Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dive headlong into SAVITRI to partake of Sri Aurobindo

Many are talking about the body and mind apropos Yoga but soon they will discover deeper complexities as Sri Aurobindo maps them in SAVITRI.
Instead of worrying about the origin or history of Yoga, a more profitable pursuit is to dive headlong into SAVITRI & partake of Sri Aurobindo.
Those opposed to Congress Dynasty going the BJP way and imbibing RSS philosophy is not unusual since Sri Aurobindo's thought is read rarely.
Each and every political party in India has kept the memory & words of Sri Aurobindo outside its ideological framework & action programmes.
Scholars and intellectuals, too, find Sri Aurobindo devoid of any worth although there are several authoritative works on him by Westerners.
Although some followers of Sri Aurobindo support RSS, its absolutely myopic. His vision of World Union is incompatible with RSS parochialism.
Being under the influence of Mythology & Rituals is a medieval feature of the RSS. Sri Aurobindo roots for the Vedic dialectic of Evolution.
Mythology and Rituals trivialise profound psychological concepts but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invite us to understand them in their purity.
Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, not only takes care of psychology and personal development, but also lays down a robust political path.
Sri Aurobindo, not only enthuses us to fight fascism, but also insists upon the Sadhak attitude: not to feel superior than fellow citizens.
As a votary of Freedom & volitional Human Unity aiding Evolution, Sri Aurobindo is against any hegemonic economic ideology or fascist traits.
Though he wrote extolling Indian culture and several scriptures, Sri Aurobindo never limits himself within any particular nation or religion.
Hermeneutic breakthrough in identifying the gods of Veda as psychological principles forms the most original contribution by Sri Aurobindo.
A happy outcome of Sri Aurobindo's Vedic exegesis is the new understanding of the four Varnas which had degenerated into rigid caste system.
Evolutionary change, as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo, is inevitable but supporting hostile forces like RSS, evidently, enhances the obstacles.
Democracy is in peril in India today as all political parties are ailing. New party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the only hope.
The way politicians struggle perpetually for their positioning, it's difficult to expect high ideals from them sans Institutional mechanism.
Neither BJP nor Communists come from Democratic roots. Congress which brought Democracy went Dynastic. A strong bulwark for Democracy needed.
BJP won in 2014 by capitalising on Congress decline in UP. Dynasty has corroded Congress; still it's not willing for any course correction.
Useful to remember that most opposition leaders started their career in Congress. Even today BJP tries to imitate Congress in many respects.
The history of Congress is almost synonymous with the 20th century history of the nation. Place of Gandhi in it is too complex to be derided.
Judging Gandhi as an individual would be erroneous. It's a whole ecosystem with dollops of myth, motivation, marketing, and final martyrdom.
Gandhi is unique and inseparable from modern India. No need to put him on a high pedestal but dissecting him threadbare should be avoided.
RSS objective is to spread hatred. Gandhi may have many faults but a lady Professor in America pouring vitriol against him is reprehensible.
@jadhav_in Think of the nation first and learn the political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo instead of being a blind follower of RSS-BJP-Modi.
[Sri Aurobindo has replied to all questions ... capitalism, communism, political organisation] http://t.co/dAPwz1uM4H
Victimhood was understandable when not in Power. BJP-RSS supporters suffering from the same inferiority complex after one year is surprising.
Now that they are in Power, RSS must respect the Indian Constitution and appoint required percentage of SCs & STs among its office bearers.
Nothing wrong in having a RSS or NAC type supervisory body over the Govt. of India but there should be necessary Constitutional amendment.
@vipulIT @tufailelif Whoever is born in India is an Indian. There is no scope for some people treating another as Indian. It's not charity!
RSS abhors the idea of citizenship and teaches young people that they are more equal than others. This is a fantasy but adolescents love it.
RSS striving to build a huge Hindu vote bank is understandable but in the process it is alienating a large number of people & their goodwill
RSS must subject itself to scrutiny & institute necessary changes in its functioning to shoulder responsibilities as required in a Democracy
Although the role of RSS as a spike to restrain a dictatorial Modi is a welcome situation at present, its commitment to Democracy is suspect.
It's absurd to judge current state of RSS by its past as it's struggling to grapple with new challenges but Modernity not yet its priority.
Most RSS supporters on Twitter are products of Modernity and want to be respected but become furious when their Medieval leanings is mocked.
Prime Minister and the Party President hailing from the same State indicates clear fascist propensity but to fans it's Democratic fragrance!
India today can't be compared to what it was even 100 years back (let alone 1000 years) in terms of population, communication, and commerce.
Hindu interest and National interest are pure separate concerns and those who pretend to represent both are committing full-scale hypocrisy.
Tweets by those employed by media houses or political parties are propaganda and should not be considered as genuine Democratic discourse.
Instead of concentrating on service delivery, Modi is turning the Govt. into a vain propaganda machine & frittering away precious resources.
For RSS people, it's one Karyakram after another; no respite. Never look back or bother about what you promised a month back or a year ago!
@jadhav_in I read newspapers but rarely see RSS functionaries addressing the press or doing an annual review of their performance appraisal.
@pras4net @jadhav_in Targeting the person is a fascist mentality. I'm criticising organisations & those holding public offices. Answer them.
@jadhav_in That's a lame excuse. If media is made to publicise Yoga day, it can be managed to cover organisational performance. Possible.
@jadhav_in I don't contest your support to Modi but opposing anti-fascist propensity is also a duty in Democracy. Twitter gives opportunity.
@jadhav_in 1) Yoga is healthy for the world statement is fascist in essence
2) Internal assessment done in secrecy is also fascist in spirit.
Yoga or Food, Govt. initiatives involving large section of citizens should be discussed in Parliament first otherwise deem unconstitutional.
Yoga turned joke today with Govt sponsoring dubious practices as salutary for citizens. Citizens value freedom and Ministers shouldn't teach.
No nation can progress fast if modern & medieval forces pull it in opposite directions. Indians must learn to eschew anti-Evolutionary bias.
Those above sixty should refrain from defining the world of the future meant for who are sixteen today. RSS is nothing but a Jurassic Park!
Ministers espousing Mythology & Superstition is a sad reflection on the state of the nation now. Reading Sri Aurobindo's works can liberate.
Aggressive Cultural Nationalism unleashed by RSS through Yoga day etc. are sure to invite forceful backlash from diverse quarters in future.
India is of the Indians, for the Indians, by the Indians, and certainly not of any particular group of people belonging to some religion.
@jadhav_in You are trying to wriggle out of the specific issue I have raised in this particular tweet. BJP, a national party must introspect.
Family persons and those who are single face different sets of problems and so lifestyle solutions like Yoga shouldn't be imposed uniformly.
Yoga may be useful for those who are single to keep their passion in control and so they recommending it to married persons is superfluous!
The trouble with Yoga and Indigenous medicines is that some fayda is promised but no quantification or precise evaluation of their effects.
Sometime back BJP was for compulsory voting. The day may not be far they will enforce compulsory Yoga and compulsory viewing Aastha Channel!
Instead of Modi turning a brand ambassador for Yoga, they should have asked Aamir Khan to make a motivational movie for deeper penetration.
Some are enthusiastic about Yoga with the notion that it's a once-in-a-year affair but will opt out when told to practice it on daily basis.
Modi Govt. must promulgate a new Calendar in India so that June 21 falls on Sunday every year for maximum participation in Yoga by citizens!
@sankrant @VikasSaraswat @BinaNepram Instead of the weekly system, we should have holiday on dates: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 31 every month.
@sabhlok Also please look at very erudite posts of @blog_supplement who is also a scientist and holds firm views at https://t.co/MDPm71lwlj
[Man gets so enamored of his intellect's powers that he believes that there is nothing beyond material existence ...] http://t.co/Utvaq8tFVP
[@waglenikhil ignoring the pen and protesting like voiceless people is defeat before the fight. Not using biggest weapon. @RavindraAmbekar]
[Quality of writing often reveals intellectual depth of the writer. Gandhi's writings are verbose, vague, self-contradictory & lack clarity]
[@pranavINC If intellect exists it shows up in writing, can't usually be hidden, yes he communicated with people to enlist soldiers 4 Brits]
[Humanity is not a resource that needs to be managed; it is an evolutionary force that needs to be finally set free] https://t.co/JhM7GWgPqx
['The Singularity & Socialism' - An Interview With Author C. James Townsend - SERIOUS WONDER] http://t.co/8mWkbnM8yj - http://t.co/y62oDzKN91
["The Singularity and Socialism" by C. James Townsend] http://t.co/sd4ADhSIQd

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