Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rajiv Malhotra should stop spewing hatred against West

It's unfortunate that Rajiv Malhotra prefers to brazen out the whole allegation following the footsteps of BJP Ministers and Chief Ministers.
When a book is published, it's neither Western nor Eastern. It belongs to the world. Rajiv Malhotra should stop spewing hatred against West.
Rajiv Malhotra's admiration for Andrew Nicholson's book is on record. So now terming the same book as substandard speaks of his own standard.
Rajiv Malhotra is free to draw citations per his sweet will but his blanket condemnation of Western sources looks like juvenile delinquency.
The more Rajiv Malhotra defends himself, the more he would be exposing his prejudices and weaknesses. It tells upon Hindu norms and ethics.
Instead of adhering to norms of academics and publishing industry, Rajiv Malhotra is resorting to polemics and drumming up political support.
@bhoopalp Rajiv Malhotra himself has admitted that some passages are without quotation marks and that, precisely, is the issue at present.
@bhoopalp Point is, why should I read a book which, I gather, is lopsided. I am commenting just because the plagiarism issue refuses to die.
@bhoopalp You are entitled to your bravado but I am pained by the fact that one who is preaching Dharma is so reluctant to say simple Sorry.
@kalisbrood I read reviews of books which interest me and often blog about them. Part of my responsibility to inform readers objectively.
@bhoopalp I have observed Rajiv Malhotra's attempts to downplay Sri Aurobindo on many counts. If you don't agree, then I have nothing to say.
@kalisbrood Reading all books is not possible for me. I have my own limitations and preferences. Don't want to be dictated by someone else.
@bhoopalp That's well known, there are any number of write-ups over Web. But how does that justify the plagiarism attempt by Rajiv Malhotra?
@bhoopalp I have read it and from there only I gathered what Rajiv Malhotra is up to. Being Different is also with me which I read in parts.
@bhoopalp Not malicious, but Malhotra intends to raise Vivekananda to greater heights which he is entitled to do but I don't agree with him.
@kalisbrood You are free to feel like that but I act as per my own inspiration and try to keep myself free from the Hindutva epidemic.
@bhoopalp You are evading the original issue by parroting Rajiv Malholtra's poor logic. My intention is not to force someone to say Sorry.
Intellectual superiority can be earned by publishing coherently argued books and not by running down authors with different opinions or pov.
A book shouldn't be banned, pulped, or withdrawn as long as the author stands by it. Those opposed should counter with their own publication.
Ban on The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs is as reprehensible as the withdrawal of Wendy Doniger's The Hindus: An Alternative History.
Pathetic attempts by Hindutva supporters to save Rajiv Malhotra from plagiarism charge by obfuscating with extraneous
Editor defending own lapses comes late and seems lame. But fair enough, and further, Indra's Net needn't be rewritten.
Indology or Sanskrit are not innocent fields of study. One is likely to be misguided unless acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's interpretations.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo help us not to delve deep into the so-called Indian Philosophy which are heavily influenced by Buddhist discourse.
Sri Aurobindo presents us SAVITRI - the scripture for the future - that helps one ride the ladder of Consciousness & spread seeds of Harmony.
The Knowledge system The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have honed is unique & unprecedented. If mixed with other teachings, it becomes ineffective.
Sri Aurobindo's insights are light years ahead than that of his contemporaries, whether in India or the West. Comparative studies fruitless.
@Vidyut Whether one would study or simply believe is driven by the genes. Not much choice there. But they aren't mutually exclusive, overlap.
When The Mother & Sri Aurobindo decided to work together in 1914, a great East-West synthesis was forged which is to blossom as Life Divine.
Sri Aurobindo inflicts a terrible blow to the materialist theories of Darwin, Marx, and Freud. His fight against Fascist forces, too, epochal.
@Vidyut One learns through compare and contrast; that's unavoidable. Spending too much time in comparing deprives one studying Sri Aurobindo.
@Vidyut Each individual has his own unique way and how he'd acquire knowledge can't be predicted. Tweets are simply pointers, not so fixed.
@sarvatragam @Vidyut Many people bring in other teachings like Vivekananda's while studying Sri Aurobindo which, I feel, should be avoided.
@sarvatragam @Vidyut Philosophical aspect of Sri Aurobindo is such that comparisons are a must but same is not true for his Yoga Psychology.
It's instructive to know why Tagore wrote a poem eulogising Sri Aurobindo & how he was respected by senior radical leaders like Lal-Bal-Pal.
Most intellectuals in India are almost ignorant about Sri Aurobindo and Bengalis are prejudiced by Tagore's Sandip.
Religion, culture, and the future of India in the context of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary theory and the Life Divine:
@dasyavevrka [Buddha was born in Odisha]

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