Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Work for Savitri Era Party at the national level

The tightrope walking that the Constitution of India demands of the President is exacting and whether one faltered should be judged strictly.
There has been no instance yet of a President resigning over disagreement with the PM or expressing remorse over some events or corruption.
Opposing and suppressing dissenting voices with the favoured religion as the sole yardstick is most dishonest and despicable in a Democracy.
An ideal Democracy would treat every individual as unique with a distinct voice which must not be trampled under some collective cacophony.
Your love for your Religion and respect for Democracy might clash at times and those are the moments to judge which one to receive priority.
Patriotism, Religion, Culture, all will foster well if Democracy is in fine health and Freedom of speech enjoys autonomy and creativity.
Mobilising votes for your favoured political party and bringing it to power is admirable but some hidden agenda beyond this may not be good.
Democracy entails moderation. Extolling someone in religious fervour smacks of half-baked citizenship & lack of much needed critical faculty.
@SNSMT The agenda of a political party should be wholesome, sufficient, and ideal for Democracy. So, following other objectives might clash.
Only Political parties enjoy full legitimacy within a Democracy. Other organisations as well as individuals have limited rights and appeal.
@SNSMT Thanks. You are welcome to work for Savitri Era Party at the national level.
@SNSMT Theory is important and as foreseen by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, people will turn towards good ideals and value-based politics.
Insolence and being incensed by criticism is a sign of Democracy deficit which leads to frustration and bigotry. Being wary of this needed.
Ours is a strange land! One section holds the copyright of Idea of India and another group has the monopoly over Patriotism or Nationalism.
@bhoopalp The point is, each group considers, it is its right to define citizenship and those who don't fit in are not worthy of citizens!
Curiously, many in our country are not reconciled to the fact that citizenship is earned automatically and equally merely by virtue of birth.
That every citizen has the right to an opinion of his own including sedition is not easily digested by a huge section of our patriotic folks.
Once we shed the fear of discordant voices undermining the country, we would have a much stronger society, facing incongruities more boldly.
When some sane people take upon themselves to certify a few as nationalists and others wanting then a precarious taxonomic situation arises!
@bhoopalp In today's world, no one can monopolise communication. One group doesn't bother about overseas audience; its focus is domestic.
@bhoopalp I agree, but most publications have minimal influence in the real world and the challenge is to build robust alternative discourse.
@bhoopalp Both ways; English has enormous advantage as well in terms of resources and reach. You can start writing; ideas matter in the end.
Freedom and Democracy are ultimate Human Rights, upon the rails of Science and Spirituality. Market is a facilitator and English lubricates.
Homogeneity of culture has been our bane in the past & therefore corrective measures by way of Colonialism was foisted upon us by Evolution.
Individuals are wired a certain way and some likely to develop queer/criminal tendencies but character building organisations lack sympathy.
@bhoopalp RSS, to be precise.
@RajeshDhir4 You are right but, I hope, you don't consider making such statements superfluous. Lifeguards are a constant in popular beaches.
@RajeshDhir4 Thanks for encouraging thoughts. Words have power and let's continue to hammer. The rocks of resistance will give way one day.
@bhoopalp No firm LGBT policy for instance, criminality (including love) often imputed on grounds of religion, Leftists as anti-national etc.
Democracy entails transparent fight between opponents, holding every individual's choice as supreme, without insisting on one's own victory.
Man is not democratic by nature; it's a virtue to be nurtured all your life. Once elected, many Prime Ministers turn most undemocratic. Sad!
Being an ardent supporter of a Political party and safeguarding Democracy are twin burdens of a citizen, the second being a bit more heavy.
Majority of Tweets focus on history instead of concentrating on future. How to develop a vibrant Democratic culture should be the priority.
History and Mythology promote hero-worship by blunting individuality and critical reason. These lead to anti-democratic and fascist outlook.
Social customs and traditions are purveyors of anti-democratic attitude in many cases and hence need to be reviewed periodically and amended.
Even though Constitution doesn't mention it, if CMs and PMs relinquish office after serving two terms, what a Democratic convention it'd be!
@brownbrumby @AgentSaffron I don't find it well-argued. Secularism (no Religion) will remain a template for most spheres of human action.
[Many New-age professions often encourage to be an accomplice in unethical practices in the pretext of competition.] http://t.co/BeyarS1z3T

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