a Book is unrelated to majority of followers who never bother about these issues.
Sociological studies on Religion are clear that most people follow their faith quite pragmatically reflecting dollops of overlap with rivals.
@Srichand01 Each country has its own history, tradition, and Constitution and must evolve according to the wishes of its own population.
@Srichand01 No one can alter texts; as long as an individual is not taking the law into his own hands he shouldn't be discriminated against.
Hindutva is being pushed into more and more farcical zones every passing day and the kind of repugnance it emits will lead it into oblivion.
War, terror, or crime must be dealt with appropriately but blaming any specific religion for these is warped logic & absolutely unwarranted.
Ordinance episode proves that BJP has not learnt to be the Ruling party yet despite having won majority in the Lok Sabha. RSS is aeons away!
Emphasis on Sanskrit can mean privileging of Mythology and hence due vigilance is necessary to nurture and bolster Modernity in our country.
Mythology blocks entry of new ideas. Just because a Scientist or Economist endorses Mythology, its validity or utility doesn't get enhanced.
Marxist medicine of "No Religion" is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sri Aurobindo opts for the Vedic Evolutionary dialectic.
The sorry state of India today can easily be attributed to lazy reliance on Mythology and Astrology. Let's save the next generation from it.
Astrology and Mythology corrupt the creativity and critical faculty of children. Parents are requested to protect kids from their influence.
Poetry or painting, dance or music, propagating Mythology and privileging it in the name of art and culture must be avoided by the educated.
Mythology has been sustaining the lack of accountability of RSS what Mehta terms "an abdication to an abstraction."
So, @pbmehta can teach a lesson or two to @bibekdebroy or @gurcharandas on #MahaBharata and @mjakbar or @madhukishwar on #RajDharma of Modi.
Erecting ethical paradigms on the basis of Mythological fiction or Movie themes is like building castles in the air or a house of cards.
Not only RWs are seen to be divided as Social and Economic; Hindutva, as Swamy advocates, should split into Soft and Virat. Good days ahead!
Hindutva privileges Mythology and celebrations while neglecting more cerebral areas like Philosophy and analytical thinking. Result shows!
Accredited religions are in short supply in India and once they are available online, people will be able to change their faith as they like.
Politics and Religion, Ethics and Entertainment are components of the Market which, in turn, is part of Ontology like the Climate or Comets.
Twitter must not degenerate into mere war of numbers. Time to nurture sane voices hid in the minority. @timesofindia
@deray Twitter's supposed power is illusory as most have fixed opinions and don't learn from others. Rather, they block inconvenient voices.
Vinoba, JP, & V.P. Singh are 3 luminaries of independent India whose contributions to micro-politics is unparalleled.
Before May, it appeared Modi is abiding by instructions of some on Twitter but now that he is not listening to anyone, they are inconsolable!
India deserves a Prime Minister who is also the leader of his Party. Not yet; 'remote control' has become the norm subverting authorisation.
Anti-corruption rhetoric of Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Ramdev, & Modi etc was thoroughly exposed and found hollow. #Lessonsfrom2014
Kautilyan dictum of keeping mum being the strength of the unwise and Chaucer's to make virtue of necessity

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