Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Scaling higher ethical peaks

@chitraSD You are a respected person but your remarks regarding Nitish Kumar lacks sympathy and objectivity. Perspective must for politics.
[there is something about the quietness of affluence there, the air of ease that surrounds, certainty that pervades]
Indian Democracy must evolve from present juvenility. Party & Policies must be valorized over comical Personality cults pushed pathetically.
No escape from realpolitik but Democracy is all about authorisation and imposition by scaling higher ethical peaks.
The ruling party should do a critical analysis of implementation of its Election Manifesto and apprise the public. Does BJP have such spine?
People voted for BJP and it should be accountable and not Modi or his Ministers. Why no one takes the Party to task? Why rant on Twitter?
Modi fans never ask the Party to discuss burning issues and lay down guidelines. Instead, each one gives his weighty opinion with aplomb!
Sonia used to deploy Ministers to voice opposite stands on issues. Hindutva hands in overdrive to debate Caste, Education, Constitution etc.
Modi fans and courtiers are of four types. 1) Lambs and parrots, 2) pro-RSS, 3) anti-RSS, and 4) Mandir-wallahs (of Rip Van Winkle variety).
Modi gained traction due to a galaxy of scribes opposing him. Now, he is relying upon in-house critics to stir controversy for publicity.
Winning elections and Ideological purity don't match and all this churning is on since Eastern corridor from TN to Delhi gives Modi jitters.
With Modi's covert blessings, APSC is fast growing muscles to outsmart RSS. Even AAP has been domesticated to a large extent. Revisionism!
Modi stormed to power by selling a comic book hero image. Courtiers now work overtime to apply coats of ideological varnish to camouflage.
[Reading between the lines: Why Narendra Modi invoked Lohia: alok kumar Oct 27 2013 Lohia must be turning in his grave]
There is no better achievement Modi can aspire for after becoming the Prime Minister. His only thirst now is how to get the Nobel Prize.
Neither Ram Mandir nor Statue of Unity, Modi's sole concern is his chair. His political strategy is shaped accordingly; so why vain whining?
Just like the Left had some Western ideologues, half-a-dozen foreigners act as Hindutva fundamentalists to ferment disharmony in the country.
No one has brought in Mills in l'affaire Maggi so far. Any insights?
Not having a Facebook account so far seems to me a great boon but, unfortunately, many whom I follow pollute Twitter posting dumb fb links.
Twitter TL has turned Sisyphus. The more I strive to flow with the current tweets, it slides down six to seven hours back! @TwitterIndia
@inrealisation Since mass-boycott fatwas circulate in Twitter, a low count of followers is also a sign of popularity, negatively reckoned!
@shaviro [Stability and movement are only our psychological representations of the Absolute even as are oneness and multitude] Sri Aurobindo
Surveying the political and philosophical scene points to Sri Aurobindo

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