Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hindutva has no firm theoretical bulwark

Rise of Hindutva to Power in India poses a peculiar problem as it has no firm theoretical bulwark nor any clarity on contempoary concerns since it speaks through multiple voices. But the stress on Civilisational ethos and Social order is conspicuous. In this context, On the recognition of human rights by Nicholas Wolterstorff at The Immanent Frame is an interesting read. Whitehead on Feelings » too constitutes an important comment on scientific studies on Consciousness which can change its direction towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Congress declined as it refused State leaders to grow. BJP's downfall will be for exactly the same reason. Promoting young talent is a must.
Modi has exhausted his tricks and now his downhill journey begins. So, Nitish Kumar is the man of the future but surely not only for Bihar.
All those who are still hopeful about Modi must understand that he is destroying BJP, challenging RSS & distorting Democracy by one man rule.
During Emergency, at least there was a coterie or a Kitchen Cabinet, but under Modi no one matters, not even the External Affairs Minister.
What India needs is a democratic minded Chief Executive who would bolster Institutions and remove hurdles before the Market. Nothing more.
MMS may be a good person but many Institutions including the top suffered severe erosion during his tenure due to his precarious position.
Sonia is squarely responsible for UPA misrule and Modi ascendancy. She did a disservice to the nation by Dynastic ambition and corruption.
All those who value Democracy must join hands to throw away AAP, BJP, and Congress and support Nitish Kumar as India's next Prime Minister.
Restoration of Democracy in the country is a priority. An undereducated Education Minister reflects PM's arrogance and dictatorial tendency.
Tagging the name of Modi to pictures posted on Twitter of sites of tourist interest is as irritating and unethical as defacing the monuments.
Modi's hands are tight; his plight resembles that of the tortoise being flown by two swans - Adani and Ambani.
Understanding the full significance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's books: A. S. Dalal and Georges van Vrekhem

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