Friday, May 15, 2015

No better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo

From Beyond The Crisis Of European Sciences: by R. Sundara Rajan to Skholiast‘s interview with Amod Lele (2:17 PM) sums up the tortuous journey of Philosophy during the last two decades. Life's questions, however, are universal and there is no better source of answers than Sri Aurobindo. Certain facts stand out:
1. Sri Aurobindo wrote in English and we don't need translations.
2. He is adept at Sanskrit and brings out fresh connotations.
3. Being a poet, he is attuned to the poetic expressions in ancient texts.
4. Sri Aurobindo understands the Veda inside out.
5. His insights as a Yogi is far more reliable than a Scholar's.
6. His grounding in the West adds authenticity to his worldview.
7. Dabbling in political struggle taught him to look at things radically.
8. His Ontological framework is by far the most dependable at present.
9. Collaboration with The Mother offers a trusted shelter for solace.

Dr. Radhakrishnan had portrayed Tagore, Gandhi, and Nehru as embodiment of his cherished ideals but, unfortunately, missed the integral personality in Sri Aurobindo. Time to make amends. [TNM55]

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