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Sri Aurobindo took care to craft an Integral path

The Mother came from France a 100 year ago and made India her home. Thus, it's certainly not easy to predict the future course of Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo targeted man's adversaries and focused on Evolution without concentrating solely on his political opponents or foreign rulers.
All those who cannot mention the name of Sri Aurobindo without referring to Swami Vivekananda are the most misguided lot who mislead others.
RSS and RKM have been successful in spreading many misconceptions about Sri Aurobindo depriving many Indians of the opportunity to read him.
Proud Hindus don't consider it necessary to read the Veda. Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda can alter their worldview & notion of Self.
Promising fast development prior to the election is first rate dishonesty. Spreading support base by invoking religion is downright improper.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's works is an easy way of imbibing the best of all the insights the ancient Sanskrit texts can offer without originals.
Such intelligent people being mesmerised by Modi is the most astonishing phenomenon in India today, 45 years after man landed on the moon!
Our educated are more perturbed over the errors in History than reforms required at present. Social issues are hardly discussed seriously.
Resistance of human nature would have been insurmountable but for Evolution which, says Sri Aurobindo, is bound to carry the race forward.
Movies portray a moralistic angle but Politics displays actual difficulties ethics poses. This tension, however, is a pointer to Evolution.
Attacking the ideology must be the priority & not the person espousing it. Intellectual winning over is more durable than other enticements.
You are well within your right to love & learn Sanskrit but don't push it down the throat of school children. It should be left to Colleges.
Basic difference between the approach of traditional Religions and Indian Constitution is that the latter is nonchalant if you alter faith.
Hindu exceptionalism & chauvinism have acquired added legitimacy under the current regime but such leeway accrues from Indian Constitution.
No traditional Text of India can be said to equal the liberal and universal ethos unveiled by Constitution of India by burying differences.
Hindu tribalism can never reconcile with the spirit of Indian Constitution and the demographic reality of the country as it stands today.
Nothing unusual in supporters of the Ruling party being euphoric on decimation of all opposition parties but then that would be no Democracy.
Continued coexistence of Ultra-Left and RSS within Indian Democracy may be a sign of resilience but the long-term corrosion is inevitable.
Rampal or Sai Baba controversies relate to possible reforms in Hinduism but no serious response emerges signifying intellectual lethargy.
Most religions have tasted political power for long periods & Hindus have just acquired it after the gap of a millennium. Nothing promising.
Mythology narrates Monarchical models that run against the spirit of Democracy for which transparency and humility are essential elements.
Cricket & Bollywood have trained the young to chase the Stars but in Politics it's Ideology, and not the person, that needs to be supported.
BJP took birth on an ideological divergence and the dichotomy refuses to vanish despite wildly fluctuating electoral fortunes over the years.
Starting from canvassing in Hisar bypoll to abstaining from Haryana Assembly elections, all political moves by AAP so far has benefited BJP.
@Parikramah Not exactly, rather a much broader reference to the whole community or especially involving all those who prefer to be so known.
@Parikramah I might not doubt your broadmindedness but Hindutva does harbour elements who tend to display worst kind of hatred and animosity.
Genuine Nationalism is about expressing Indianness as our Constitution demands it and not lazily espousing Mythology, Astrology, or Rituals.
No way to dethrone English that looks down upon other Indian languages and cultures associated with them. Better take the bull by the horns.
English can never usurp the space for popular entertainment but it has a predominant position in prose: both journalism & academic discourse.
Sri Aurobindo understood the essence of India hundred years ago and wrote his profound thoughts in English. No language chauvinism involved.
Priority is how the present and future citizens can effectively contribute to make India a better nation. Sri Aurobindo shows the right path.
Fighting the so-called Sickulars and Sepoys involves colossal negativism and waste of energy; whining leaves a bad taste in your mouth too.
If Pfau makes a herculean attempt to resurrect Coleridge, why can't Indians rediscover Sri Aurobindo and take pride in his prose and poetry?
Instead of Pfau's "Modernity as a Metaphysical Dilemma: Moral Agency in Coleridge" we have the option of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Psychology.
The problem with relying upon Hindutva is that nothing is assured in terms of welfare or fortune. Reading Sri Aurobindo is an eye opener.
Integral Yoga enunciated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo gives meaning to individual life & strivings with a pronounced emphasis on Evolution.
The ideal of Hindutva has many loopholes and is a blind alley. Sri Aurobindo took care to craft an Integral path acceptable to all people.
Neither Hindutva nor Nehruvian temperament is based on any full proof Ontological framework whereas Sri Aurobindo possesses The Life Divine.
Reading a few pages from Savitri can make anyone realise the depth and height Sri Aurobindo is trying to reach but few get that opportunity.
Learnt skills turn of less use every few years and that's life's biggest predicament. Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo teaches to be a learner.
Power and showmanship can never rise to gain respect as Wisdom and Statesmanship. Numbers are a tool in Democracy but no assurance of virtue.
Current cultural scene in India is a complex mix of the Western and Tradition and hence it's impossible to identify anything as truly Indian.
Any attempt to resurrect ancient India or revive age old traditions is misguided & will fail. Evolutionary angle of Western contact crucial.
@GreatHeretic Just hinting at The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's effort in integrating India with the West that remains below the radar of elite.
@GreatHeretic Difficult to label Sri Aurobindo's multilayered contributions but then you may confine yourself to your present notions of him
RWs consider K.M. Munshi an icon and here is one of his less known sides
Peter Heehs' The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is under Govt. ban in India but those interested can now read it online at
As an extension of Parliamentary discourse Twitter interactions must persevere to preserve Democratic norms like transparency and tolerance.
@arunmsk @firaism Too much interest in women in Twitter runs counter to honest intellectual pursuit. But one can't help it, it's so natural!
@DharmicFundoo I said my observations and not what Sri Aurobindo said. However, he doesn't agree with the present muscular form of Hindutva.
@DharmicFundoo My observations are based on reading Sri Aurobindo whereas many Hindutva enthusiasts continue to neglect his epochal thought.
Sri Aurobindo's Savitri & The Life Divine being extensive investigations into story of creation as well as human condition are eye openers.
Let not group dynamics spoil your poise. The onus of navigating your life is solely in your hands and Sri Aurobindo is the safest channel.
True Nationalism is to discover the timeless spirit of India as Sri Aurobindo imagines it and not slavishly following worn out ideologies.
@Pawankhera Sri Aurobindo's extensive writings have made it difficult to appropriate him but attempts are on nevertheless.
@doctoratlarge Please read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo before making such lofty pronouncements and misguiding others.
@doctoratlarge The delusion of being "self-made" is transitory but dangerous.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have put in place the right kind of educational model for future Indians to follow in a globalized environment.
Understanding functioning of the body like Metabolizable Energy Intake (MEI) and Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) should be accessible.
@Hareshraichura The question is who'd pay them the fee. Further, they can argue the opposite way if someone else pays them more. So, tricky!
Some people used to admire Sanjay Gandhi. The same mindset is fond of Modi; the logic that "danda" mode is the right "medicine" for Indians!
@GuruuGhantaal I have used the word some. Anyway I wished to convey that many people vent their repressed instinct for violence vicariously.
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