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Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote Who

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar Nov 2018
Savitri Era: The "Self" Sri Aurobindo talked about may be illusory https://t.co/2uX2GMcbID

Many get addicted to managerial responsibilities and use it as an alibi for not reading for want of time. But one must be strict with oneself to have a solid grounding in reading during one's thirties and forties. That is the best gift one can give oneself https://t.co/JMJZ0RndTx

India's role in bringing about the unity of the whole of mankind assumes pressing urgency at the moment. The Life Divine possesses a central position in this momentous adventure. “It is the most thought-provoking and thought-shaking book" said S.K. Maitra. https://t.co/B0txCYdBps

Hindutva enthusiasts are busy fighting people like @Ram_Guha and @ShashiTharoor whereas the real challenge is to grapple with Sri Aurobindo and how he redefines Indian tradition and wisdom. Just mentioning him along with Vivekananda or Dayananda is a lazy exercise which must stop

Superior modes of research and instant access to diverse knowledge-sources constitute an exceedingly advantageous situation for the mankind. Indians need to overcome juvenile love for own culture and the sense of (false) superiority and exceptionalism, a trap made by careerists.

Defending faith and tradition compulsively won't provide the critical faculty. Arguing that faith is autonomous and unchallengable is anomalous and anti-intellectual. Idols, icons, or statues are part of community life but reclaiming individual freedom and free thought is crucial

If Kolkata is written in Bengali as কলকাতা, then why it is कोलकाता in Hindi is difficult to understand. In fact, the correct name in English should be Kalkata without incorporating the Bengali pronunciation. Similarly, Delhi should be Dilli and Pilkhuwa in UP should be Pilakhua.

Congress definitely implies a continuation of the Colonial regime and in that sense Modi Govt is far more genuine. Courts are doing their job of upholding Enlightenment in trying circumstances for which they must be congratulated. Universities unfortunately are in Marxists' grip.

Since science is becoming more and more shaky in its assumptions day by day, it's profitable to maintain an attitude of healthy scepticism without falling prey to atheism. To steer clear of a worldview founded on unfettered mythology and popular culture is another huge challenge.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo foregrounded spirituality known as Integral Yoga. It can't be taught as a College degree nor there's any time-bound practical course. So endorsing it is a bit problematic and should be left to individual's choice. Reading his books however is mandatory.

After 80K years of human civilisation, it's amply clear in 2018 that the mystery of our existence is hidden and remains a secret. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written elaborately on higher zones of consciousness corroborating Vedic utterances which are met with "Access Denied" https://t.co/S7Cbyhj1OD

Looks like LitFests are mushrooming. All those who are in the job of stimulating discourse or navigating the course of narratives need to be extra cautious not to let their enthusiasm get better of them. No superstition, indoctrination, or pushing of unsubstantiated propositions.

Democracy, secularism, judiciary, liberalism, modernity, or science & technology: Indians have got all these almost free; without undergoing tortuous social and intellectual upheavals. How they have evolved in the West and at what price will ever inspire for generations to come.

A telescope, microscope, or stethoscope display the power of science and the urge for precision in knowing things beyond ordinary senses. The kaleidoscope however does the opposite and points to the infinite expanse of the universe and innumerable variations of its choreography.

Hindutva votaries are hell bent on establishing a puritan cultural order conforming to mythological descriptions. That the reality is far more complex and many-layered than any stretch of poetic imagination is often forgotten. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo wrote sense a century before https://t.co/ILrr6V7QVb

Hindutva enthusiasts emphasise culture, religion, and tradition over current needs, reason, and evolution. Each individual is free to decide his own way but imposing uniform lifestyle over vast groups of people in the pretext of tradition and promoting superstition is problematic

#Ayodhya is Ajodhya in Odia and many other languages. Sarayu is Saraju and Yamuna is Jamuna. Odia is the only Classical language among all north Indian languages apart from Sanskrit. Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das helped establish the Sri Aurobindo's Relics centre in Ayodhya.

Not many Odia persons are active on Twitter. Among those who have displayed their intellectual might and contributed their mite to the national discourse, @devduttmyth, @ashoswai, and @pratyasharath are prominent. More power to their pen and brain. @OdiaCulture @odiapuanews #Odia

Kings ruled and built; created hierarchies and modalities to reign over mass minds and also to rein in rebellion. All these must be under critical scrutiny now, in a Democratic society as diverse as India. Tradition can't be shoved down the nation's throat hook, line, and sinker.

Seems like a Liberal stance. A welcome change! @viryavaan @zeneraalstuff

The militant camp within Congress represented by Lal-Bal-Pal could be identified as the source of Hindu nationalism, writes Anand Teltumbde @AnandTeltumbde in the @UNESCO Unesco women philosophers’s journal December 2017. Sri Aurobindo is not mentioned but he favoured #WorldUnion

Complains galore: imposition of English, imposition of shuddh Hindi, imposition of festivals, imposition of GST etc. The original sin however is the imposition of a fiction called India. Dismantling it can solve many problems; States deserve Sovereignty. https://t.co/9iAAicBwoU

Mohan Bhagwat undoubtedly is the Man of the Year, 2018 who pulled the rug from under Hindutva firebrands. Although, many suspect him to have pulled a fast one since he appears to be running with the hare and hunting with the hounds, he is unmistakably getting down to brass tacks.

Many jobs offer the opportunity of free travel and often intellectuals get addicted to such hospitality. Corruption crops up and compromise creeps in as usual corollary. Pushing warped logic becomes the norm since he who pays the piper calls the tune. And, then sets in the ruin.

By dropping the word "Dharma," many try to pose as ethical persons but an examined life is not an easy proposition. Reading The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's works makes us aware as to how deep and wide the gaps between the canons of ordinary morality and demands of Vedic virtues are.

While Keshab Chandra Sen (1838–1884), Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838–1894), and Brajendra Nath Seal (1864–1938) had stirred the intellectual landscape, Sri Aurobindo borrowed generously from Bradley, Nietzsche, Bergson, James, et al to present a critical and synthetic worldview.

Sri Aurobindo wrote profusely to produce a firm and robust intellectual anchorage which is extremely useful in countering diverse speculative thought emanating from the West. Similarly because of him one needn't stagnate at the level of Vivekananda, Gandhi, Savarkar, or Ambedkar.

Present focus of Hindutva seem to be the outer form: temples, rituals, and crowd whereas Sri Aurobindo stressed on their inner significance and power of psychological progress. Science and AI too are moving in that direction and hence Indians must overcome tyranny of superstition

Modern India is inextricably indebted to the Judeo-Christian/European culture and hence identifying oneself as Hindu is adulterated. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have further cemented it for the future. Building on those shared values is as important as inviting foreign investment.

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Hindu identity is adulterated https://t.co/tDLpVnhHWm #SriAurobindo is the answer for all current contradictions, dilemmas, and perplexities pervading the world despite Plato, Plotinus, Spinoza, Schelling, Feuerbach, Freud, Brentano, or Royce.

I expressed my support to the Modi govt nearly a year ago. Mohan Bhagwat's reformulation of RSS worldview has further reinforced my stand. I have no insider knowledge on many grouses nor any in depth expertise to analyse policy. The overall picture, nevertheless, looks promising.

An overwhelming majority of Indians are born after Independence and hence matters relating to prior to that date shouldn't be of material importance. Concentrating on the present is more prudent than bothering about the kings, wars, their tyranny, temples, traditions, or rituals.

The most important book for everyone who seeks to understand #SriAurobindo in depth beyond his popular portrayal as a revolutionary is: "Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy" (1956) by Sisir Kumar Maitra (1887-1963), HoD, Philosophy & Dean, Faculty of Arts, BHU. https://t.co/ROiUtKTs0q

Two excellent books:
1. Paradox of Being Human by Ramakant Sinari (2007, ICPR, New Delhi)
2. Philosophical Anthropology: Man: an impossible project? by Battista Mondin (1985, Pontifical Urban University, Rome) Tr. by M.A. Cizdyn (Theological Publications in India, Bangalore) https://t.co/4ifD8M3rIv

Dr R.L. Kashyap, Director of SAKSHI Trust, Bengaluru (Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture) has been relentlessly working for popularising the Veda but Hindutva votaries are more interested in preserving superstitions like #Sabarimala and superficial festivities https://t.co/E0Kj7CI3Bp

Titles printed on book covers are needlessly subdued. Most have used all Caps which is inconvenient to read. When each book struggles for its existence in a book shop or book fair, the title and the author's name should be designed prominently against the background illustration.

Since I detest Mythology, particularly, the religion dimension and not their appreciation as literature, the other option I love to be engrossed with, somewhat irrationally, is history of Western philosophy and story of great philosophers. Their very names inspire. #PhilosophyDay

Odias being associated with food is certainly a positive aspect since Odia cuisine is unique and has rich potentials to strike it big. @OdiaCulture @MANOJNAYAK71 https://t.co/q2AOiW8wSk

I had migrated to Indirapuram, Ghaziabad twenty years back, in 1998. A lot of development has taken place but faults are everywhere. Hiring an autorickshaw to go to Delhi is still not possible. DTC buses ply within Noida but not in Indirapuram. Ghaziabad has no city bus service. https://t.co/r2jwg6OB4c

15th year grand celebration of Shri Chitragupt Puja in our colony ended with a skit by youngsters. Shipra Kayastha Mahasabha (SKM) is also spearheading a fledgling political party to look after the interests of Kayasthas all over the country, it was announced. #ShipraRiviera #SKM https://t.co/HqOA9ZeG8H

Visited Ambedkar memorial in Noida ten days back. Hardly a dozen visitors or so. Surely needs promotion and appreciation. https://t.co/HyWTcLXpvY

Excellent synopsis of myriad dimensions of religion in India today. [Chaitanya's innovation was nagar sankirtana (street-singing) whereby worship acquired a collective and congregational character...Lalan Fakir referred to him as 'the messiah of the poor'] https://t.co/uoLr7D8Efc

["The problem is that although MRI can tell us where things happen, it can’t tell us *how* things happen."] Instead of Where or How, Sri Aurobindo wrote a poem called Who which perhaps provides the most satisfying answer to the riddle of this world. https://t.co/LEGaqsA6G4

Sri Aurobindo once went to Pondicherry Railway Station to see Sarojini off. Amrita(?) remarked how full of love he is to which Sri Aurobindo replied with same love he can plunge a knife onto the disciple. (From memory; unable to locate reference. Not to confuse as Sarojini Naidu)

Funny! Like Nirodbaran, you can attempt a new fiction around Sri Aurobindo using all emoticons. Your flair for spoiling is superb!
[Sri Aurobindo: A Dream-Dialogue with Children - An imaginary dialogue composed by Nirodbaran in which children of the Ashram approach Sri Aurobindo]

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