Sunday, December 07, 2014

How Sri Aurobindo challenged the Congress

Sri Aurobindo isn't a mere writer. His intervention in politics in the embryonic stage of Freedom Movement was crucial & effect far reaching.
How young Sri Aurobindo challenged the Congress veterans of his time should warm the hearts of all patriots but few are willing to revisit.
@SwarajyaMag The article seeks to spread the superstition that what was handed down by tradition are successful formulas, without scrutiny.
@PranayGupte Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams Manifesto provides the much-needed corrective to the defective paradigms referred to in the article.
Hindutva insistence on unchanging tradition and culture of ancient India is not only anti-Evolutionary but also suppresses human innovation.
Modesty is as much a virtue in Academics as in Democracy. Citizens must get used to the habit of recoiling from the theatrics of politicians
Charmed people were attributing omniscience & omnipotence to a Chief Minister a year back but now their enthusiasm seems to have lost steam.
@Satyapriyan @AShetty84 BJP supporters now feel so relieved as they don't have to tweet furiously against terrorist killings or rape cases!
@Janamejayan Matter of regret that the questionable means of Modi capturing power is tolerated while pioneers are castigated! @manekshaws
One Hindutva Gharana slams Vajpayee, another Advani, some other is against S.R. Goel, yet another against Shourie or Malhotra. So riddlesome!
Good that Hindutva no longer appears a monolith as fault lines are becoming public. RSS effort to conserve the Banyan tree image will fail.
Hindutva must shed Mythology and Medievalism to embrace Modernity and Science. Sri Aurobindo has already demonstrated this so successfully.
@vijayprashad @bhartendu2206 Neither Congress nor Left, Sri Aurobindo is the right answer for India's future as he links Veda to Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo signifies new Illumination and the next Evolution integrating Vedic wisdom with modern love for Freedom

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