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Sri Aurobindo relegated to footnotes

Sri Aurobindo produced a couple of landmark scientific/philosophical principles and it's utter intellectual dishonesty not to recognise them.
Sri Aurobindo's 1) Logic of the Infinite and 2) the Supra-physical being beyond empirical probe, are percolating into Consciousness studies.
@dikgaj @Hum_bharateeya I think, nothing radical was sensed about Sri Aurobindo before he landed his first job. Any reference in particular?
@OdiaCulture 'Ahe dayamaya' belongs to the same genre of poems written by Madhusudan Rao or Tagore under the influence of Brahmo Samaj cult.
@maidros78 With due regards, this negative vibe being spread against Gandhi appears to be a bit unfair as he did perform an Evolutionary role.
@maidros78 True, but many other things he wrote or did around that time is being excluded. So there is a danger of a wrong picture emerging.
@sarkar_swati @DivyaSoti @SkandaVeera @maidros78 @dikgaj Please use the following link for referencing Sri Aurobindo
[Long after he is dead and gone, his words will be echoed and re-echoed across distant seas and lands. C.R. Das 1909]
Rajiv Malhotra authored a book with grave editorial lapses; should apologize. His response has been amateurish & counterattacks superfluous.
Rajiv Malhotra raising voice against Western intellectual hegemony is justified but his characterizing Indians as Sepoys smacks of arrogance.
It's absurd for Rajiv Malhotra to expect that everyone will toe his line and valorize Hindu philosophy. He must learn to respect other views.
Unfortunate that Rajiv Malhotra has not been able to understand the flaw in his own thinking process. Disregarding Sri Aurobindo is his bane.
Everyone belongs to some religion or sect and that doesn't mean there can't be any scope for dialogue on social issues or intellectual field.
Gripe drives the research of Rajiv Malhotra and Saswati Sarkar and whining seems to be their dominant style. Positive atmosphere is absent.
Academic humility and politeness is a must for earning credibility. Displaying due neutrality and lack of personal bias are sine qua nons.
Nothing more shameful than RW veteran justifying Rajiv Malhotra's plagiarism. Shoddy logic of blaming anti-Hindu forces for own inefficiency.
Say sorry when you are wrong. Carry your arguments and evidences to your next book instead of confusing supporters and burdening lay readers.
Plagiarism is a form of corruption which can't be justified by saying others are also doing the same or the quantum is of a small magnitude.
A crime is a crime and no amount of tribalism can turn it into a virtue. Author must own up lapses and assure the public on remedial steps.
@bhoopalp What muck? Exposing indiscretions or misrepresentations is an academic responsibility. One should be grateful to those policing.
Preaching not enough; intellectuals must practice Dharma with precision. Rajiv Malhotra is charged with malpractice but he is obfuscating.
Propensity of shielding crimes by acquaintances is a moral depravation and Rajiv Malhotra should not take the cover of such improprieties.
@bhoopalp Be logical, two wrongs don't make a right. Rajiv Malhotra preaches Dharma and he has been caught red-handed. He must act exemplary.
@bhoopalp You are mixing issues to confuse others. Rajiv's book has some stolen paragraphs which is intellectual offence. He must act Dharma.
@ngc1729 That's justifying his crime by obfuscating the whole issue. A Dharma preacher must not resort to such intellectual dishonesty.
Instead of mobilising supportive articles by admirers, Rajiv Malhotra should say sorry for the lapse and that would enhance his credentials.
Neither Nicholson's response nor Srinivasan's justifications has any bearing on the crime committed by Rajiv Malhotra. Primary crime stands.
@ngc1729 You are descending to the personal level, that's the tendency! Let's judge things on merit through proper arguments and evidences.
@ngc1729 The crime relates to stealing words and not ideas. That's a clever ploy to obfuscate the issue and create a halo around Malhotra.
@ngc1729 Please read my tweet carefully and you won't find any name calling. No rancour, I'm just throwing a challenge to Dharma upholders.
@ngc1729 Fully agree with you, it's a technical lapse. But a murder by accidental pressing of the trigger is also a crime and is punishable.
@ngc1729 I have referred to a phenomenon which supporters of Rajiv Malhotra are resorting to and I'm cautioning him against it, not abusing.
@ngc1729 I wish the whole issue were so simple and sorted easily. But then why such lengthy clarifications, justifications & counterattacks?
@ngc1729 Exactly and a simple acknowledgement of the lapse would have ended the matter. But group dynamics is dictating muscular response.
@bhoopalp I have read his responses and the petition etc. A calm response would have pacified the matter. @ngc1729
@ngc1729 @bhoopalp How Courts decide is beyond control but petition to a Publishing house is not that serious but Malhotra took missteps.
@bhoopalp @ngc1729 Here is a case of corruption with every detail out in the open & we must be able to solve the puzzle with academic rigour.
Has anyone floated a conspiracy theory that the Editors deliberately left multiple flaws in Rajiv Malhotra's book just to discredit him?
So the no corruption, no malpractice chorus is getting louder. But a Dharma preacher need not obey it and confess guilt, if any, on his own.
Kshatriyas are entitled to an array of ethical latitude in consideration of life-risk. Do Intellectual Kshatriyas too enjoy such privileges?
Whether Rajiv Malhotra follows it or not, RW Dharma experts should formulate a road map for all those facing Dharma Sankata, ethical dilemma.
Recall Peter Heehs who faced hell for words he never wrote but liable to be construed and here Rajiv Malhotra has actually stolen paragraphs.
Claims & counterclaims notwithstanding, the publisher finally will take a call. By that time Rajiv Malhotra's reputation would have wrecked.
@ngc1729 Current issue is other than the intellectual worth of his books. His book has some passages lifted from another book, that's wrong.
@bhoopalp Haven't read it but the book is perhaps an exaggerated account of Vivekananda with Sri Aurobindo relegated to footnotes. Bad Karma!
Misgivings about an academician by another academician should be vented in the proper format in appropriate forum. Snide remarks not the way.
Fashionable to abhor the Westerners but as the Rajiv Malhotra imbroglio demonstrates they are even responsible for pointing out our mistakes!
@bhoopalp Infinity Foundation should upload all the books authored by Rajiv Malhotra so that one can read them online at one's convenience.
@IndianRealist Don't be agitated. International laws are there to take care. And in the worst case, Modi can swing any situation in his favour!
@IndianRealist Modi is endeavouring to create an Asian Confederation sans China so that questions relating to Kashmir would have no meaning.
@bhoopalp If you have read the book, I'd be happy to know what I said is half-truth and what's the truth. Just for general awareness.
Hindutva enthusiasts fail to realise that by constantly attacking the Islamists, Jihadis, Christians, White skin etc. they expose weakness.
@pras4net He who is strong would not bother about his enemies but if he fears them, then he will talk about them willy-nilly, all the while.
@pras4net That's what I indicated at the first place. You are weak and feel that the narrative is in the hands of your enemies whom you fear.
@pras4net You can say so as I genuinely fear the Fascist propensities of RSS and its Kafkaesque functioning destabilizing Indian Democracy.
@pras4net You are a genius; now you may switch to @mediacrooks for wholesome entertainment. Your own man, btw!

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