Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All attempts to wrap Sri Aurobindo within Hindu religion is juvenile and myopic

Idea of Auroville might seem ordinary today but think of 1968 when it was inaugurated with soils collected from 124 countries and 23 States.
@pras4net Great thinkers retain their niche circle of admirers regardless of popular reception. It, basically, depends upon one's education.
All attempts to wrap Sri Aurobindo within Hindu religion is juvenile and myopic which no amount of scholarly justification can substantiate.
Assimilating both East and West, Sri Aurobindo, the poet of Urvasie and Ilion, occupies a unique place in the history of human civilisation.
When Western Philosophy is returning to Alexander, Bergson, & Whitehead, The Life Divine fills us with joy and pride. http://t.co/xLlfH8U0jc
From Magna Carta to Maritain, the West has undergone catharsis for Democracy and Human Rights. http://t.co/AGkYN63xaw
Now that BJP is in power, many followers of Sri Aurobindo have recovered spine to turn vocal for aligning his teaching to Hindutva. Beware!
Succumbing to parochialism is immaturity. Sri Aurobindo's Universalism & Integral vision is much wider than Gandhi, Tagore, & Radhakrishnan.
@Sheks65 My comment is strictly academic, based on their theoretical output. It's your privilege to judge with spiritual vision which I lack!
Articles galore on the need for rewriting history books but no one is ready to write. Clearly exposes lack of scholarship in Hindutva camp.
Linking improprieties committed by certain persons to their religion is a logical fallacy but lends to generating considerable juvenile glee!
Strangely, the religions of millions of law-abiding and noble-hearted citizens - across nations - are never lauded by spiteful hate-mongers!
Nothing happens by chance; even tweets are timed. So it's really perplexing to sense what can be Lalit Modi's connection to Bihar elections!
Sushma Swaraj is most likely to be declared as the CM candidate for Bihar which'd be a textbook example of killing two birds with one arrow!
Lalit Modi imbroglio has sealed the fate of Sushil Modi as CM aspirant since Modi can't stand another Modi to gain stature within the party.
Gag order on family members of Ministers is utterly undemocratic. They must express themselves freely to defend their relatives in trouble!
Modi better set up a new Ministry for Humoneytarian affairs so that cadre from the Bangaru Laxman school are able to display their talent!
Modi could have paid a visit to London to celebrate #MagnaCarta800th along with Adani & Lalit Modi instead of resorting to cumbersome route.
MMS institutionalized this HUF model of Cabinet whereas the PM has be directly responsible for all acts of commission and omission by Govt.
Those who lecture about following Dharma day in and day out are pretending to be out of station when Modi Govt. has been caught red handed.
I don't watch TV, but what I gather from Twitter is, many insist the onus of proving any sort of allegation rests upon someone called Arnab!

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