Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Life Divine is Vedic and Speculative at the same time

Yoga seeks to practice an attitude of detachment and dispassion, but the problem with writing is that one gets identified with what one writes. Even stray thoughts when tweeted are to be owned and be responsible for. Evolution of thought and personality, therefore, is inhibited by past writings. The same is also true for many other fields of art and creativity.

Sri Aurobindo has spent a lot of energy in revising his past works. Only The Life Divine can be said to have been thoroughly revised and enlarged to his satisfaction. This is the most important book in this sense. Other works can be accused as dated, incomplete, creative, subjective, or not intended to be published. When stalwarts of Western Philosophy are returning to Alexander, Bergson, and Whitehead, The Life Divine fills us with joy and pride. Vedic and Speculative at the same time, the authentic hand of Sri Aurobindo builds a foundation for future humanity through it.

The Life Divine, thus, is to be seen as a base and not a complete system. Many other streams like The Mother, The Mind of Light, or The Mind of the Cells are to be incorporated into it to understand the whole vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Acquaintance with insights of Freud, Einstein, or Maturana et al certainly facilitates a deeper appreciation. But an Ontological framework, itself, is not the required solution.

Various strands of political, cultural, and religious ideologies hold strong sway over people in different parts of the world. Besides, struggle for survival and economic advantage is part of everyone's life in a natural way. Against this backdrop, whether the Evolutionary vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo will stick to the dominant consciousness of the humanity is a big question mark. However, the march of technology aiding to unite the world is a ray of hope. Reading The Life Divine, available freely online, remains a sure formula of hope for each and every person. [TNM55] 

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