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We recommend The Life Divine to one and all

Steven Shaviro has elegantly summarized some current problems in philosophy and it is amusing to notice a glaring paradox. SR, he observes, is trying to overcome our cultural biases and ideologies only to apprehend reality through metaphor and aesthetic practices. So, the human factor never ceases to operate, it seems! In the mean time, we recommend The Life Divine to one and all for the nth time. [TNM55]

From cultural biases and ideologies to metaphor and aesthetic practices

Tusar Nath Mohapatra at Savitri Era Learning Forum 
New blog posting: the Introduction (current draft) of my book-in-progress DISCOGNITION. http://t.co/XHcKYn77QN Fictions and Fabulations of Sentience: Introduction Steven Shaviro at The Pinocchio Theory Here is the current draft of the Introduction to the book I am trying to write this summer, Discognition: Fictions and Fabulations of Sentience. Of course it is subject to revision. What is consciousness? How does subjective experience occur? Which entities are conscious? Or, to put things as particularly as possible: what is it like [… The modern empirical scientific method is somet... more »

Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx: http://t.co/ZDlpbEUm
[Deleuze and Asia by Ronald Bogue - Cambridge Scholars Publishing.] http://t.co/eN974sqaPt
An exhaustive survey of human condition and destiny ~ a must read.
[Deleuze and the Non-West: Volume 7, Issue 1 (Deleuze Studies Special Issues EUP) (Volume 5) by Alex Taek-Gwang Lee.] http://t.co/3zhXla0zuj
[Pluralistic Panpsychism v. Monistic Idealism: another response to Kastrup] http://t.co/03bFlRfcTF
[The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense by Michael Heyman, Sumanyu Satpathy, Anushka Ravishankar] http://t.co/MwnZvftFsV
[Translation question: balancing use of gendered pronouns and historical fidelity — on 29 April 2015 by Matthew Dasti] http://t.co/dyEHPaRJcl
[Santosh Desai: Of hungry angry progress] http://t.co/HMz4yim1bM
[cynical joke among Odia readers about Senapati’s autobiography being his fifth novel.] http://t.co/fWU2ppxiZN
[Gandhi before Gandhi (EPW) Sumanyu Satpathy: certain practices and symbols were always indigenous and pre-Gandhian.] https://t.co/lekxP4bJZv
[Hinduism is secular and sacred beliefs, rituals and embodies complex symbolism of the natural world with philosophy] http://t.co/iE4wMesAhU
[An-inquiry-into-literary-postmodernism] http://t.co/Vk98coYBQ1
@OdiaCulture Excellent article on Odia Poets by Rabindra K Swain http://t.co/emCLWoiO4d
[The new book by Surya Deo compiles all Odia Movie Songs from 1936 to 1969 covering 33 Movies.] https://t.co/139PcAbEY4
[I do point out to students how political and racial biases have prevented the full acceptance of Indian thinkers.] http://t.co/X1elSwFqR7
Love for Sanskrit literature today should not valorize warped Gender equations or anti-Democratic ethos besides Rituals and Superstitions.
Hindutva bandwagon latching on to Ram brand has been a mistake. In Odisha, for instance, there used to be no traditional Ram temples or Lila.
It's sad that Delhi Metro has snatched away a slice of history by not naming its Race Course station as Tughlaq Road. http://t.co/liAoomzKjY
Never forget Bengal 1905 - the crucible of Indian Nationalism. Social and Cultural issues emerged then are yet to be addressed adequately.
Ethical conduct is current and instant; not to be measured nor justified against some turpitude perpetrated in the previous week or Century.
Personal evolution is paramount and so when one's temporal trajectory tends to defy cultural or religious fetters, there's nothing alarming.
Vedanta is like walking around or sitting on the steps to the main temple of Veda. Strange that Hindus are so negligent about what Veda says.
Study of Sri Aurobindo's "The Secret of the Veda" can heal one of fundamentalist notions as to what one may or may not eat and how to dress.
Mimamsa repetition of rituals perpetuates status quo while the Vedic principle, as per Sri Aurobindo, spurs a graded ascent of consciousness.
Sri Aurobindo doesn't overlook the world of matter but insists that its perfection will accrue from higher principles of non-material realm.
Perfection ideals like Equality, Governance, Honesty, or Development are distant dreams and any immediate expectations need to be tempered.
Sri Aurobindo, too, was a critic of religion but the deeper significance he assigns to it differs widely from Max Weber or György Lukács.
Neither Ambedkar-Periyar nor Savarkar-Golwalkar offer a credible lens on religion and culture. Only Sri Aurobindo brings the Integral view.
Right in India is moribund with Hindutva as its anchor. Left has many vices but when it comes to the marginalized, they are much more ahead.
@RajeevSrinivasa Not quantity, quality matters on Twitter. Concentrate on Sri Aurobindo and regain your earlier status of a pioneer. Thanks.
Being spiritual is not to opt for seclusion & meditation; nor learning sundry techniques. Aspiring for a higher state of mind is the secret.
Reading unfamiliar things and arguing with unagreeable ideologies may not look as spiritual but it cultivates mind & opens up possibilities.
Aspiring for wideness in thought and feeling is the Vedic idea of Varuna and no other religious connotation or performing rituals is needed.
Market in India is much more ancient and efficient than the West. Linking Market to Prosperity-for-all is a supposition having no evidence.
[We are Like That Only by Rama Bijapurkar] http://t.co/4c8YSAVdLb
[Mother Pious Lady: Everyday India by Santosh Desai] http://t.co/Sgl09iO20n
It's wrong to assume that the Market will move towards efficiency given the complex nature of human emotions and priority of gratification.
That Govt. Subsidy is against the Market is another superstition. Market would welcome all kinds of interventions including earthquakes.
Certain parts of the world are more prosperous due to Colonial loot, Protectionist laws and by snatching talent and not due to free Markets.
Information symmetry is opposite to Market dynamics and, so, cartels and mafia operating within a thriving Market should be seen as normal.
Enthusiasts rue the absence of Market in India but fail to appreciate the incremental gains achieved over the years. People learn over time.
Never forget Satyam while thinking of Market and how the system lacked maturity to handle complex finance products and advanced technology.
Many naively hoped Indian Economy riding a Bullet train but no such illusions now! Let economy grow at its own pace sans Govt. tinkering.
Strangely, most BJP supporters openly tweet against Jaitley. However, the truth is this Govt will come crashing down in no time without him.
Bihar Election is going to be a turning point as the churning will convert the BJP beyond recognition; compromised on all avowed principles!
Modi fans are thoroughly confused now; don't understand how to justify his newfound inclusivism and neo-Secularism. Price of being in Power!
Modi and Kejriwal have captured power through unprecedented theatrics. They must never get a second chance to manipulate people's emotions.
Strong sentiments pervade the country for emancipating the masses from poverty and ignorance but Modi and Kejriwal are not the ones who can.
Both Modi and Kejriwal display unerring signs of being anti-Democratic and hence are anti-Evolutionary. All supposed virtues pale before it.
Modi and Kejriwal have demonstrated how the administration can run smoothly without them and in fact the MMS model is the most appropriate.
Politician is the wrong word. Actually they comprise of arrangers, brokers, contractors, lobbyists, mediators, liaison and service providers.
The secular way of viewing politics or economy as demarcated areas has its own validity in the sense that a broader Ontology is presupposed.
Journey from Gondwanaland to Google or Twitter empires has been long but points to a definite direction. No choice than to call it Evolution.
Rival nations or conflicting religions are part of Evolutionary play. Hence any hard stand on them can prove to be pointless and misleading.
Claiming to be Hindu without an iota of awareness about what the Veda communicates in its true essence is a humongous paradox and paralysis.
What you stand for is exclusively your own including its consequences. Quoting authority is merely a convenience and a pretext to impress.
@inrealisation In fact, selecting the right crutch out of the multiplicity is the whole challenge for which search and study must continue.
@inrealisation True, if one can really believe so but many come to infer that "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
@inrealisation No one can trap anyone; the human situation a bit more complex. We must be guided by Evolutionary aims and how people assist.
@inrealisation It should be taken in the spirit of enquiry; with scientific method. Why the Continental shift? for instance, or earthquakes?
What is the contribution of Vivekananda, Savarkar, Ambedkar, or Radhakrishnan towards the Veda? They score a big zero before Sri Aurobindo.
Researching Gandhi, Nehru, Netaji, Ambedkar, Savarkar, et al is a waste of time. Sri Aurobindo is the light which illumines the future road.
By respecting Ram, Rana Pratap, and Savarkar alternately, Mythology, Legends, and History are seamlessly blended by the Hindutva brigade.
Being in power Hindutva brigade is free to fight political opponents but to corrupt the minds of young generation by Mythology is abhorrent.
Political Parties of India are essentially Religious Parties. People must follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo to escape this vicious circle.
Spiritual approach of Sri Aurobindo steers clear of the Secular and Religious extremes. It also arms against too much dependence on History.
Reading the books by Sri Aurobindo helps to get Vedic orientation so that one stops bowing before Mythology, Rituals, and Superstitions.
[The Limitations of the Abstract Moral-Ethical Standard In the World of Life-Action] https://t.co/sCsdNVAkTV
@inrealisation Evolution, Religion, Unknown God by Georges Van Vrekhem http://t.co/KOesGlaCZG
Patterns of the Present http://t.co/O5pyiXpV3R
[Auroville struck me as the single strangest place. Honestly, it’s almost a cult. Scratch that, it’s totally a cult.] http://t.co/xWYeTyV7KR
[Publication of Volume I and Volume II of Sri Aurobindo and His Essential Thoughts] http://t.co/Q2sEJXEN8G via @wordpressdotcom
[Transitioning to a Spiritual and Supramental Standard of Conduct] https://t.co/fMoAMTBVDM
[Humans need not apply] http://t.co/gc4Z9nR8kI
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Sowing the seeds of future Human Unity http://t.co/YrRFWZAsPd
[Tracing the genesis of this all encompassing degeneration of political ethics constitutes the key to its remedy. 

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