Sunday, May 17, 2015

No escape from Enlightenment

World Union 2014 carries an article titled Where is humanism going? By Sanjay Seth from The UNESCO Courier | issue on Humanism: a new idea. Govind Nishar tweets "Perhaps the most accurate write-up decoding Modi & significance of his win. He is a child of European Enlightenment." [A year ago, I wrote this piece about Narendra Modi -- the typical Indian being produced by the Indian constitution]

The macro-view, itself, has its methodological discrepancies as well as loopholes as regards legitimacy. Nevertheless, a simple objection would be the neglect of Sri Aurobindo's worldview. But, that's not without its share of problems as noted so perceptibly: "It is this shared feeling about the incommunicability of the spiritual that allows the mystic and the secularist to have a common platform." (Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences: by R. Sundara Rajan, p.56).

The clasp of civilizations | by Richard Hartz is a welcome addition in this context and not to forget Patterns of the present by Georges van Vrekhem (2:21 PM). Commenting upon current affairs and politics, however, continues to be a minefield and yet we maintain our stand of opposing Modi's fascist methods. [TNM55]

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