Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hindutva Juggernaut will collapse under its own weight

Sri Aurobindo's Action encompasses all kind of things; riding the crest of time. So, sole reliance on his writings is surely not the right strategy. Discussing his thought has its uses, especially for the younger generation. But most of the debates dominating the last Century stand almost resolved or reconciled. Thus, there is nothing new to explore as far as theory is considered. That's perhaps a great relief as regards the scope of academics.

Events, on the other hand, continue to surprise and dramatic turns seem to be the rule rather than exceptions. So, how the future will unfold is very difficult to predict. The dream of the World Union, however, doesn't seem irrelevant or impracticable but the Hindutva Juggernaut will have to collapse under its own weight before that. This appears to be a clear possibility and that's speculation enough at Sixty. [TNM55]

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