Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No better satisfaction than wrestling with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy

If all the resources of Govt of India, BJP, RSS and multiple NGOs are employed to produce just a stage show, then woe to those feeling proud.
@drsbasu2115 That's nice. Let's expect the new generation to understand the real import of Sri Aurobindo in resisting both Hindutva and Left.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have successfully responded to the diverse philosophical & psychological currents of the West including science.
@kalisbrood Twitter is not a place for weighty debates on Yoga methods or long philosophical exegeses. Here, it's just hints and pointers!
@kalisbrood Instead of concentrating on me and my ignorance, just imagine how a stray tweet can change the life's direction of a new person.
@kalisbrood I don't ask you nor any other to agree with me. I learnt my lessons in my own way and there is no reason to converge with yours.
@kalisbrood Each person has his own peculiar set of inspiration and circumstantial compulsion to write & share. Please don't be an obstacle.
@kalisbrood If you believe so strongly that you are in ignorance, okay. Don't spread pessimism and anti-intellectualism to discourage others.
When one realises the vision Sri Aurobindo has for India's future, he acts on his own and won't depend upon the Prime Minister or any other.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's books helps build self-esteem. One understands the true role of India and one's own responsibility in fulfilling it.
Once you are convinced that Sri Aurobindo, indeed, is preferable than the Marxist or Hindutva viewpoints, it becomes easy to understand him.
Rishi Kalam, Mahatma Modi http://t.co/AhXxGiR1sw 
Hayek, Friedman vs. Dirac, Feynman http://t.co/kbP5PkxDlE
@_Mauna_ Hope, you are aware of SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo in which he affirms the possibility of deathlessness as envisioned by the Veda.
An informed Hindutva enthusiast tweeted recently to stick to nationalism and shun internationalism. Good intention but against Evolution.
Hindutva is nothing but utter confusion with diverse voices sprouting and claiming authenticity in vain. Food & Drink http://t.co/aGBZzlTSDY
Despite great strides in human thinking, no definite picture of reality has emerged yet. So, Sri Aurobindo's Evolution is the most dependable.
[Sri Aurobindo is thus forerunner of all major initiatives of freedom struggle] @drsbasu2115 - http://t.co/MvK92O1L3n@sarkar_swati @maidros78
Sri Aurobindo himself chose to set his most futuristic vision within a mythological setting but SAVITRI turns out to be world's crest jewel.
Sri Aurobindo, however, considers reliance on Mythology as part of the Human Cycle and theorises how Evolution has the power to transcend it.
At a time, when the world is witnessing sweeping leaps in Science & Technology, Hindutva, with its hark back to Mythology, is an aberration.
India was under Colonial rule 100 years back, yet Sri Aurobindo wrote valiantly about how India will lead the world through its Vedic legacy.
Those who long for a new world & aspire for it strongly, assure The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, will automatically be led to discover the words.
Most interestingly, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were never enthusiastic to draw disciples as they believed in the inevitability of Evolution.
The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in 36 Volumes is now available online ranging from philosophy to poetry & plays. http://t.co/4ILiKACyXk
Universalistic scenario painted by Sri Aurobindo in Life Divine is unmatched in breadth as well as elegance as is intellectually satisfying.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo essentially means transcending narrow religious or national confines to feel and act as a world citizen.
Sri Aurobindo thought & wrote about multiple castes, religions, & nations but refused to be bogged down by the differences & aimed at unity.
If one is confident of his intellect, there is no better satisfaction than wrestling with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. http://t.co/mOlwlCRDld
Sri Aurobindo secures a revered place in Indian history, but his significance is more oriented towards a splendid future for whole humanity.
On the political front Sri Aurobindo foresees all the countries of the world coming together under a federal structure heralding human unity.
Sri Aurobindo believes in the transformative power of knowledge leading in the direction of Evolution which is key to humanity's Perfection.
Despite its attractive nomenclature, Integral Yoga introduced by Sri Aurobindo doesn't prescribe any rigid system of practices or rituals.
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, while synthesizing the East and the West, emphatically steers clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjacket.
Though educated in England Sri Aurobindo went deep into the heart of Sanskrit to recover the original intention set out in Veda & Upanishads.
@avenger_D Sri Aurobindo's epochal interpretation of Veda brings out inner psychological significance of the hymns by eschewing mythology.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to support English, Science, Modernity, and Democracy by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, and Superstitions.
Congress education system has deprived you of reading the works of Sri Aurobindo. Each one must read them to understand the Indian tradition.
@ToGovern Thanks. Please find time to read the works of Sri Aurobindo whenever possible. http://t.co/r90xgW9iSI

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