Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Difficult to agree with agitational protests

Difficult to agree with agitational protests and their priorities but it's sad if a leader of the stature of Yogendra Yadav is maltreated.
@bharat_k Actually leaders derive political mileage from such affairs and hence it's good for them. My feelings are for YY, the intellectual.
@orested2 I'm not against law & order taking own course (like when Ramdev was evicted in 2011) but I just felt bad for YY, the intellectual.
@orested2 If I remember correctly, permission had expired & Ramdev was trying to overstay despite requests to vacate. Then the midnight raid.
@orested2 Ramdev was clearly adamant & didn't act as a responsible law-abiding citizen. Hence, he should be responsible for the aftermath.
@orested2 I never compared, just gave an example. You seem a bit agitated and raise so many extraneous issues. Problem with Modi supporters!
@orested2 In a conversation civility is a must and we must know what exactly we are arguing for or against. I just said I felt sad about YY.
@orested2 Okay, if you feel so. I was reacting to what YY himself tweeted: that he has been beaten. I have no means to check if he is lying.
@orested2 I know him through various sources for quite a while, so won't rely upon extraneous evidence. I feel proud that he is in politics.
@orested2 All part of politics and democratic negotiation; so no complains. YY may lose in numbers game but will be seen in the mould of JP.
@orested2 Agreed, that all evidences are extraneous, that's a logical fallacy I committed. So, perhaps, I should call them as gut feelings!
@orested2 Both of us are guarding respective political turfs and hence no objectivity should be expected. Only way is to agree to disagree.
Why is Ramdev silent, now? [On 9 August 2012, Ramdev launched another indefinite protest against corruption and to bring back black money.]
@teamkabirkhan @BeingSalmanKhan Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional. http://t.co/gnDxEd1DZ5
Baahubali may be religious, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is devotional & spiritual
SELF: Food for thought

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