Saturday, July 04, 2015

Mirambika, Mangaraj, and Hirakud

[High court orders inspection of unfinished Mirambika building - Times of India - Parents claim the 150 students were moved into unauthorized and under-construction premises above a bank located on the premises of Sri Aurobindo Ashram ...]
[Save Mirambika – The Truth must come out! - Mirambika Crisis – justice is blind… - ….and it is sometimes seen to be not only blind but selectively deaf too! Khush to bahut hogay Manga tum ki tumahray chamche aakhir kanoon ka do joon aashi...]
Sri Aurobindo is in news. Again for wrong reasons. There is a tussle between the parents of Mirambika children and the Management which intends to upgrade it to an Engineering College. The matter seems to be sub-judice and is certainly a grave concern but is equally hard on the conscience to take a side.

While no one in sane mind would want the Mirambika students to be deprived of their iconic habitat, - given the lofty ideals this unique institution keeps afloat, - any developmental plan, as a matter of principle, should also not be thwarted. Interestingly, Mangaraj, the villainous character of a famous Odia novel is being recalled, but at the same time the displacements that Hirakud dam resulted must be borne in mind.

A further aspect is, respecting property rights and lawful entrepreneurship even if deemed arbitrary or idiosyncratic. However, rationalisation and democratisation of the Governing body of all institutions connected with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is also essential for preventing misuse of power and dictatorial tendency. [TNM55]

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