Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning from Sri Aurobindo is a life long love affair

@waglenikhil @manishkbaid @sawhneynikhil Such a vision was given by Sri Aurobindo in his #FiveDreams address to the nation on 14 August 1947 View conversation
Evolutionary perspective taught by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo forces one to perceive the other as a fellow human being and not as adversary.
Consenting to learn from Sri Aurobindo is a life long love affair. There is no shortcut to going through the forty volumes of complete works.
Selecting study material in consonance with one's political persuasion is a paradoxical as well as perplexing phenomenon. Read Sri Aurobindo.
With understanding of Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary dialectic, one can be spared of the confusion suffered by pbmehta and madhukishwar.
Despite possessing all resources Congress failed in India because it neglected the path hewn by Sri Aurobindo. AAP & BJP will meet same fate.

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