Sunday, August 16, 2015

Understanding Sri Aurobindo is a life long process

Reading Sri Aurobindo's own writings would be the best homage to him on his birth anniversary -
Four epochal interventions by Sri Aurobindo:
~ 1940: War Funds
~ 1942: Cripps Proposal
~ 1945: Wavell Plan
~ 1946: Cabinet Mission Proposals
Three madnesses, Four interventions, and Five Dreams define the life of Sri Aurobindo perfectly & explain why he relied upon the Sixth sense.
Unparalleled guidance on life and the world in Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother:
@Vidyut You have perhaps no time for the longish exposé of the then Congress leaders by @sarkar_swati and team. They were as mean!
@Vidyut That may be mere impression; from movies and school speeches. Human nature, the same, chases self-interest. Lay workers seek esteem.
@Vidyut That'd be a great project, but no piece of writing can decisively prove anything. Subject to reception and dominant political stance.
@Vidyut He worked as his time demanded; you are also fighting by writing
I wish, you had mentioned Sri Aurobindo.
@Vidyut [It is a day that has increasingly lost meaning for me. What does independence mean?] it was my own birthday
@Sheks65 Surprisingly, no tweets wishing Sri Aurobindo today from Hindutva crowd. Seems like the message has gone home that he is a threat.
@Sheks65 You are a devotee. Others might be celebrating & enjoying a family outing. But it seemed to me quite unusual when I searched today.
@Sheks65 Even PM can forget too. Sri Aurobindo doesn't have any utility for any political party; not even in Bengal.
@harsh___gupta 1. PM has not faced TV reporters. 2. HRD Minister without a college degree. 3. PM and Party President from same State.
There was practically no discussion today on Twitter regarding Sri Aurobindo on his birth anniversary coinciding with the Independence Day.
On August 16, 1907, Sri Aurobindo was arrested by the British for alleged seditious articles in the Bande Mataram. It created a huge furore.
@akshaym Does Sri Aurobindo hold any chance to be compared remotely with such giants?
@akshaym Hayek, Friedman vs. Dirac, Feynman @harsh___gupta @sabhlok 
@chinmaykrvd Circular logic. Because he just can't understand that he is making a fool of himself!
Modi never wants Chauhan getting stronger or popular as he is perceived as an alternative power centre (Advani camp)
Most in BJP were forced to support Modi for power at Centre but share anguish at the way Advani was shunted out as they were indebted to him.
A split in BJP might look improbable now due to the Hindutva ecosystem but what happened to Congress in 1969 can't be deferred for too long.
@MihirkJha The party might simply split into regional formations. National leadership is antithetical to regional aspiration and freedom.
@MihirkJha BJP is no longer its previous avatar under Modi. It's under a corporate-style functioning. So a textbook implosion is inevitable.
@Sheks65 Nothing could be further from the truth than to believe that Modi was duly elected as the leader of BJP democratically. @MihirkJha
@MihirkJha As too many leaders in a party is not a sustainable proposition, Modi turned BJP a single-leader party (like all other parties).
Modi is like Bhallala Deva of Bahubali who hijacked the longtime efforts of so many others to grab the top slot. But, that's the Beginning!
Don't forget how RSS airdropped Gadkari to fulfill its longtime dream of shifting the Capital of India to Nagpur and declaring Hindu Rashtra!
Learn the principles of Indian culture from Sri Aurobindo as seen by him in his classic, The Renaissance in India.
Supporters in East coast States like Odisha feel miserable as BJP can't hope to capture power during their lifetimes. Real freedom fighters!
The fact that Nitish Kumar is mocked is a proof of his being a formidable threat to Modi. He will win Bihar but his right place is in Delhi.
Nitish Kumar, by definition, is a better Hindu as both Hindus and Muslims repose confidence in him than one who professes only Hindu support.
@Sheks65 Political Science is no laughing matter! Establishing theoretical principles is a must for clarity in thought and bust herd action.
@Sheks65 See, Nitish is symbol of anti-Modi fight, and that's a valid project involving millions of people. Any one can replace him tomorrow.
Such is the dread that pervades BJP that no supporter dares to take the name of any other leader than Modi bit approvingly or congratulating.
@ArmchairPseph Apropos senior leaders, and to this day, it can, safely, be asserted that no one has accepted Modi as leader with spontaneity.
@ArmchairPseph As a supporter feeling happy is justified, but BJP has come to power at severe costs; it has lost a lot of internal democracy.
@avenger_D Thanks, I think, I stand by them even today. Yes, one can think of Yogendra Yadav or Prof. Anand Kumar instead of Kejriwal.
@ArmchairPseph I agree with you, even AAP learnt it early. No one should blame Modi or Kejriwal. But that's not the Ideal; quest must go on.
@hooves2 Political melting pot is always pregnant with possibility. It was part of a conversation about potential threats to Modi within BJP.
@ArmchairPseph @Nikhil_7D Yes, intelligent people should apply their minds to these apparent contradictions and bring out the right insights.
@avenger_D Political opinions are bound to differ in a Democracy but by trying to engage with people like you, I seek to know herd-dynamics.
@Nikhil_7D Don't worry, Sri Aurobindo can help you to grow grey cells if you just read his books, no matter whether you understand or not.
@avenger_D Thanks for all the attention and thought. Be happy, Modi may or may not win in Bihar but he remains your Prime Minister till 2019.
@avenger_D The PM, is more proper, perhaps (that helps to conceal my frank feelings about him).
@vs70 @avenger_D @Nikhil_7D I live in India and I just said that Modi is "the" PM. I don't think there is any scope for any difference of opinion.
@vs70 No need to say your or our, I corrected it to an official the. Democracy has many a leeway!
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D Understanding Sri Aurobindo is a life long process and day-to-day political affairs needn't be guided by those ideals.
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D Agreed but I'm also entitled to my imperfections. Besides how communications can be leveraged optimally, also matters.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D You are quoting someone who has displayed visceral antipathy towards Modi. I'm innocent beside him! @Janamejayan
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I never impose; I simply express my views as enabled by Twitter with a twin purpose: Sri Aurobindo and anti-RSS.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I'm not asking for following any person. My request is to read the books by Sri Aurobindo.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No such temerity either. But yes, following Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals are certainly not matters of intellect.
@Nikhil_7D If you have read the works of Sri Aurobindo, I will not like to argue on them. My focus here is what Hindutva & tradition pursue.
@Nikhil_7D Point is you can't argue on exegetical matters on Twitter. No space. Email is okay. Here, the purpose is provocation & propaganda.
@vs70 You got it right; we are against the mentality of banning or making things compulsory. That's the spirit of Indian Constitution.
@Nikhil_7D Twitter allows us to talk and sets permissible limits for discourse. I'm just using the facility and evolving with my opinions.
@Nikhil_7D Changing, in the trivial sense, if you like!
@Nikhil_7D So, better not to describe myself, the task here is to tweet and supply food for thought.
@Nikhil_7D Conversation is important but preferably with those with sceptic/open minds. But one doesn't have a choice. You are an ideologue!
@Nikhil_7D I mean, you are far beyond my ideal target audience since it's not easy to unlearn what one has over a prolonged period of time.
@ArmchairPseph @Nikhil_7D Just clarified that it's difficult to impart new awareness to one who is already full. But possibilities are there.
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D My opposition is also based on his actions, nothing personal about it. But he is entitled to it for the sake of career.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D @ArmchairPseph @vs70 @Janamejayan @Sheks65 Fascist tendencies in Modi:
@Nikhil_7D I just responded to someone else's tweet.
@vs70 You are trying to skirt the issues.
@AgentSaffron Art and architecture are subjective affairs and the Bahubali effect, (including, size), needn't guide our sense of aesthetics.
@vinidratva I was thinking of the huge and a uniform kind of colour and style of buildings portrayed in the movie. Just an impression.

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