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Savitri is key to Human Unity

Tweets 5 hrs - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty The Human Cycle (1st Edition, November, 1949) by Sri Aurobindo far surpasses the Enlightenment ideals envisaged in the Indian Constitution. 6 hrs The Postscript Chapter to The Ideal of Human Unity (2nd Edition, April, 1950) constitutes the most evocative pronouncement by Sri Aurobindo. 6 hrs A new future for the nation is right here with Sri Aurobindo as the fulcrum and Savitri, the ethical anchor and pivot for a new world order. 6 hrs Savitri is the new Veda authored by Sri Aurobindo for the modern world in which all scriptures as well as all cultures find their own echo. 6 hrs The epic, Savitri by Sri Aurobindo offers a roller-coaster adventure from pre-history to remote-future that is steeped in utmost aesthetics. 7 hrs Savitri admittedly is difficult to understand but the sound of its words serve as a springboard for diving deep into Sri Aurobindo's thought. 8 hrs Reciting a page from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo at random everyday is an assured means of finding the meaning of esoteric dimensions of life.  

8 hrs - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty [Ramdev said he was now committed to take Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, and his political, social, and economic vision to the people.] Welcome - Feb 23 To short-list three PM candidates is the sub-text. … Avoiding Sri Aurobindo's take on Evolution. … - Feb 21 - @rvaidya2000 He is RS member and elected by CPB. Your tweet lacks precision but what you hint at is not his fault but Indian Constitution's.  View conversation - Feb 21 - @rvaidya2000 Straight talk feels fine in the Presidential system but not in our culture as the PM is indirectly elected and lacks mandate.  View conversation - Feb 21 - @rvaidya2000 Btw, what will be your reaction if you are the PM?  View conversation

Feb 18 - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @krishnarjun108 No such dystopian view is involved in Sri Aurobindo's "Five Dreams" broadcast that is based on the Vedic vision of evolution.  View conversation - Feb 18 - @krishnarjun108 Man must discover the secret of his nucleus i.e., what he calls the Psychic Being and apply its voice on his own expression.  View conversation

Feb 18 - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @fleicap May the five parts of the book reborn as five new volumes incorporating sufficient details about The Mother. … - Feb 17 - @CatchHRah "What's in a name?" "The One whom we adore as the Mother" "by any other name would" be "the golden bridge, the wonderful fire."  View conversation - Feb 17 - @CatchHRah Reverring The Mother is personal and subjective as other objects of reverence are eliminated gradually upon contact with her.  View conversation - Feb 15 - @alok_bhatt @politics_the That's because we are a totally different Religion. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.  View conversation - Feb 7 - @PondyTweets @kitturd Looking at the timing and the context, tt's a shame to see a prominent inmate of Ashram airing Sri Aurobindo's qoutes.  View conversation - Jan 28 - @madhukishwar Pl. recommend Savitri Era Learning Forum  for Integral worldview to take root @hguptapolicy @orsoraggiante -  View conversation - Jan 23 - @PatrickFrench2 Intrgralism was enunciated by Sri Aurobindo who was inspiration for the founders of BJP but today the party has drifted far.  View conversation - Jan 19 Clue to 2014 is hidden in the epochal arrival of a French couple in Puducherry in 1914 to launch "Arya" in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo. - Jan 10 - @gopimaliwal Can I request you to discuss the views of Sri Aurobindo so that your avid followers can learn something seriously? Thanks. –TNM Dec 24 - @satyamevajayate Reciting Savitri and reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is perhaps the best means to spreading sanity and harmony.  View conversation

1 hr - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty IPROCH – Jairam Ramesh releases the book IMAGING ODISHA edited by Prof. Hermann Kulke on Feb 26  via @wordpressdotcom -  View summary - Feb 7 Eleventh Jiwan Pani Memorial Festival  -  View summary

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scripting fruition of the Postscript

At about the same time when the Constituent Assembly was busy giving a final shape to the Constitution of India in 1949 in Delhi, Sri Aurobindo applied himself to writing in Puducherry - barely a year before his passing away - an elaborate justification for establishment of World Union, his Third Dream. Admittedly, one of his last and most profound pronouncements on a patently political topic, A Postscript Chapter constitutes a vision and a prophecy in international relations that might seem too remote at the moment but the logic of which is assuming an ever increasing certitude day by day. The question now is whether some ground level machinery for facilitating the fruition of such a grand idea is in operation at present. [TNM55]       

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thought matters

Amod Lele writes, “for Marx it was always the case that matter matters.” This may be true so far as “commodity fetishism” is concerned, but to “understand that physical world” entails theorizing which is not strictly matter. Philosophy of immanence, though immanent by definition, has transcendental ramifications. This is, perhaps, the reason  why Joshua Ramey’s book on Deleuze has set the cat among the pigeons. [TNM55]

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mother served an ultimatum on the West on March 6, 1914

When The Mother boarded Kaga Maru on March 6, 1914 in order to meet a bearded recluse in Puducherry, she served an ultimatum on the West. A private voyage; but verily a gigantic leap for the mankind. From then on, the course of history can, as well, be said to be a series of disjointed-seeming footnotes to her agenda. Sri Aurobindo occupies the Centre of Gravity of the whole humanity now. Neither politics nor economics, neither philosophy nor literature can move any further by ignoring him. What The Mother dreamt of a century back is taking shape in a way that is largely unseen. The palette of human thought and action is being remoulded and reconfigured continually for the new creation to coagulate. “If this is she of whom the world has heard, Wonder no more at any happy change.” Pranams at her lotus feet. [TNM55]       

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Only two are with us today

Tusar N. Mohapatra said, February 19, 2013 at 4:12 pm
Anilbaran’s bio is too sketchy; can we dig up more information please. In him we find the combination of philosophy and politics and hence his relevance and inspiration for dealing with the situation in the country today is compelling. [TNM55]

“On 20.10.70, Mother nominated a Working Committee of twelve: Pradyot, Udar, Shyam Sunder, Kireet, Nirod, Andre', Madhav, Madanlal Himatsingka, Chhote Narayan, Prapatti, Manoj Das and Charupada” for Sri Aurobindo's Action (Down memory lane - Page 61, Shyam Sunder Jhunjhunwala, 1996). Only two are with us today but the camps they have chosen to serve presently is extremely unfortunate. [TNM55]

Rajiv Malhotra vis-à-vis Raja Rammohan Roy

Despite all misgivings, the service rendered by Ken Wilber in popularizing the epochal contribution of Sri Aurobindo and hoisting him along with Schelling, Hegel et al. is unparalleled. Just compare him with how Ashis Nandy chose to monkey around and fiddle with Sri Aurobindo’s reputation. The conviction, dedication, and sophistication with which Rajiv Malhotra has been championing his cause is definitely praiseworthy. But the instant negativism that has come to be associated with his name is certainly not in accordance with the spirit inaugurated by Raja Rammohan Roy two centuries back. Being Different and Indigeneity, however, are two different worlds. [TNM55]

Monday, February 18, 2013

Joshua Ramey has triggered a mini tremor

Had there been no Sri Aurobindo, expert word-spinners from Richard Dawkins to Ken Wilber would have hoodwinked the humanity thoroughly. The majesty of Savitri and The Life Divine keeps all other theoretical offerings under check and the whole West pitiably finds itself as a mere pygmy. Joshua Ramey has triggered a mini tremor in the philosophy circles with his new book, The Hermetic Deleuze: Philosophy and Spiritual Ordeal which, if pursued honestly, will lead to The Secret of the Veda. The Mother's Evolutionary Vision by Peter Heehs should enlighten the next generation in this direction. [TNM55]  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New social skills for Leisure Economy is Yoga

What is it that the people of our colony would be interested in Integral Yoga? For them there seems to be nothing. This social relevance is of utmost importance if we harbor the confidence that the teachings of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo can make a difference. Many do it through the backdoor: the devotees of Sai Baba have built a temple for him within the Hanuman Mandir complex; or, Ambush marketing: Art of Living adherents campaign near the gate to cash in on the Tuesday Bazaar rush. Besides, social networking is the prime glue now for sustaining the interest of the people. That entails a curious mix of commerce, tourism, and religion catering to the Leisure Class and The Leisure Economy. New skills of social entrepreneurship and event management are also a requirement in this kind of mobilization.

A CSR trip or two is also added to keep the conscience clear and motivation turgid. Nothing cynical or pejorative about it; The Affluent Society is also a part of the evolutionary nature as the wide fields of daffodils or swarms of dolphins. Commerce and the Market play an important role in our lives and hence it’s futile to quarrel with it or its logic. But to guard against the quacks and fraudsters, cartels and mafia is also a responsibility.  Fighting information asymmetry or participation inequality, similarly, is also a challenge. Rating and endorsement are crucial in this context and building reputation is a sustained affair. Any blossoming of credibility anywhere in the age of paid-media, therefore, is surely a real gain. [TNM55]

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spirituality and repression revisited

Swagato Ganguly asks in the Times of India today Can we be adults, please? and explains with examples how banning “booze, markets, sex and hate” “through moral policing will backfire.” He adds that “Laws and government must, in general, neither infantilise us nor place us in the category of saints. They need to make some allowance for our being human. Else, they will be not just ineffective but even counterproductive.

The Mother, too, had banned certain activities in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, but that shouldn't be seen as a general rule. The disciples, then, were under the direct supervision of the Masters and what experiments were conducted through them individually is part of The Mother’s mythology now. Passively continuing with the same rules with some aged persons wielding the rod sadistically is absurd. Yoga has to be voluntary and in consonance with each one’s conscience. Coercion or economic compulsion should not be the decisive factor which causes pretence and concealing of facts. Freedom and choice must be more mature ways of dealing with human emotions.

Faramerz Dabhoiwala's book The Origins of Sex may be ahead of its time in India but the barrage of anti-male rhetoric heard in the past weeks is disquieting. No one has ever revealed the whole secret of sex as its various forms are forced through the evolutionary necessity of procreation and preservation of the species. So, tinkering with its dynamics amounts to impudent interfering with the unending chain of human drama. Posturing of virtuousness in this regard in the pretext of spirituality by impostors can have disturbing consequences. Prevalence of gender segregation and lack of mature interpersonal reaction is producing avoidable hatred in India. Nothing is more distressing that mere hormonal stress can lead to one’s hanging! Surely there are better solutions but honest discussion in this respect is sorely missing.

Democracy and modernity has introduced too many futuristic notions for which the populace in India is certainly not ready. Traditional love and dependence within the family structure is in peril in urban environment whereas rural areas are still ruled by the age-old kinship equations with attendant unquestioned hierarchy. Besides, language barrier serves as a salutary filter for the unwanted Westernized culture.  So, imposing equality as a politically correct principle on everyone is also politically incorrect. TV soaps, however, have been instrumental in disseminating claim for justice and empowerment. But the dubious role of a dominant political party and its countless tentacles is a great misfortune. [TNM55]

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indian Constitution and Integral Yoga

There are many complains against Integral Yoga and there is no gainsaying that it’s complex and unwieldy lacking in easy formulation. The vast and wide-ranging resource material spanning over several generations also pose a quandary. There used to be murmurs always as regards the results but the present shape of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has made it amply clear with nothing left to imagination or mystification. Further, it has become fashionable to say that the utterances of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are synthetic and universal whereas the truth is that the bulk of their teachings arose out of personalized guidance to specific disciples in the restricted Ashram situation. That said it would be apt to conclude that the shortcomings notwithstanding, Integral Yoga, definitely, remains the foremost aspirational and normative avenue available to the humanity today.

The evolution of Integral Yoga and its intellectual genealogy right from the time of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment is a compelling and captivating tale. The Constitution of India, too, shares a similar trajectory and, interestingly, an identical timeline. The consequences of the Indian Constitution, however, are subject to observation and inductive interpretation and there is no dearth of empirical data for critical scrutiny. Proliferation of media, moreover, is churning out an overload of commentary scarcely amenable to leisurely theory. A more dominant facet, however, is the general life of over a billion people goes on without being remotely aware of the Constitution and its aspiration.

Be that as it may, the first and foremost defect of the Constitution is that it has not been able to throw a proper Prime Minister and to that extent it’s a major failure. It would be in order to clarify at the outset that there is no blame-game involved here. Rather, the ambitious but defective theoretical construct of the Prime Minister without adequate allowances for human nature is the real culprit. Literature teaches us to fall for such seductive, sanitized heroes, but unfortunately, real life is dissimilar, asymmetrical. While chasing the “ought” can surely be equated with the pursuit of the Divine, the implications of the same in the short run – during the short span of the rest of our lives (for, In the long run we are all dead: Keynes quote) exercised in hurry and desperation – is fraught with horrid hazards. How even the sagely Heidegger erred so catastrophically is a not-to-be-forgotten instance in recent history.

But for the Agenda many human aspects of The Mother would have remained hidden behind the labyrinths of ever vigilant devotional censor. Having banned certain activities in the Ashram, The Mother must have factored in the experiences of that experiment before deciding on the establishment of Auroville which she so ceremonially blessed. Thankfully, the Heehs Imbroglio has uncorked myriad human frailties to the fore for our mature examination without the burden of the hegemony of a Pranab or a sermonizing Pandit. The approach, however, must steer clear of pusillanimity so as to think thoroughly and not like naïve gender accusations that even detests certain words. Those who tremble at mere hearing the name of Freud, obviously, are not suited for this project. Others who hate the West and harbour an oversized amour for the exclusivity and exceptionalism of Indian wisdom, similarly, can be said to be too conceited, fatal or not.

The Indian Constitution expects too much from its citizens. There are no incentives offered for such ethical performance nor there are prescriptions for suitable behavioural transformation. There is no means before the Prime Minister for reaching his chair without resorting to questionable methods. Why and how people shall rally round him has no rational answers. The Constitution is a humongous moral leviathan that the Indian population is unmindfully carrying upon their shoulders over the past decades. No one has any clue as to how to remedy the rot that the country is fast slipping into. The disproportionate grip of Marxists over education, though an able bulwark against the obscurantists, has robbed us of the intrinsic confidence and conviction.

Many are prone to loll themselves with the perennialist posturing of Dharma as the panacea. For them the mythological prescriptions and their fictional approximations are the formula for all seasons. But, unfortunately, they fail to explain why nothing much has changed although the stories have existed for Millennnia. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram have earned their new connotations now in the all-time classic Satyam hi-tech scandal. Such examples can be discounted as aberrations, but to stipulate that the jails and the justice system are the only recourse for such indiscretions is a civilizational challenge. Stepping outside the political tools and legal deterrents is certainly a feasible option.

The new consciousness and the creative force that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have augmented the Evolution with exert fresh demands upon human aspiration. Romanticizing the past, though has its own merit and utility, is just not sufficient enough. Savitri is not a mere piece of literature but hides codes of evolutionary triggers like a capsule of extended release. The Life Divine, similarly, is not exhausted by the overt metaphysical arguments it presents. Rather, vast undulating expanses of distant future lie embedded there beneath the mantric prose chiseled from ambrosia. Many of the unused elements of the past need to be reendowed with that collaborative calibration so as to make them vehicles of Evolution. If we repose our faith upon anyone other than The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for this task at this juncture, then that would definitely be not only foolish but also patently absurd.

The Five Dreams articulated by Sri Aurobindo constitute an ideological anchor where the ideals of the Constitution of India and the imperatives of Integral Yoga converge in a concrete manner. The profoundest – and the safest at the same time – vision for man and the country and the world are here, also with enough hints of warnings. India will surely show the way to the whole humanity but not through any outmoded agency. This is the hour of the unexpected to spot the most unlikely. An iota of error in right discrimination can derail the emancipatory Dreams by Centuries. A nucleus of patriotic aspirants to compass the future journey, therefore, is the need of the hour. Deliberational constraints have been prominent in preventing reaching common ground by scattered elements in the past but facilitating creation of a discursive environment is now incumbent upon all. [TNM55]    

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five Dreams and The Life Divine

I think, Sri Aurobindo very much fits in not by his writings alone but by the unfolding role of thousands of institutions running in his name particularly in Odisha. This performative aspect of Sri Aurobindo is very important especially if his “Five Dreams” is taken as the point of departure. The dynamics of this praxis has not been addressed adequately as academicians prefer the safer route of his texts only. But I would suggest that you cover the totality and paying a visit would be highly helpful. [TNM55] from: Tusar N. Mohapatra date: 8 February 2013 08:58

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Trustees ruin the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Trustees have demonstrated that they respect only the fiats of the Administration and the Courts and not any voice from the general public. Legality is not the only attribute to be valued in a civil society, but then there is no dearth of alibis to justify any argument they forward. But their rigid stand, to give devil the due, has brought many theoretical questions with regard to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo out in the open. The aura of white dresses and black beards have been exposed and demystified. Heehs imbroglio has proved that Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry is nothing more than a hostel and to call the inmates Sadhaks is just a pleasantry. Pretence is the first thing which needs to be evicted from the precincts of the Ashram.

Heehs’ new book blurb mentions blogs but the Ashram is yet to understand its value in communicating the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Although it has marshaled many sites to fight its detractors, the idea of using blogs in a positive way has not enamoured the old guard. The public in general and the devotees in particular, however, never give up hope for due accountability and transparency. [TNM55]    

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Elections and Evolution

Political topics before 1947 were treated with the colonial power in mind. The Party line became the new guiding and binding factor in free India. Academicians wallowed in fraternal networks trading their conscience for careers. Cultivating pet paradigms helped the habitus strangulating truth. So, really we have no theory in India. Political Parties prefer the quicksand of shifting stands and refrain from articulating clearly on issues. The diversity, thus, hardly finds expression or merit receives recognition.

In such a vicious environment of ignorance and apathy the ideas of Sri Aurobindo has suffered the worst harm. Not a single book is there that does justice to his political philosophy and prophecy while respecting his sourcing from intuition and poetry. The rigmarole of comparing him with his prominent contemporaries robs the innovation and the freshness that Sri Aurobindo wished to introduce. Seeing him always against the backdrop of history reinforces the mindset that nothing new can come or only the Elections matter and not Evolution.

Many a brilliant minds struggling in the media today have pathetically mortgaged themselves for money or ideology. Many of them are aware of Sri Aurobindo and his exalted place in India’s intellectual tradition but remain silent. Internet has made instant publishing free, but most are reluctant to speak about the teachings of Sri Aurobindo with the required passion and zeal. The West is a fertile field now to assimilate the Synthesis Sri Aurobindo has produced, but any concerted effort for dissemination of the same is missing. At Savitri Era, however, we keep moving, steadily, like the winning hare. [TNM55]