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Symbolic meaning of Veda is lynchpin to disperse lynch mobs

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Nehru-bhakts were euphoric about him last month but don't have even a word to say regarding Sri Aurobindo. This dishonest amnesia is going to take them to political abyss. Engineer-Nationalists too are no better than Marxist-Secularists in appreciating any merit in Sri Aurobindo.

So many tweets today offering homage to Sri Aurobindo but no promise on concrete action. Any new book or some research initiative? Even his relevance to present political scene is downplayed. The name of Patel or Ambedkar can bring votes but not Sri Aurobindo's. That must change.

How Sri Aurobindo reinvents the Veda and strikes a blow to Rituals by his symbolic interpretation is the lynchpin to grasp the essence of Indian wisdom and disperse lynch mobs. The silence of Hindutva scholars on Go, a minor piece of semantic confusion, is causing tremendous harm

No need to talk about the past or criticise his contemporaries when we contemplate on the template Sri Aurobindo has designed. Spirituality is a distant goal but many facets of modernity and traditional morality form its scaffolding which Sri Aurobindo found to be of Vedic origin

Sri Aurobindo passed away on December 5, 1950. His relevance is increasingly felt by more and more concerned individuals but they profess silence. So all are requested to break reticence and tweet on Sri Aurobindo's legacy and preeminence on issues political as well as spiritual.

The world of philosophy has two dozen dominant schools of which Sri Aurobindo is one. From Gebser to Wilber, it has seen diverse receptions. Nearer home, Hindutva has shown lukewarm response. However, as an intellectual and aesthetic challenge, Sri Aurobindo remains unparalleled.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were surrounded by a good number of disciples who were expected to surrender to them. But some of them were intrepid enough to ask inconvenient questions in writing. By replying to them in detail, Sri Aurobindo encouraged thinking and critical reasoning

Democracy is a fiction; a theoretical construct at best. The mechanism of election is so gargantuan that the role of an ordinary citizen amounts to a cypher. TV additionally has irrevocably altered the power equation and a voter's agency has further diminished. Correctives needed

Different people from different ideological/sectarian factions have tried to push their agenda in the past but we must be thankful to them all for their zealous contribution to the melting pot of thought as well as sense of restraint because of which a rational environment exists

Sita Ram Goel describes his story of discovering Sri Aurobindo but for present generation, the challenge is overcoming Hindutva domination. Besides, what Sri Aurobindo writes can't be shown as taking shape in the near future. So a rational approach needed.

Intellectuals won't endorse Sri Aurobindo
[Nehru got away with his agnosticism because it was still the afterglow of the freedom movement... UPA, under Sonia and her mostly Leftist NAC, lost their way. They began looking alien... clinical, near-agnostic secularism. SHEKHAR GUPTA]

Intellectuals in India have not been able to take advantage of two outstanding books that appeared quite early: The Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo (1957) - Ram Shankar Misra (BHU) & The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo (1960) - Vishwanath Prasad Varma (Patna University)

Understanding life and the world has been a continuous process across continents and cultures. Fresh insights are being added everyday. So, no point in praising some writings over the others since no metaphysical proposition can be proved to be correct. Sri Aurobindo is an anchor

Reading ancient texts for deriving aesthetic satisfaction is an individual's choice but it comes about through social recommendations. Bias acquired at an impressionable stage lingers and hardens with age; but when one starts endorsing the same to others, the fallacy multiplies.

Tracking the tweets of a dozen South Indians gives the impression that Hindutva is firmly in the saddle and people are zealously organising their lives around religion and rituals but the reality is otherwise. Sri Aurobindo completed The Life Divine hundred years ago. A must read

Education encourages to generalise, find common principles whereas introspection and contemplation unveil subjectivity. Yoga too is a means of connecting to universality but at its core is purely personal with a unique trajectory. Sri Aurobindo however talks about the Supramental

By firmly positing rising to the next level of Evolution as the target Sri Aurobindo alerts us to present imperfections. While rejection of what is wrong is necessary aspiration for the good qualities is primary. Both however must proceed in an attitude of surrender before Grace.

RW commentators never bother about the dynamics of how events occur or possible hidden reasons behind them. What they dish out, day in and day out, is a bland version of out and out materialist account of people. The philosophical approach of looking at history is totally absent.

It might be tempting to characterise certain phenomena with precision but words are insufficient to describe complex and multi-layered reality. Looking for the good side and drawing lessons from the flaws is a more balanced approach than outright vilification and condemnation.

Peter Heehs' new book, Spirituality without God: A Global History of Thought and Practice is perhaps a comprehensive study on the theme this post draws a thumbnail sketch of. Sri Aurobindo, however, remains the most authentic voice on this ancient debate.

Struggle for existence is a reality and achieving easy as well as big success in a complex and competitive environment is a challenge for everyone. Politics, in this scenario, is more of a career than any service motive, owing to compromising with values is a foregone conclusion.

If I may butt in, and today we are celebrating the death anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, subjective experience as such may not be of much help to another. However, when narrated, it may generate certain experiences in the reader/listener. Journey of each person is absolutely unique

Are you sure? Sri Aurobindo wrote about R.D. Ranade's small treatise on Heraclitus. He has also written on similarities of Greek and Sanskrit.

Offices and Institutions created by the Constitution are too distant and intimidating for an ordinary citizen. Those are for those who can influence, mobilise, and organise. Ideas however have a trajectory of their own and at times catapult a lay person to large-scale recognition

Vacillation and ambivalence are hallmark of RSS which has helped it to survive. (Syādvāda or Anekantavada, of course, are old doctrines reinvented by postmodernism.) The only definite assertion made by Mohan Bhagwat recognising worship of Sai Baba has enough subversive potential.

No one believed us then, but now many great minds are repeating that Modi is fake. In actuality, Modi is the same and holds up a mirror to others that they are all fake. Everyone is in love with stars and celebrities on TV and Modi exploits this weakness of the people to the hilt

Three important debates: Triple Talaq, 377/LGBT, and #Sabarimala unfolding during the Modi regime have far reaching effects. Apart from the claims on economy and development, these social sector churning are surely outstanding feathers in Modi's cap. Obviously, no fakery here.

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