Friday, June 26, 2015

No kowtowing to Hindutva juggernaut

We have commented upon Rajiv Malhotra on several occasions disapproving his approach towards the West. Besides, he is not sympathetic towards Sri Aurobindo. So, when he expounds on Indian culture or Hindu ethos, it's to be taken with a pinch of salt. If the people from the Ashram rely upon outsiders to define knowledge for them, then there is no greater misfortune. Internal squabble and ideological confusion has been responsible for lackluster dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's thought. Let it not be disfigured again by kowtowing to Hindutva juggernaut. [TNM55]

Heard Amit Shah speaking today against Emergency where he valiantly claimed BJP having internal democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Modi Seems to be interested in claiming pre-BJP Janata legacy for which only obstacle is Nitish Kumar but can be mollified post-Election.
Modi doesn't appear to be too interested in Hindutva; may be his leanings towards Lohia and JP has some genuineness apart from vote strategy.
Modi is a puppet at the moment, that much is sure. No need of any halo of honesty or super-human mask but an iota of sincerity for the poor.
Modi is more contented to have CMs like Mamata, Jaya, Kejriwal, Naveen, and Nitish Kumar under him instead of those from BJP or pliant types.
Apropos women, intellectual dishonesty displayed by the likes of Kishwar is no less a corrupt practice than Raje, Swaraj, Irani, or Munde.
Those who adore Modi but vilify Gandhi are surely a bizarre breed. New historians, somehow, seem shy of casting a glance at Sri Aurobindo!
Restricting Gandhi to texts is bound to produce a squint vision. How his visits were affecting people in the countryside is worth examining.
It's crystal clear: Gandhi, despite his faults, is a thousand times more preferable than Subhas Bose or Savarkar, heroes who admired Hitler.
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