Thursday, May 21, 2015

Modi, monkey, and milkmaid

Modi seems to have adopted Govinda model [heartland politicans like Lalu Yadav peddled earthiness, wit and rusticity]
East coast sends shudders down Modi's spines and he understands too well that the UP-Bihar Janata is no admirer of him. So showdown with RSS.
Modi promoters understand the hypocrisy of RSS ideology and plot its implosion through a backward-caste Nehru-clone instead of a brown-Sahib.
Modi has posed stiff competition to Golwalkar's legacy and the new generation RSS recruits will be forced to dump Guruji and annoint Modi.
Hindutva fans love to adore Modi in the model of a Digvijayee Samrat and it's good that he is soon to obliterate Ram from the people's mind.
There is no greater intellectual dishonesty than claiming undisputed Hindu excellence based upon mythological poetry and concocted history.
Modi fans romanticize that he is autonomous and pushing an innovative economic blueprint but the grip of Global finance mafia is everywhere.
@ibnebattuta By then the Mars mission will be ready and Modi will surely join!
@tufailelif Commenting upon politics is a minefield and yet we maintain our stand of opposing Modi's fascist methods.
@mihirssharma Foucault wrote many works from a Cloister and his intense methods of accessing the Self is no less rigorous than Spirituality.
Life's questions, however, are universal and there is no better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo. [TNM55]
Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences by R. Sundara Rajan to Amod Lele sums up the tortuous journey of Philosophy...
@rranjan501 Quest for:
L - Light
I - Immortality
F - Freedom
E - Ecstasy
(equivalent to Sat-Chit-Ananda i.e., Existence-Consciousness-Bliss)
Sri Aurobindo unveils the underlying principles behind the four Castes. This is most relevant for Management Studies.
@inrealisation Monkey, Seagull, et al
[i undertook this study to deepen my own insight and understanding and am not trying to teach anyone about anything.]
[example of churning by a milkmaid who moves her left and right arm alternately in opposite direction to make butter]
[Has Modi become a fading star: PM is behaving like a novice or a naive politician who does not know what to do]

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