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Modernity has four pillars: English, Science, Democracy, and Market

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Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
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@gmeastcoastrly Dear Sir, If Puducherry - Bhubaneswar weekly be extended to Vadodara, then it'd be a great tribute to Sri Aurobindo's memory.
The whole story of 20th Century was the Vedic fight with Hitler on one side & The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on the other …
Let Hindutva nurture its preference for Vivekananda, Subhas, & Savarkar. Followers of Sri Aurobindo must remember he fought against fascism.
Those who are supporting Hindutva for the sake of short term personal benefits must understand that it's an act of betrayal of Mother India.
Democracy, Secularism, Liberalism, and Modernity are anathema for Hindutva fundamentalists. Fight them with the Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo.
All are free to follow their own faiths. Savitri Era Party recommends the path of self-development enunciated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Modernity demands that the provisions relating to caste, religion, and language should be out of Indian Constitution as Sri Aurobindo dreamt.
Since January 26, 1950 each one born in India enjoys freedom to pursue his own interest and profession irrespective of his caste or religion.
Modernity has four pillars: English, Science, Democracy, and Market. Each citizen of India must do his best to protect and strengthen them.
Hindutva folks are in power, even then their constant pining and whining is so irritating. Most of their tweets exude negativism and hatred.
[Dr Moonje did not want the RSS to be what it is today. The RSS today is not run by ideology.] …
[By your stumbling, the world is perfected. Sri Aurobindo said that the greatest achievements have been least noisy.] 
[Bose openly attacked the philosophies of Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo] …
When you buy life philosophy from those peddling Hindutva ideology, it's at your own risk. If better sense prevails, follow Sri Aurobindo.
Secularism empowers to vent gripe against it and Modi must not forget that the high office his fate has gifted him is because of Secularism.
Performance for a Prime Minister is not merely Stage performance. Modi must understand this and save a semblance of dignity for his chair.
If India is being run today by Modi-Mohan duo, then it's a deadly combination. One can expect utter foolhardiness leading to terrific chaos.
RSS priority for safeguarding votes for BJP is justified but it must not portray itself as purveyor of value-based politics and knowledge.
The Veda, Upanishads, & other Scriptures have existed for thousands of years but nothing much has happened. Follow Sri Aurobindo to benefit.
Those expressing glee over impending demise of Secularism in India are best examples of living in fools' paradise and exposing hare brains.
RSS must practice the virtue of being truthful. If you are dealing with public affairs, speak your mind with forthrightness and conviction.
RSS has not left its habit of operating clandestinely even after capturing power at Centre. This timidity is a blot on Hindu assertiveness!
Many delude themselves that Modi is highly dynamic while RSS is dragging him back. It's all eyewash; they all are Hindu Rashtra soldiers.
Democracy & Secularism are sine qua non of modern civilisation but RSS is hell bent to demolish both with utter foolishness & intransigence.
After thousands of years, India could taste the delicacies that Democracy offers but the Congress Dynasty and RSS continue to sabotage it.
@bhattaraka In that case, you may accept "All life is yoga" as the summary which Sri Aurobindo elaborates in his book, The Synthesis of Yoga.
@bhattaraka Left brain demands mathematical equation like precision but philosophy should be a right brain affair without need for summary.
@IndiaFactsOrg The author must first read what Sri Aurobindo has written before recommending them to others. He must write articles on them.
@hmadhok For the same reason we crowd Twitter. To socialise!
Sri Aurobindo: influences, assimilation, and integration. 
A fertile field for interdisciplinary rumination and rapture.
[Habremas and mysticism: Spiritual knowledge is suprarational beyond reason, logic and images] 
[Christian yoga, if we may call it such (my yoka's easy), is a strict balance between verticality and horizontality.] 
[This personification of the subjugated nation as the Mother in chains is a recurring theme in Aurobindo's writings] 
[While at King's college, Sri Aurobindo was drawn to Irish nationalists such as Charles Stewart Parnell.] 
[Sri Aurobindo BANDE MATARAM May 24, 1907 The refusal of the Irish Parliamentary Party under Mr Redmond's leadership] 
[Representations of Ireland in the Political Thinking of Sri Aurobindo by A. Sen (2007)] 
[European Influences on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought. Posted on September 14, 1978 by dialogueireland By M.G.van Dijk] 
@sarkar_swati @maidros78 [Irish poet and critic James Cousins and his spouse Margaret Cousins: affective communities] 
[Mind of Light achieved by Sri Aurobindo: Narad’s Five Songs and the Theme of Evolution in Savitri by R.Y. Deshpande] 
@_Mauna_ Okay, nice to see Hindutva is open to debate now! So, Sri Aurobindo might be relevant. Returning to Moonje / Hedgewar roots of RSS!
@_Mauna_ Approvingly! [We must try and move away from incidental narratives to look at the Big Why. Shri Merchant has begun a great debate.]
@_Mauna_ Where is the "ruthlessness" that you uphold? Persons don't matter; MM has clearly exposed himself as a trojan horse & you endorse!
There can't be a more complex scenario involving demography and taxonomy that Bihar elections throw as regards Democracy as well as Ontology.
[Purano-Tantric stage was once decried by European critics and Indian reformers as a base and ignorant degradation..] 
@_Mauna_ Bit surprising your feeble response to Merchant on this score, although you would have pounced upon any other sec-lib (sic) person.
Nagarjuna, Candrakirti, and Sri Aurobindo 
Dr. R. L. Kashyap 
[To the SAES, equipping school teachers with the tools by which they can bring this experience to school children...] 
@kiran_patniak @pbhushan1 Mere agitation not enough. Join Savitri Era Party for ushering in value-based politics and inner-party democracy.
@OdiaCulture Not disputing the utilitarian aspect but most serious books are free of illustrations since they distract and inject prejudice.
@OdiaCulture We are so inundated by images everywhere, - relevant or not relevant, - that I'm a strong votary of Twitter sticking to words.

Savitri Era Religion: 

[Ramnath Goenka, founder of Indian Express, had close links with RSS, religious and not an atheist or communist] 
[Vrekhem - there wasn't any such thing as "Nazism" in any consistently articulate sense... but Hitler in particular.] 
[Truly, just as Christianity is not fundamentally a religion of "ideas" but of a person, so too can it be said that Nazism was a man.]
[Protestant revolt began in Germany with Luther. Vrekhem notes Christianity uneasy relationship with German psyche] 
@chinmaykrvd The desperation with which BJP clutched on to Manjhi by fermenting his revolt should serve as a firm indicator of its strength.
Historians don't quote Sri Aurobindo's comments on men and events. But why those on Twitter fight shy of him is slightly difficult to fathom.
Sri Aurobindo is a very perceptive commentator on 20th Century affairs but there appears to be some reluctance on Twitter to quote his views.
[Upanishads is incomplete because two things that are one have been left out, Personal Manifestation and Mahashakti.] 
@OdiaCulture J. Adeni had introduced Nizam. 
@Vande_Mataram @Lohana1983 If you believe Sri Aurobindo, no one is final; everyone is undergoing Evolution. So, dialogue helps, not boycott.
Parliamentary framework is all about debate, discussion, and dialogue; not bans or boycott. Respecting dissent is the most important trait.
@Vande_Mataram @Lohana1983 Why not engage with them intellectually and produce appropriate responses? That would be a much better approach.
So comforting that BJP is yet to win election on Hindutva plank. Indian Democracy must, officially and statutorily, steer clear of Religion.
Savitri Era Party demands repealing anti-democratic provisions of Indian Constitution and stop referring to religions, castes, and languages.
Along with Religions, Govt must wash its hands off Castes, Languages, and Cultural productions like Movies, Music, Dance, Plays & Literature.
Savitri Era Party demands automatic suspension of all rules and regulations relating to various religions in force in all our statute books.
Religion is nothing but a lifestyle choice and must not be seen being inherited through genes. Linking it to race or civilisation is fiction.
Democracy has no business to bother about religions and must not poke its nose into them. They should be treated as purely private affairs.
Democracy providing administrative scaffolding for various practices within religions plus legal recognition/validity must be done away with.
Democracy must facilitate switching allegiance to religions just like freedom to support any political party and no one should be troubled.
Liberalism entails not bothering about the faith of other individuals, nor practicing any sort of discrimination on the basis of religion.
Religion is still looked upon as a Govt. job where one retires. With better education and awareness, people would prefer to explore choices.
A religion is a broad tent within which all kinds of characters are to be found: the good, but also criminals, militants, & fundamentalists.
[“Caste” is generally associated with India and in the West caste did and still does determine its social structures] 
@mkatju You wrote that Sri Aurobindo wrote nonsense. You might not have developed a liking but for thousands of people his words are nectar.
Hindutva proponents should join. [religion and science dialogue is slowly becoming less western, and less Christian]
@maidros78 More power to your pen for bringing to light facts which were allowed to be under wraps by both the Left and Right wing scholars.
I fail to understand the meaning of endless speculations on alternative versions of the past. Some dutifully RT them 
[Mediating this critical choice is the life and work of Sri Aurobindo, throwing a powerful beacon ahead of us into..] 
[Hindu devotional practices: darshan, pranam. Sri Aurobindo permitted and in some cases encouraged these expressions] 
Savitri Era Religion owes its origin to divinity of Mother & Sri Aurobindo with Savitri & Life Divine as scriptures. 
Savitri Era Party, not only opposes the Hindutva obscurantism, but also exposes the shallow Leftist rationalism. 
teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo reveals its political nature. Yoga is a perpetual effort to break new ground.. 
Sri Aurobindo has not only unravelled the secret of the Veda, but also fought the Vedic battle against the epitome of evil in his own life.
[Bellah like Latour shows how we have never been modern; that is, the West has never gone without myth and religion.] 
[theory and practice of Integral Yoga, humankind in the universe, and consciousness, emergence, and transformation.] 
[There is no entry in Mirra's diary dated 15 August 1914, Sri Aurobindo's birthday, first issue of the Arya appeared] 
[Haridas Chaudhuri ... were ahead of their time... non-violence, civil rights, social justice, and ecology.] 
[Sri Ramakrishna had initiated integration which found fruition, culmination and completeness through Sri Aurobindo.] 
Aesthetic charm of Odia script "rounded like pebbles on a river’s soft bed" is surely the highest among all languages 
Hindutva approach is intolerant of Democracy and individualism. So preserving Freedom is the most challenging task for citizens of India now.
Despite lacklustre progress on Development front, Democracy is the single most spectacular achievement of India during the last 60 years.
@tapansur Lack of positive approach within Hindutva ecosystem even after more than one year of assuming power indicates deep fear & frailty.
Nauseating to read endless complains against Marxist historians, Western scholarship, Christian influence in media etc. Victimhood must stop.
[31 back volumes of Indian Philosophical Quarterly (1035 articles) available online] 
@manuakula That's one & the confidence that one can't be wrong or no superior rationales exist is a sad commentary on supposed high calibre.
Odia is the most ancient among North Indian languages. If, instead of line on top, a hood is added to Ka in Hindi then it becomes Ka in Odia.
@manuakula So, you are a giant killer; Compliments!
Many are missing the game-plan that multi-cornered contests would actually benefit Nitish camp instead of straight fights with BJP & allies.
@_Mauna_ @harsh___gupta [Peter Heehs - In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended...] 
[For a more contemporary Hindu perspective, writing of the revered sage and philosopher, Sri Aurobindo is insightful] 
If asked to choose between one who steals your money and another who steals your freedom, then the choice, understandably, should be obvious.
@bainjal @PriyabrataT RSS regularly conducts OTC & most of its products are Certificate holders. It should get the Deemed University status!
No experience of the West but in India each person tends to avail some added advantage of his or her position while interacting with others.
@AgentSaffron Autonomy as a citizen is also surrendered to a doctor (when hospitalised) and an advocate (while filing a case)!
@Sanguakshi @bhoopalp Difficult to define liberalism, Hinduism, or democracy too precisely and, hence, let's enjoy the reign of ambivalence!
[The coming together of Dilip Kumar Roy the seeker and Sri Aurobindo, his guru was a unique relationship.] 
Most political parties fail as they are bereft of secure metaphysical undergirding. Savitri Era Party is anchored to Sri Aurobindo's Dreams.
Many harbour erroneous impressions regarding the Veda without making any effort to be acquainted with how Sri Aurobindo unveils its secrets.
One may not understand what Sri Aurobindo writes; yet a fundamental appreciation that none has been able to surpass his philosophy is needed.
A book becomes a bestseller and a movie box office hit by word of mouth. Savitri Era Party can grow swiftly with everyone's participation.
@sarkar_swati @maidros78 Please use the new spelling Odisha conforming to the actual pronunciation in Odia. It has been won after long fight
People are born with set predispositions and biogenetic destiny, says Evolutionary Psychology. Why and how is mystery. 
Join Savitri Era Party to ensure a secure future of the country by building firm foundation for value-based politics. …
@crguna Evolution is irreverent towards rules and customs. It can use any unconventional route, including brands and market, to achieve aim.
India is yet to liberate itself from feudal template of politics. Each one has some responsibility to throw it out. Savitri Era Party leads.
Just because Modi & Kejriwal muddied the waters of value-based, participatory Democracy, the hope for it is not dead. Join Savitri Era Party.
Those disenchanted with AAP and BJP may follow the Evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and work for a modern and liberal Savitri Era Party.
A language has a certain level of utility as well as beauty. To demand more from it entails grappling with avoidable terrains of difficulty.
Science, Modernity, Democracy, Market, and English are fuel for future Evolution and, hence, should not be undermined under sway of emotion.

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