Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Integral Advaita bridging Judeo-Vedic perspectives

This is an excellent overview of a very complex scenario. It appears that there can be no second view but, fortunately, Sri Aurobindo was writing in a journal on these kind of topics on month to month basis 100 years back. He foresaw an Evolutionary track for the whole humanity seeking unity but not uniformity. Thus, the present notion of Hindutva suffers serious infirmities in the eyes of Sri Aurobindo, who offers an alternative paradigm that is universal and stems from the Vedic perspective. [TNM55]

Sri Aurobindo introduced notions like the Logic of the Infinite and Exclusive Concentration to erect an Integral Advaita bridging Judeo-Vedic perspectives. Relying upon such modern and Evolutionary contributions must receive priority over over-venaration of ancient texts. [TNM55]

Democracy or political parties don't operate in a vacuum; they are about people and human nature. Without understanding them nothing perfect can we expect. Sri Aurobindo has delved deep into these issues; how an individual should evolve and imbibe values for an ideal mode of collective living including Democracy. The more people read Sri Aurobindo, the greater the chance of social transformation and ethical revolution. [TNM55]

There is no better book than The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo that explains the existence of God in relation to the world. [TNM55]

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