Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sowing the seeds of future Human Unity

Though not so widely acknowledged, Sri Aurobindo has injected irrevocable reconfigurations into the traditional conception of being a Hindu.
It's tempting to imagine Hindus as a monolith like Jews but only a third of people would be willing to be under such a rigid ghettoization.
Suddenly some people have started thinking as if they have got India as Jagir and they can do with its people as they wish. Fool's paradise!
One good thing about BJP assuming power is - RSS ecosystem is discovering that there are more things to ponder over than merely the Muslims.
Some RSS supporters have amassed stupendous data on Muslim and Christian history but need to come out of bigotry to earn wider credibility.
RSS must introspect why it has been so reluctant to disseminate the Evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and how to make up for lost years.
Language, Culture, Religion, etc. are passing phenomena vis-à-vis Geography. So, sowing the seeds of future Human Unity is far more crucial.
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