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Monday, July 18, 2016

Better to avoid the word Spirituality

Faith healing is an age old concept and mostly caters to people lacking access to formal medical facilities. But it has gained respectability among the elite, over the years, by being portrayed as an alternative lifestyle choice as well as a valid form of spirituality. This sort of Arta and Artharthi mode of seeking has trivialised the word spirituality and Spa establishments are milking it quite successfully. Recent political elevation of Hindutva also has provided a fresh impetus to such endeavours.

The attitude of young people towards all these, however, is a bit curious. Many of them just go through the practices in a mechanical fashion due to social pressure but inwardly the critical approach persists. Education and professional situation never permits young people to believe in superstition. Rituals are performed as a compulsion but without the feeling of complete reliance on them.

This is the enduring contribution of modernity and its emphasis on scientific attitude and rational scrutiny. In this sense, the word spirituality needs to be avoided since it means nothing and there is no method of validating it. This is essential to stop quackery and cheating which is proliferating at a fast pace. It's worth repeating that no one knows the mystery of this world and human life. [TNM55]

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nature abhors the periodicity and symmetry imposed by Democracy

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Prominent intellectuals on Twitter supporting BJP are more or less exposed now for their half-hearted enthusiasm for Modi as Hindutva saviour
BJP insulted women in particular and the country in general by first appointing and now removing an underqualified person as HRD Minister.
One sin remedied; two more persist: 1) PM and Party President must not be from same State & 2) PM must face the Press and respond extempore.
Smriti Irani has every right to fight for her rightful place in politics & my tweets are not against her. But HRD was a mistake on her part.
@IamIndian4alwyZ @DrGPradhan I have said it before: I have no objection to any other portfolio or PM. But HRD Minister should have Degrees.
Irani at HRD, against widespread resentment, was a constant reminder of Modi's arrogance, authoritarianism, and willful disregard for norms.
Many Modi supporters had expressed their consternation but @madhukishwar and @sarkar_swati had almost campaigned against Smriti Irani at HRD
Many are talking about Irani's performance or lack of it as the reason but the real relief is she was not educationally fit to be appointed.
@bmcowl9 Quite intriguing that many in BJP are vehemently against Jaitley despite his intellectual prowess and as Govt's conscience keeper.
Let's all aspire and work for a nation where no one is identified as SC, ST, Dalit, or OBC and no discrimination or privilege on that basis.
Reservations have served their purpose and time now to throw away the crutches and develop capability to compete; savor equality and freedom
@RaisinaSeries You may be right but the lingering suspicion that AAP is the B-Team of BJP is yet to be conclusively disproved. cc @skjain_05
Divisions on the basis of castes, religions, and languages are deep and intimidating but migrations and marriages facilitate bridging them.
One law for all people in the country and abolition of Reservations or any kind of discrimination/privilege on the basis of birth is our aim
Enough is enough. State has no business in segregating citizens into rivals and reinforce unjust preferences in the name of social justice.
Imposition of lifestyle codes such as on dress, food, and marriage by political parties or religious organisations need to be done away with
Most BJP supporters keep on ranting about Muslims but never utter a word about the secret Money dealings that lubricate their own ecosystem.
No questions are asked as to how their numerous organisations run and a bland rhetoric circulates that there is no corruption in the Govt.
Ideology of Hindutva or Nationalism is a mere mask and Money is the only Dharma that RSS understands. Let RW warriors turn their guns there.
No one ever demands electoral reforms or deplores reliance on Money power during polls. Demography is considered more crucial than Democracy
Whenever some controversy is raging over SM or a mock fight between Party men, be sure that 'mota maal' is changing hands clandestinely.
If someone says I don't breathe, would you believe him? Same is the case with folks proclaiming they are atheists. One rarely knows oneself!
There is more to know is the basic premise that fuels all philosophical investigation; limited competence is underlying factor for humility.
Expertise acquired in a certain field might mesmerise one as a know-all but finitude is a reality and the way mind moves is warped & twisted
Apart from Money, attraction for Power and Sex apply wobbling effect all the time, due to which rational thinking is almost an impossiblity.
20th century Psychology has expanded the scope of Sex so much that any form of pleasure-seeking (like long Twitter sessions) too is included
Similarly, Power games are source of most of our moves and moral posturings; even ostensible pursuit of austerity and ideological strictness
A name is being discussed as if he is running the world. No person or organisation, it's Evolution that is, firmly, in charge of the future.
@AgentSaffron In fact, their language (Jatland upwards) sounds like pelting stones and hence the impression. But good people are everywhere.
Democracy facilitates change but the strict periodicity and symmetry followed by it is often in variance with the Nature's scheme of things.
Talent is rare and Nature invests lots of it plus opportunity to catapult people to the top which it may not want to reverse after 5 years.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Emergence is central to a Hayekian understanding of spontaneous order #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Bruno Latour: People have been silenced by moralism #SriAurobindo
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Savitri Era Learning Forum: To have realisation on earth in physical body #SriAurobindo
[a few minutes passed in the calm of silence are a more effective rest than hours of sleep] The Mother, On Education
Savitri Era: Focusing on humble and unassuming seekers #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Roundabouts can help develop two yogic disciplines...
[Roundabouts help two yogic: learning to resist immediate gratification and taking into account the needs of others]
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Rakesh Chandra, Vibha Chaturvedi, and Pragati Sahni
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hobbes, Hegel, Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari
@guNagarbhaH @GhorAngirasa @Rjrasva Hegel is a desire and Nagel is a fact.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Olcott argued that the Aryans were indigenous to India

Sri Aurobindo never hesitated to criticise leaders

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Hindu Rashtra Inhabitants (HRIs) are so insulated psychologically that they are repulsed by any trace of the West, Christians, or Muslims.
There have been millions of Muslims who never slayed polytheists. As they flouted their scripture, the question is whether they are Muslims?
An individual born to Muslim parents has every right to act in a manner he thinks fit as per scripture, laws of the land, and social mores.
A highly-educated gang of five is aggressively circulating its alarming projections on demographics as if Muslims are second class citizens.
@E_P_W Hindutva stalwarts are allergic to the Leftist discourse and so show symptoms of Theory deficiency. This book can heal their anaemia.
India was firmly under the British rule but Sri Aurobindo was audaciously writing about Evolution & Supramental Consciousness a century back
Handful of misguided brains are responsible for fermenting unrest in the world in the pretext of nationalism or religion. They need reform.
Reliance on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only way to be on the side of Evolution and "fight successfully the great battle of the future"
Aspiring that "nothing in us shall be an obstacle to" Evolution necessitates to be under their "influence to the exclusion of every other."
Most are happy attributing disturbances to rival religions or nations but Sri Aurobindo saw them as human problem due to Evolutionary logjam
A vocal section of Indians claiming to be angels and demonizing the people of other religions is height of hypocrisy. Causes are elsewhere.
Mythology is unscientific and anti-Evolutionary but apart from Soft Power its potential for tourism and allied economic activities enormous.
The British gifted us Democracy. This single event is a thousand times more valuable than the seven thousand years of Indian civilisation.
Imprint of the West is unmistakable in every aspect of life in India today, so much so that it takes some effort to create ethnic ambiance.
No point in indulging in conjectures and there was never an entity named India. Thinking for future should be based on hard facts of history
@aatmashodh Monarchy and feudalism are yet to be exorcised from Democratic functioning in India even after 70 years.
@aatmashodh Each system has its merits and demerits. Removing imperfections should be the aim of political process by grappling with issues.
@aatmashodh It seems that you are against Democracy and the Constitution of India. I may not be able to prove but rate Democracy as the best
@aatmashodh I never thought I'm so important! Thanks for the attention and analysis of my views. Democracy permits all sorts of viewpoints.
@aatmashodh That's fine but everyone accepting a monochromatic narrative of Indian pride and self-respect is surely a little bit problematic
@aatmashodh Each citizen will have his own conception including deviant themes. Democracy is about choice and freedom; not imposing of norms
Indian legal system, thankfully, borrows heavily from the West. Many facets of social system of modern India are mirror images of the West.
Films can be said to be the biggest contributor of domesticating Western lifestyle by bridging the language barrier.
@akazlev Please spare some time for Indian affair as various ethical issues are being debated involving clash between tradition & modernity.
If people are getting organised for destructive purposes, why can't the Savitri Erans come forward to work together towards a positive goal?
Sri Aurobindo was not merely a Freedom fighter, he was fighting against ideas, against status quo, and never hesitated to criticise leaders.
Instead of trying to engage with the web of ideas Sri Aurobindo wove at Pondicherry, some foolishly complain, "Why he left politics midway?"
Sri Aurobindo advised his disciples to practice surrender to The Mother and a new religion can be said to have sprouted despite his denials.
@Benamrakshas Books by Georges van Vrekhem and Rod Hemsell are available online which provide a well rounded appreciation of Sri Aurobindo.
Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo contain such subversive material that all major religions are to crumble by their serial explosions.
Beware of half-a-dozen foreigners who, for the sake of their own career rehabilitation, quote Sri Aurobindo's words to fan Hindu fanaticism!
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo convince us to come out of the juvenile conception that "My religion is better than yours." They debunk them all.
Ambedkar never read, wrote on, or quoted Sri Aurobindo and consequently stands as a formidable barrier in the path towards Dalit emancipation
@ksunjai @_Mauna_ Several layers of disagreement if we survey Lacan, Foucault, Derrida and Baudrillard to our own The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
@AgentSaffron @SabinaBasha @ArpanBhaduri Sri Aurobindo has something interesting to tell about wolf (vŗka, ‘tearer’)
Savitri Era: Evolution is discarding heritage and tradition in slices
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Sri Aurobindo and Ambedkar rejected the idea of Aryan race
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu and S.S. Kulkarni pass away
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hu Hsu, Ganesh Devy,  and Kirtan Bihari Bramha
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Nirmalangshu Mukherji’s plea to abandon the rhetoric
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Devdutt Pattanaik, Bijayananda Kar, and Beatrice B...
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Because Thou Art: The Divided Line in Art, Rimina Mohapatra, Vista
[Hu Hsu, a great painter and litterateur lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and translated several major works of Sri Aurobindo into Chinese]
[On his way to the earth Narad sang five songs. During the return journey it is the anthem of eternal love that he is singing.] RY Deshpande
[Nirmalangshu Mukherji is consistent in his opposition to armed struggle and considers practice of Bhagat Singh and his comrades invalid.]
[I referred last time to William of Ockham’s teaching – derived, as far as I can tell, from Muslim Ash’arite thinkers – that God was a will]
Hobbes' Mistake - The Rational Case For Anarchy - The Times of India via @timesofindia

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sri Aurobindo's devotees should gather once in Delhi

There are four chief reasons for Sri Aurobindo not being sufficiently popular:
1. His philosophy covers a vast horizon and hence remains at a distance from normal life and longings.
2. His yoga and psychology are too deep and demand a level of loyalty and sincerity which is beyond many.
3. His poetry is too philosophical and falls outside normal aesthetic experiences apart from the language barrier.
4. His educational principles, though look impressive and inviting, are difficult to be translated into reality.

Thus, there can be four alternative routes for Sri Aurobindo to be rooted in popular imagination:
1. His political relevance vis-a-vis Hindutva and Leftist ideologies.
2. Growing number of his devotees giving rise to a distinct religion.
3. Circulation of devotional music and distribution and sale of various other products of common use with focus on employment generation.
4. Organising mega events to attract media attention and impress upon the young generation.

So, it's essential that Sri Aurobindo's devotees should gather once in Delhi. [TNM55]

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Suspect certainty, verbosity, and glib talk

Levi has written yet another post on style, ironically, in the same style he is complaining about, seemingly, in a mock fashion. The more reassuring aspect, however, is philosophical writing continues to open new paths and generate fresh debates. But the question of inclusion of Indian and other non-Western traditions remains a contentious one.

The issue of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, of course, is too remote to trouble anyone. Besides, its very veracity or efficacy is under question marks since Heehs shouted that the Emperor is naked. Institutions running on rotten models of power play prove the point, further.

One needs to be extremely cautious, therefore. No one knows the mystery of this world or human life. No particular theory or practice can claim to yield results; at least, nothing of the sort has surfaced yet. So, suspect verbosity and glib talk; they are mushrooming! [TNM55]

1. This style simultaneously functions as a shibboleth, defining insiders and outsiders, while also making a pseudo-claim to clarity and precision.  Perhaps this style is independent of the content of what is written and argued, but I’m not so sure.  It seems to me that this style already expresses an entire worldview, an entire system of values, an entire teleology or set of goals functioning as a machine or an apparatus of capture.

2. Larval Subjects . - Assemblage Theory - Manuel DeLanda accomplishes what few thinkers ever manage to achieve: he renders the world interesting and thoroughly transforms our perception of what it is and how it came to be. This new book is destined to generate much debate and discussion, reconfiguring the way we pose social and political questions and the coordinates of legitimate ontological thinking. After reading this work, the world never quite looks the same and things that seemed to have only marginal importance take on an entirely new significance. – Levi R. Bryant, Collin College

3. But it’s different with Immaterialism. I read the book at least 4 times within the first week or so after receiving my copy. Perhaps that’s because it opened up an unusual number of new paths for me, and I enjoyed thinking them over so much that I lost my usual distaste for reading my own work.

With Whitman and Harvey in Pauri

Dear Tarini babu,
Namaskar. I had started in 2005 to list all my favourite links at one place but the post on Odia movie songs became the most visited page and the rest is history. A lot of time and energy is needed to bring it to the level of my expectations and that's a task for the future.

During my college days and subsequently, I had collected about 30 song books which were available at the time of release of new films, like:
No idea about the present situation as I left Odisha in 1988.

Thanks for your interest. is the third related site apart from the above two. All of them are work in progress; provide nostalgia and motivation, both. [TNM55]

There is more to know is the basic premise that fuels all philosophical investigation; limited competence is underlying factor for humility.

Reading Harvey amidst Pauri hills (facilitated by undersea cables, as Whitman captured it) brought the sense of how hills of thought can be overpowering and, in fact, provide the means for escaping or transcending the prison and tyranny of physical geography. However, the primacy of the local or the particular, he deals with, gave the contrasting feeling and spurred respect for what was on offer, then and there. And, balancing both the aspects, or integrating them to the extent possible, is perhaps the real challenge, but, paradoxically, each one's version will change. [TNM55]

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Focusing on humble and unassuming seekers

V.N. Narayanan once complained about "atibristi or anabristi" in his Sunday HT Musings which is a common feature in life. There are any number of songs on the theme "Sansar hai ek nadiya, dukh sukh do kinare hain" which is playing now on Vividh Bharati (5:24 PM, Film: Raftaar, 1975). It was quite startling for me when I heard Ashis Nandy on DD-3 years ago that Experts hold a lower rank in public affairs than generalists or politicians. A similar feeling had come on reading the objection of P.A. Sangma to Indian Classical music as hegemonic. He was defending the emerging music scenario in the North-East.

Music, Art, and Poetry (MAP) occupy a very high priority in the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. But talent is rare, as Satyajit Ray has observed, and only a few people are able to earn expertise in these fields. Besides, artists remain prisoners of their respective skills. This apart, the compulsion of art to be commercially viable or chasing popularity robs it of many sublime facets. Media highlights successful persons but when we look at it from the Yoga angle, they have hardly any value. So, according enough importance to all those normal persons who are humble and unassuming seekers is necessary instead of focusing on achievers, all the time. [TNM55]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Evolution is discarding heritage and tradition in slices

Tweets by @Savitri EraParty:
Ram Kumar has done a decent job in introducing the basics of Critical Theory which is a must read for Hindutva loving Engineers/Scientists.
Though highlighting vagaries of discourse, the article is proof enough that communication can be honest and precise.
We, however, disagree with what @RamKumar1133 attempts to infer and persist with our tremendous regard for Lacan, Derrida, and Baudrillard.
Present belligerence by Hindutva hardliners is depicting the personalities of Moonje, Savarkar, Golwalkar, Deendayal, et al in distorted way
"Luminous and voluminous" writings of Sri Aurobindo forever invite to explore liminality regardless of "dramatic or traumatic" consequences.
@Hiranyareta Infatuation with the West may stem from diverse roots including career-growth but rational choices/conviction can't be faulted.
Hit and run tweets against Gandhi or Ram Mohan Roy won't alter the narrative. Scores of books and analytical studies need to be authored.
Knowledge is instantly perceived as hegemonic and is resisted; the person is avoided/ignored. So the role of Brahmin is to fight buffoonery.
Each person evolves from the Shudra stage to the Brahmin state. But the success rate is not satisfactory. India is the best coaching centre.
So, the Brahmin is not a separate category, as the popular notion goes; it includes and implies mastery over the other three varna qualities
Many Brahmins stooping low and playing to the gallery is not uncommon. Such deliberate degradation proves tragic vis-à-vis Sanskritisation.
Empiricist models of management and strategy carry you so far. The Brahmin's role is sensing brighter spots and forcing course correction.
Qualities to be aspired for for a Brahmin are Anapeksha, Suchi, Daksha, Udasina, Gata-vyathah, and Sarvarambha-parityagi (Mahabharata-Gita).
Apart from heredity, environment, and education, Evolution is also important for determining a person's stage in moving towards Brahminhood.
@AsterixdeGaulle @rvaidya2000 Sri Aurobindo is much more than a solitary speech. Reading him in detail is essential.
Many outstanding Civil Servants face a crisis of character while seeking post-retirement rehabilitation or as a Party's Public Intellectual.
@ShoaibDaniyal @RohiniBakshi @Mamdhata @hchaturv Odia pronunciation is considered closest to Sanskrit. #RajaParba
@mdbiyani @India_Policy @smritiirani @archanatiwari20 Odia #RajaParba
@JP_LOKSATTA @kumarashsish Odia suits best as common language if learnt voluntarily outside schools and colleges.
@a_r_j_u_n For pragmatic reasons, our party line deviates from what Sri Aurobindo wrote, at times. You may like this
@a_r_j_u_n Why? Did I say "Dear" ?
@a_r_j_u_n Thanks for wishing. Awake whole night; no power.
@dwarakiMN @GhorAngirasa @i_contemplate_ @KumaraVaani @deshrajeev Strangely Veda is hardly treated as heritage; Sri Aurobindo's work ignored
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 You may join/support/work for Savitri Era Party which promotes a polity without Reservations and other liberal ideals.
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 Reservations were required, have contributed, but have turned exploitative. Time to prepare for relinquishing crutches.
Evolution discarding heritage and tradition in slices is a cruel reality to accept. Thus, unhinging from the group-think is a huge challenge
Engaging with Sri Aurobindo involves crossing boundaries of particular subjects and their structures to roam in the free vista of knowledge.
By emphasising upon Evolution and Yoga, Sri Aurobindo entwines volition with cosmology, thus setting a direction for knowledge to plough on.
A Centre for Religious Studies as a University wing, for instance, can't focus on where Sri Aurobindo is leading to.
Sri Aurobindo, OTOH, assigns knowledge a task in conjunction with other modes of self-perfection: work and worship.
Thus, education, in the context of Sri Aurobindo, would chart an innovative and intuitive course on learner's choice
Though reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, at random, is helpful, a systematic approach is recommended.
A brief account written by Sri Aurobindo about his own life and activities gives a bird's eye view of his priorities
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 @priyashmita The only formula how BJP/RSS can be stopped is by incorporating Sri Aurobindo into dry Nehruvian paradigm.
The most beguiling superstition prevailing in the country is Ambedkar and Savarkar are relevant for future whereas Sri Aurobindo is a cypher
Followers of Sri Aurobindo believe in his prophecies but wish them to happen miraculously without their working for it openly, soiling hands
Although, The Mother had established a nationwide network by the time she left in 1973, the relevance of Sri Aurobindo still largely unknown
The Mother was quite forthright in her support for Sri Aurobindo but his followers at present are content with supporting Savarkar/Ambedkar.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo worked relentlessly for ushering in harmony but their followers are busy spewing hatred that is anti-Evolutionary
Just thought of my pair of shoes. All dreams & possibilities can materialise only if they consent to carry me there.
Seems like Google somehow liked my musings on shoes! 
@riminamohapatra @silikamohapatra @CNNnews18 @NPR
Modi is synonymous with manipulation. His tryst with the top office denotes void ab initio, and he is adding fresh zeroes every passing day.
"No one gives what he doesn't have." Modi not facing domestic media not in consonance with Democratic functioning; so also, HRD under Irani.
PM and President of the ruling party hailing from the same State in a country as plural as India is a slap on the face of norms and probity.
America based hardliners of Indian origin are constantly spewing venom against Indian citizens in some pretext or the other. Fight them out.
Yoking the mind and the body along with the life instincts and aspirations to the guidance of one's inner being amounts to Yoga or Evolution
Protect children from the influence of mythological fiction & superstition in the name of Yoga and turn to Veda as unveiled by Sri Aurobindo
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo assure us that a new world is indeed possible, or rather inevitable and so we at SEP dream to design a new India.
Each voice ought to be respected in a Democracy but not necessarily accepted. Talent is rare; knowledge shud be sought from distilled source
Jaithirth Rao jumps from Ananda Math to Hindu Mahasabha as if nothing happened in between. Reprehensible hypocrisy!
Many blog writings are partisan and too opinionated. We are yet to see a website emerging with astute independence.
No matter what the final outcome of AIT/OIT feud is, MT has set a rigorous standard of scholarship which Sokal/Oak disciples have to comply.
Rather than glorifying the past real pride should come from by knowing facts as facts no matter how unpalatable & inconvenient they turn out
Instead of weaving narratives around victimhood or avenging past sins, a dispassionate quest for information should be good scholar's motto.
Right from Ashoka's inscriptions on pillars, history writing has peddled copious falsehood and pre-determined theses for career advancement.
Reappraisal of 20th century history is an urgency with the meeting of The Mother Sri Aurobindo as point of departure
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo propounded "Integral Yoga" which has nothing to do with hitting the mat. Yet, many are citing them mischievously.
An interesting debate is going on with some people defending Indian origin of Yoga when the origin of Indians itself is under a fierce fight
Don't be a silent spectator when AAP, BJP, and Congress are ruining the country. Follow The Mother/Sri Aurobindo and join Savitri Era Party.
Even religious scriptures recognise human foibles but the Constitution of India demands people of perfect character ensuing disappointments.
As far as my impression goes, only V.P. Singh passes the test of honesty and integrity as PM. With such rare occurrences, Democracy not safe
Some bleeding hearts believe that all languages should survive but that's not what Evolution is leading to. Gender is Hindi's Achilles' heel
Those who argue mother tongue is the best medium of learning and passport to development and innovation need to visit Uttar Pradesh to check
Issue is not why India was under foreign rulers but how far people benefitted by such encounters and exchanges and their utility for future.
Forcing a partition among people thorough a temperamental criteria like whether one identifies with Hindu mobilisation, is so sad and cruel.
Since an individual has no control over his or her birth, option to escape from nationality, religion, caste, etc should be freely available
Like unreserved compartments in trains, territories should be set apart for free movement of people facilitating commerce/cultural exchange.
Democracy amounts to electing a ruler and not burdening uninformed citizens for examining complicated issues with far reaching implications.
@smarket Man is a transitional being, avers Sri Aurobindo, who in his Evolutionary path is inching towards attaining perfect morality/truth.
While we respect the verdict of British people, it seems to be against the Evolutionary spirit of World Union as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo.
As I write this tweet in English, I remember our deep relation with British people in which Sri Aurobindo had a role and its huge potential.
Although the Veda was available for several thousands of years, its secret was revealed by Sri Aurobindo in the English language (ARYA,1914)
It's not just the size or its economy, rather the civilisational ramifications of U.K. as a nation can't be overlooked. Temporary set back!
Most are not aware about how Sri Aurobindo came to throw his weight behind England against Hitler. That solves many puzzles, past and future
The ruling party mobilising a small faction within itself that fakes playing the role of opposition is nothing but a smokescreen to hoodwink
Very clever plot and another round of misconception about Sri Aurobindo will be reinforced among the new generation!
@rsaroja70 The Nationalist is shown as weak in character and a fugitive (escapist) which coincided with popular impression of Sri Aurobindo.
@rsaroja70 As followers of Sri Aurobindo, we don't value much the views of his famous contemporaries but others are free to hold theirs.
@Tamil1947 @rsaroja70 Thanks for the recognition with the request to spread the word. We are an antidote to Hindutva, for your information.
@maidros78 @AgentSaffron @samAlochaka History & issues are complex, very complex. Please avoid conflict by reducing things to 140 characters
It's heartening to note that people within the Hindutva camp are ready to fight for cherished ideals. @maidros78 @AgentSaffron @samAlochaka
@KKDash2020 Problem is when trade becomes disproportionately dependent on one-way arms trade. And then a different dynamics exerts imbalance
@hinduwebsite It'd be interesting to scan the role of harmless seeming technology and communication in facilitating these larger aggregates.
@smarket Anchorage is essential instead of inventing own School. Sri Aurobindo offers a lofty point of departure for economics and politics.
@shantprakash too has been demanding dissolution of BJP SC Morcha. But abolishing Reservations is the real challenge
@a_r_j_u_n @GreatHeretic Reading Sri Aurobindo is mandatory for correct understanding of Gita, Upanishads, and Veda. Savitri is the summit.
@a_r_j_u_n Since you are politically oriented, understanding how Sri Aurobindo differs from Hindutva is rather more important. @GreatHeretic
Neglecting academic pursuits and pushing unsubstantiated propositions is a Hindutva forte. Thankfully, some are uncompromising on method now
Last couple of days saw fireworks among Hindutva heavyweights. AIT, Nazis, Gita, GM food, everything is being re-assessed which is welcome.
@GreatHeretic @a_r_j_u_n Some pointers here:
@a_r_j_u_n Each one's preference needs to be respected in a Democracy but the same principle doesn't hold good in Pedagogy. @GreatHeretic
Earlier, arvindneela was treating Ambedkar as most credible but lately he has begun to find virtue in Sri Aurobindo, albeit a bit grudgingly
@ngc1729 We discussed it last time; I'm only following the current position considering science has progressed since Sri Aurobindo's time.
@ngc1729 Sri Aurobindo was always intellectually polite, never took any hard line; himself revised many of his stands. And I'm no final word
@ngc1729 RW skirmishes over issues are becoming fairly regular and such intellectual exercise is welcome. So, you should settle matter there
Clever ploy to create a Modi vs. Swamy buzz to deflect any credible face emerging for 2019 and hijacking UP poll campaign to national scene.
We often hear disdain for unelected leaders but their ideological commitment and loyalty to party happen to be higher than grassroots guys.
Some were complaining that many are happy about India's failure at NSG bid. Same people turn very happy when terror strikes and blame Islam.
Despite prevalence of TV, this article proves how print media (including Twitter) is important for stating the truth
That Sri Aurobindo's views can clear up many ideological cobwebs comes into focus in this one instance about Aryans.
Pushing scripted narratives has been the bane of academic scenario in India. Thus, a rational approach is a must.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@Janamejayan I think, it's Kunti (instead of Sita) and all five had multiple spouses. Hence, Sita doesn't fit in!
@TheRajarshi Statutory warning: "past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results"
Savitri Era: Focusing on genocide and tyranny is one-eyed history

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Focusing on genocide and tyranny is one-eyed history

No higher pursuit is feasible in empty stomach. So after assuming power at Centre, RW ecosystem is gravitating towards intellectual churning
Blogs or Journal articles are not enough; to get quoted, books have to be written. Need to tackle Universities and the Publishing industry.
RSS is being criticised by avid supporters for silence/inaction but lately it has been espousing some really progressive themes, discreetly.
Rajiv Malhotra needs to be jettisoned like Pravin Togadia. Intellectual wars are to be won by convincing cold print and not sprint polemics.
@rsaroja70 They have a long way to go but on Twitter one meets many bright young men who are unable to unshackle from the Hindutva fetters.
People means the people of India or its citizens. Those who cunningly replace it by Hindu are living in a fool's paradise. Sheer dishonesty!
You are free to establish institutions of excellence but never be ungrateful towards those who have contributed to hold this nation together
Focusing on exploitation, tyranny, and genocide by ignoring nurturing of art & culture, patronising artisans & inventors is one-eyed history
India has a set of laws the origins of which go back to Greek & Roman times. Studying their ethical and philosophical underpinning is a must
For some time it appeared that the respectable RW tag would really transform thinking but now it seems that it will be limited to RSS only.
Knowledge is key to success but RSS echochamber and dumbing down will keep a large section of Indians underdeveloped like Dalits in the past
Many will readily narrate instances of social service performed by RSS but won't realise how it manipulates and poisons people's thinking.
Freeing India from the clutches of RSS and Congress seems impossible but The Mother Sri Aurobindo have already sown the seeds 100 years ago.
Modi has no power to defy international syndicate and hence following the footsteps of the previous regime. Cheerleaders soon to be in tears
Calling upon all right thinking people to support Savitri Era Party for ushering in new politics and renewed commitment for law and ethics.
@aroonpurie News channels are dumb clones of each other but the prominent role of INDIA TODAY fortnightly in modernising the nation laudable
Many write-ups on Sri Aurobindo either don't focus on or present a distorted version of his political views. So, one must be always careful.
@manasharya Thanks for the ambitious attempt to capture many sidedness within a single article although the unifying message hardly emerges.
@HindolSengupta @dravirmani Present international system is about nations and laws. So, no need to be unnecessarily alarmed about religions.
@AgentSaffron And Sri Aurobindo's famous address was broadcast over AIR Tiruchirappalli on August 14, 1947 where he outlined his #FiveDreams
Hindutva enthusiasts spreading hatred against Muslims and Dalit activists abusing Brahmins are unnecessary unpleasantness one is forced face
Never before Revolution was so easy and safe: Tweeting anonymously from the comfort of your room sans the need of any one else or dependence
The world outside, thankfully, runs in its normal pattern and a Metro journey is, perhaps, the best mode of escaping the shrill Twitter wars
@sagenaradamuni There's bound to be a difference between the producer's intention and the consumer's response. That's the crux of the matter
Regardless of difference in knowledge or resources, each citizen in a Democracy is entitled to be treated as an equal, and unpatronisingly.
@SanyalIndranil Ideals harboured in the heart and mindspace have their inevitable role in transforming present pitfalls by compelling change
A fine example of unadulterated hate without slightest sensitivity toward millions of human beings who actually fast
The question then arises is, what is it so overpowering in the Hindu teaching that makes some of its modern adherents so full of antipathy?
By reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, however, one may overcome the feeling of hatred to seek Harmony.
Hindutva strategy is to thrust a Muslim scapegoating discourse but the rational approach is to see people as citizens and crimes as crimes.
People in every party, AAP, BJP, and Congress, are looking for an alternative and, ideology-wise, Savitri Era Party promises the best option
@vivekagnihotri Please look at your ownself instead of laying the blame at the door of the Moguls & British. Recognise Sri Aurobindo's merit
@VogonPoem @Songadiya Concentrating on the events of our own lifetimes is a saner approach to design the future. #GlobalHarmony #FiveDreams
@VogonPoem The four States are doing fine with freshly elected Governments and Centre is fully empowered to deal with four-lettered acronym.
@noconversion @NarasingM Both events stand as facts and don't cancel out each other so that the posterity can know their significance/lesson
@DesiOptimystic @rahulroushan @bwoyblunder @chinmaykrvd Best solution is to make Varun RBI Governer and gamble with RR/3R as UP CM candidate
Varna categories are common to both men and women which is often lost sight of by votaries of gender equality leading to warped reasoning.
Work enhances skills and abilities but hardly surpasses how one is wired or core competence. Many invisible streams assist in one's success.
Reservation system sanctified by Indian Constitution on birth-based criterion must be dispensed with for proper understanding of Vedic varna
All those who support abolition of birth-based categorisation, discrimination, or reservation must come forward to join Savitri Era Party.
Holding on to birth-based discourse in politics is the prime roadblock for Dalit upliftment and emancipation. Feeds careerists and activists
For most anti-BJP parties Reservation is the Oxygen. USP of Savitri Era Party is to reignite dream of a society wedded to Equality & Freedom
@ArmchairPseph Even beyond. Mythology also teaches to wage a war for establishing Dharma and in that sense Jihad not limited to one religion
@ArmchairPseph You can't be proud of the tradition selectively. Have to own it, warts and all. Unfortunately no one grapples with grey areas
Power serves as a cementing force and acts as a magnet. But the real strength is to be loyal to the ideology irrespective of its popularity.
The notion has turned firm that the Indian public can be hoodwinked and easily manipulated. That may be true to an extent but not invariably
Scriptures, Mythology, legends & literature: all texts need to be read as texts. Among them it's easy to find Sri Aurobindo as most credible
Defending one's nation and defending one's religion are different, the latter belonging to a juvenile instinct. Freedom of faith is a must.
Which place of worship to visit or not visit should be a part of an individual's freedom & life's experimentation sans any legal imposition.
One compulsory religion throughout one's life is bound to be porous like monogamy. Modern societies must have provision for deviant themes.
The best way to get rid of one's (juvenile) innocence or (pedantic) intransigence is to read Sri Aurobindo's books.
Even the most candid disclosure by anyone can't be treated as honest since scheming hidden forces inside us dictate our intention and action
All of India coming under an intellectual storm will take time; may be by 2047 such a possibility can dawn. So no other option than to wait.
@vs70 Centenary of Indian Independence and the #FiveDreams message of Sri Aurobindo. Just a supposition and a hope (and idle speculation!).
The more people talk about religious and racial divides, the more we must emphasise the common human aspects of our existence on this planet
Commonality and oneness can end up in nihilism as the West has, tragically, discovered. Sri Aurobindo, therefore, preferred Vedic anchorage.
India doesn't need a slew of new pigmy brands to market itself. One Sri Aurobindo is enough for the current century.
Pleading for Mythology & Rituals is like flogging a dead horse. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have already set the agenda of future Evolution
Much before the term Demat came into use, Sri Aurobindo had transformed the Veda into the Demat mode by abandoning Rituals & Personification
No phrase in Sanskrit or Pali is valid without Vedic sanction and no proposition of the Veda is valid without Sri Aurobindo's interpretation
Fiction is part of human nature & hence culture is subject to constant creative representations. Multiple interpretations must be tolerated.
@IDIOTpathicDOC @AgentSaffron @brumbyOz In any case, India does need a common language and Odia fits the bill well. Everyone must learn it.
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare Odia is the most noncontroversial and the oldest among all North Indian languages. Best as link language
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare When others are learning 3-4 languages, Hindi speaking people will have to learn just one language.
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare Happening nowhere is no logic. It's a necessity for proper national integration... otherwise tinder box!
@sagardkhare @ahindu_ @AgentSaffron When I asked for learning Odia, it's at the social and voluntary level and not burdening the students.
@MangoBwoy @RoflGandhi_ @IDIOTpathicDOC @AgentSaffron @brumbyOz Even if the whole of India chooses to learn Odia, Bengalis will be the last.
Nothing more embarrassing than millions of people at home praying with bated breath for the Prime Minister to manage a speech when abroad.
How many countries left now? At least, good geography lesson for the school dropout Pracharaks and teenagers who are obsessed with Cricket.
Some are busy in spraying hatred consistently. But 6.6.2016 is a date to seek Harmony & aspire for the New Creation.
Savitri Era: Reignite the dream of a society wedded to Equality and Freedom #GlobalHarmony #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
Plain & Simple: Sri Aurobindo's vision of India had no place for vote-bank politics
Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo's exceptionally multifaceted cosmology
Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo is opening doors to a genuine hermeneutic
Feel Philosophy
Aurora Mirabilis: [How to put Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s abstrac...
[How does one put Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s somewhat abstract guidance into practice in the phenomenal world ?]
[each has their own way and pace and must be worked with accordingly. Starting with each individual from wherever..]
[stupid books on how "society" could be better "organised" led the world astray. There is Rousseau, Marx, Sartre...]
@IndiaHistorypic [Saavira Kambada basadi or त्रिभुवन तिलक चूडामणि is a Jain temple with 1000 pillars in Moodabidri.]

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Reignite the dream of a society wedded to Equality & Freedom

Human beings, irrespective of their skin colour, culture, language, religion, nationality, or gender, face the same Evolutionary challenges.
When it comes to confronting one's own psychological states in order to overcome them, no castes or social status is of any particular value
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach about the universality of human condition and how resolving hindrances is more psychological than material.
Followers of Sri Aurobindo used to celebrate his birthday on August 15 and India became Independent on that date. His teachings guide future
Both, Congress and BJP worship false gods instead of following the path shown by Sri Aurobindo and his message broadcast on August 14, 1947.
Despite founding an Ashram, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never emphasized the political aspects of collective living (like in Marxism/Fascism)
Auroville, like Sri Aurobindo Ashram, practices a new paradigm of living for the sake of the Divine with politics and economics subordinated
The effort, however, is to transcend the economic and political animal in man and endeavouring for a more psychologically fulfilling life.
It's sad that the huge emancipatory potential of Sri Aurobindo's teaching has not attracted the attention of thinkers like Chomsky or Žižek.
Nearer home, the continued overlooking of Sri Aurobindo's humanist ideal by the followers of Ambedkar of different hues defers Dalit welfare
@skjain_05 In Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville, a model of collective living can be found transcending division of labour imposed by castes.
The more people I follow at Twitter, the more I am pushed into an echo-chamber. How to escape this reign of teapoys and rescue discourse?
Read, how the question of death (also, central to SAVITRI) stirs the imagination of Hobbes, Hegel, Heidegger down to Baudrillard and Bauman.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1772–1833), Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860), and Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882) are 3 pioneers of East-West synthesis.
@SanyalIndranil Sri Aurobindo comes to the scene almost a century later and gives a definite direction to what by then had turned a clutter.
Mythology trains the mind not to seek evidences & the same mindset pervades political culture as well as scientific attitude in our country.
The philosophy of David Hume (1711–1776), supposedly indebted to Nāgārjuna (c. 150–250), gave an impetus to scientific attitude in the West.
Surely disturbing as @blog_supplement puts it so pithily "the greatest innovations in biology which make us what we are come from conflict."
@ngc1729 Agree; hard to judge oneself. What others think of me must be true (someone called me a fraud recently!). Thanks for the attention.
@ngc1729 I'm just relying upon @AgentSaffron in this respect. Believing in (science + sociology) seems to be more credible than (sociology).
@ngc1729 @AgentSaffron The other extreme is @krishnarjun108 who believes in the Puranic cycles of time and civilisation. Do you believe him?
@ngc1729 @AgentSaffron @krishnarjun108 Okay, peace! When you find time, please suggest to me which are the things I should believe/promote.
Born in the pre-Independence days, both Congress and RSS have succumbed while the Left has heroically wrestled with intellectual challenges.
I'm not aware what happens in FB but in Twitter I have been cautioning people against anti-Evolutionary role of RSS and Hindutva Nationalism
BJP facing opposition from Secular faction is normal but my attempt in drawing justification from Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is distinctive.
I am 61 but Hindutva specialists are talking about either 1061 or 2061. So, instead of harbouring such optical illusion of 2016 #FiveDreams
@ngc1729 @Hiranyareta @Sheks65
Despite such large number of educated Indians wedded to Hindutva, I keep faith on power of intellect. One day they will follow Sri Aurobindo
@strongissilent @karan1402d Oh, that's the reason many consider me as a genius !
Sam Harris, in his book "Waking Up," brings forth his doubts about Sri Aurobindo, but many like me haven't found anything else to rely upon.
Sam Harris asks to ignore Sri "Aurobindo's long, unreadable books." Savitri, for instance, seems impenetrable but is worth struggling with.
@GreatHeretic SH is cautioning people against deceptive Gurus. Respecting Common Sense is also valid but the discerning finds Sri Aurobindo.
@BhartiyaAgnosti Let's be thankful to whoever has plagiarised, simplified, or even distorted Sri Aurobindo's theory. Primary schools needed.
@BhartiyaAgnosti Knowledge production is a more integrated phenomenon now & no one can thrust his solitary interpretation on global audience
@BhartiyaAgnosti Even Sri Aurobindo borrows many ideas from different sources and synthesises them without explicit attribution or debt ack.
@BhartiyaAgnosti Western inspiration for Indian Renaissance is unmistakable & it's impossible to track various streams or trace their origin
Many pretend that they represent the Indian tradition in its purity and give the impression that they have not been benefitted by the West.
@BhartiyaAgnosti Forcing a dichotomy (like RM) is a current flavour in India but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have harped on Global harmony.
@BhartiyaAgnosti Sri Aurobindo has elucidated upon all these aspects in his book, The Human Cycle which was published in ARYA 100 years back
@BhartiyaAgnosti Studying the works of Sri Aurobindo in original is the only way to discern things in right manner.
@BhartiyaAgnosti All part of sabdajalam; the whole Vedic secret is eclipsing the light and truth and fighting to recover them (Indra/Vritra)
@BhartiyaAgnosti Sri Aurobindo's works can be likened to a University from where nobody has been able to collect a Degree yet. Try your luck
@BhartiyaAgnosti Good that you have the necessary background and if you read three pages daily then you can finish The Life Divine in a year
@maidros78 @dikgaj @sarkar_swati Social unity better preserved during Muslim rule than British opines Sri Aurobindo.
@Ji16Sanjay Savitri is for everyone; there should be no distinction. Each one is part of Evolution and no one knows which faculty opens when
True that many Gurus sell Enlightenment deceptively, as Sam Harris has cautioned. Sri Aurobindo, however, is emphatic about its possibility.
Cultural and religious difference across nations pose challenges but Sri Aurobindo has upheld unity and not uniformity in future World Union
No trace of any political instability in India now but many people are constantly tweeting on conflicts and social unrest instead of harmony
Why it is that RSS is so enthusiastic about Savarkar but absolutely lukewarm towards Sri Aurobindo? A comparison can reveal many fault lines
A notion is prevalent that capitulating before corruption is normal to politics. But it is certainly possible to overcome such a compulsion.
Past paradigm of politics presents disillusionment and despondency before people and so hope of not compromising with values must be aflame.
Ethics and ideology must be the cornerstone of politics. Fighting against AAP, BJP, and Congress is the first step for achieving that target
@maidros78 @chinmaykrvd @sarkar_swati SEP will emerge as the alternative when more and more people will realise the futility of backing BJP.
Banishing AAP, BJP, and Congress are national goals. Today's results have confirmed fulfilment of this target in 2019. #CongressMuktBharat
@sarvatragam @MangoBwoy @Moskvaa Emergence of a party catering to Hindu interest is not unusual but it has not been an organic rise for BJP.
@chinmaykrvd Shows he can handle and head a coalition whereas the ladies specialise in splendid isolation, Maya included #CongressMuktBharat
@chinmaykrvd The feminine attraction is a substantial factor just like ladies in Twitter garner more followers. Stops other males as leader.
@chinmaykrvd 1) Once upon a time Samata Party was the only ally of BJP; 2) Biharis are indebted to Nitish Kumar for giving them self-respect
Modi to rule for three more years; countdown begins. So, no need to prepare new history text books; they will again be changed in any case.
Any truck with Congress is an assured recipe for harakiri; Nitish Kumar must understand this countrywide verdict well. #CongressMuktBharat
Election results prove Hindutva Nationalism fails to seduce people and faces a civilisational roadblock by being patently anti-Evolutionary.
Why BJP has no future is clear from what Sri Aurobindo wrote in ARYA in 1916. Mere lamenting over losing Election is not enough @rameshsethu
Right ideology is what attracts people and all political parties operating in India at present are peddling dregs. Sri Aurobindo will lead.
@VanzaraDg @KvsethuNair You know very well that nothing of the sort will ever happen. You are simply deluding yourself and others. Jumla !
@manishkbaid Anti-Defection bill brought stability but has made the MPs slaves. Indian Constitution suffered partial disablement. Tragic !
@chitraSD Ideology matters and Sri Aurobindo offers the most modern and Evolutionary vision for the future of India as well as the world.
Sri Aurobindo's followers are a legion but the question of politics and religion has not been confronted by them as yet in a honest fashion.
Invasions other than AIT/AMT are rarely discussed. [...Huns were absorbed in the Hindu fold as Kshatryas while Jats occupied a lower strata]
The disproportionate clout of a large State like UP is a cause for consternation among other States and poses a threat to Indian Democracy.
UP should be split into four or five States before the Election so that each region gets a popular Gov't of its choice. Same for Maharashtra
Hindutva has loads of reasons to forge opposition but those aired by persons on other than political ground, though justified, look suspect.
@SonaChele1 Whining even two years after coming to power is so sad and shameful. Proof that the RSS ecosystem is woefully bereft of talent.
@SJha1618 @kbunckbunc Who in this country doesn't feel dwarfed by Nehru's towering figure? Modi is no exception; wants to measure up to him.
Perhaps the most enduring achievement of Modi during his 5 years rule will be renaming four to five roads in Delhi. Nothing else is visible.
Modi has two aims:
1. Takeover Congress, lock, stock, and barrel and head it by ditching BJP;
2. Nobel prize for Peace, by hook or by crook.
Whenever anyone tweets about 56-inch working 18+ hours without taking any leave, I remember the train scene in Jaani Dushman (1979) instantly
All Chief Ministers carry the onerous burden of ensuring own security except Delhi CM whose protection is the duty of the PM and President !
@samAlochaka @Janamejayan Reason is good people, instead of supporting good people, vote for the corrupt and those without any ideology.
@samAlochaka Forgetting all other human problems and concentrating upon Jihad all the time seems to me intellectually dishonest and intimidatory.
@samAlochaka I have heard this staple threat n number of times. It's hardcore RSS agenda to create fear and spread hatred by poisoning minds.
@samAlochaka There is Govt, Defence services, Internal security apparatus to take care of such exigencies. Ordinary citizens need not bother
@kbunckbunc Despite your painting a grim picture, I'm not in favour of raising a private army in a Democracy. That's against Civil Society.
@kbunckbunc Each person is entitled to his pet brainwaves but the nation is run by something called Constitution which has no such provision
@kbunckbunc Option 1: Raise private army like Naxalites
Option 2: Form party, win election, have 2/3rd majority and change the Constitution.
@kbunckbunc Religion is not a genetic phenomena, it's a matter of mind. The ideal of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has the power to convert.
@kbunckbunc It's illogical to look at time in such linear fashion. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have seen the future in a different trajectory
@kbunckbunc Demographics will conform to Market forces playing out but TheMother & Sri Aurobindo have given us the right compass to navigate
@kbunckbunc The Mother & Sri Aurobindo take us beyond geography and visualise a World Union. India, of course, retains a prime place in that
@kbunckbunc This is a false and needlessly alarming scenario in which Anonymous SMites take fancy. Read Sri Aurobindo to heal your thinking.
@kbunckbunc You must spell out what it means to say being prepared. Dealing with arms like Naxalites is out of question for a civil society.
@kbunckbunc The right way to face those perceived threats is to be well versed in the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, and not arms.
@kbunckbunc Hindutva lacks intellectual armament to deal with the challenges of future and The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide them amply.
The model of man and future society as envisaged by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo lie buried under their voluminous writings on Yoga psychology
@jogakhichudi @vishaluponzero
The Secret of the Veda: With Selected Hymns
Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, Volume 15
@kbunckbunc That's your own theory in which many may not rely upon. But there are millions of people worldwide who believe in Sri Aurobindo.
@kbunckbunc The Mother & Sri Aurobindo predict that all major religions will collapse gradually. Then everyone will follow their teachings.
@kbunckbunc @sarkar_swati @dikgaj @maidros78 @Rjrasva @Shanbarani Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, all to convert to Savitri Era Religion
The just concluded Election in Puducherry has less relevance to Sri Aurobindo Ashram there than the forthcoming Presidential Election in USA
@pashyaka @kbunckbunc These theoretical approximations need to be read along with the prophesies of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. #FiveDreams
@kbunckbunc You are perturbed about a macro issue about which no individual can do much. Better engage yourself to popularise Savitri Era.
Rise of fundamentalism by way of Hindutva and in other top Religions are sure pointers of how they are moving fast towards self-dissolution.
At least a dozen top Hindutva votaries on Twitter nurture serious misgivings on RSS which a sympathiser like @gopimaliwal always downplayed.
Hindutva teapoys are under the swoon of an infrarational hubris whereas Leftists suffer from an overdose of rationalism. Sri Aurobindo saves
Purpose of education is to make modern generation aware about wrongs of motheaten theologies, scientific theories, and political ideologies.
@strongissilent @MohsinRexman @karan1402d No one obeys each stipulation; liberal & pragmatic interpretation of scriptures shud be encouraged
@strongissilent @MohsinRexman @karan1402d I said all stipulations, that includes this one also. Majority of Muslims do that, they don't kill
@karan1402d @strongissilent By saying "them" you're implicating all. Criminals & deviants are there in every faith; it's for State to tackle
@karan1402d @strongissilent If they teach something illegal, it's for State to act. Spreading social hatred for Muslims by RSS is despicable
@karan1402d @strongissilent When people live in a multicultural society they adjust the teachings for pragmatic reasons. RSS doesn't want it
@karan1402d You may not be associated with RSS but it has poisoned your thought by supplying simplified arguments and dichotomous worldview.
@karan1402d That's the problem; why study scriptures? We should be satisfied with the conduct of peace living and patriotic Muslim citizens.
@satyanveshan @karan1402d @strongissilent Please read Sri Aurobindo's works in a little bit more detail to understand his "Global harmony."
@karan1402d Please don't bring in polemics and anachronism. Let's concentrate on 21st Century and follow Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision
@satyanveshan @karan1402d Reading Sri Aurobindo as a social scientist and political theorist, and not literally, has its own rewards. Thanks
@satyanveshan @karan1402d RSS has been spreading hatred toward Muslims by creating imaginary fear in the minds of people. Let's say no to it
@karan1402d Things don't happen in 1 stroke; it's a chain of events. Difficult to decide which narrative to believe.
@satyanveshan Be careful, be a good citizen; don't take law into your hands or join any private army. No sad- or bad- guru can help you then
@nidsnow Muslims are living throughout the country without any acrimony. So, spreading hatred in the name of Islam or Pakistan is not fair.
@strongissilent @karan1402d Twitter is meant for exchange of ideas and opinions. If your views are so fixed and indoctrinated, then no use!
History lessons are about to begin. At least a dozen top-class know-alls will entertain you with rare known and unknown facts till morning !
@maidros78 I'm curious to know how does one verify? His narrative may be written in a way to create trust but certifying it's true is dicey.
@TrueIndology @a_r_j_u_n @dikgaj Candid comment against Bhyrappa seems to signal the third Hindutva war (1st: Ganesh/RM, 2nd: Talageri/MT) !
@ColonelGerard @Dirghakarna @sanjeevsanyal Care should be taken to clearly demarcate between empirical evidence and speculative opinion.
@ColonelGerard @Shakra_Kulish What about R.C. Dutt, author of Economic History of India ? Not Kosher ?
@yugaparivartan But why are you reacting to someone's using certain terms or characterisation of people so severely? Let discourse happen.
@yugaparivartan See, we have not been able to produce quality humanities studies due to leftist academics. So, engaging them is important.
@yugaparivartan That worldview has not been stated/debated/scrutinised adequately. For that we need them; calling Sepoy is counterproductive
@yugaparivartan They are standard vocabulary and to introduce alternative taxonomy fresh books have to be written, defended in dissertations
@yugaparivartan Hindutva ecosystem has no consensus on procedures. But I felt the tenor of your response not conforming to academic humility
@yugaparivartan Oh, great blog; you never post links perhaps. What you say in this post is well known but how to deal with them is debatable
@yugaparivartan Being brought up on Sri Aurobindian fare, I have issues with your heroes, their methods, and their worldview as a whole.
@yugaparivartan That is to be appreciated and I feel tempted that I can bring some new orientation to your thinking, if we interact or meet.
@dikgaj @Tretayug @babajibaala Political aspirations and ensuing conflicts will emerge conforming to human nature. Being Hindu is no escape.
If only people cared for friends and relatives, neighbours and colleagues as much as they discuss the dead and pay homage to them regularly!
@sarkar_swati The first principle of life is there are no principles. The same applies here and one gains something while losing something.
@yugaparivartan Looks pedantic at first glance but the author is creating a model of examining ideas with past tools
@a_r_j_u_n In praise of right Left-tools of inquiry
@TrueIndology @dikgaj @Mamdhata @Ozymandias1993 @CholericCleric
@a_r_j_u_n He has limited competence. He started with Sri Aurobindo's Veda (M.P. Pandit) but I don't give weightage to his current opinions.
@SonaChele1 @KiranKS Another opinion
@TrueIndology @SonaChele1 @KiranKS A similar observation
@TrueIndology @SonaChele1 @KiranKS A similar clarification
By @AgentSaffron
By @maidros78 @dikgaj and @sarkar_swati
SandeepB used to praise Bhyrappa and AgentSaffron ridicules PN Oak. I have not read them but it transpires that both wrote creative history.
@vs70 That's the impression accumulated by reading tweets from several sources. However, I was waiting for your verdict to know the truth.
Educated youth being misguided by polemical writings of @Swamy39 @RajivMessage @davidfrawleyved @fgautier26 and Arun Shourie is deplorable.
@HinduAmericans Hindutva Research valorises mythology and predetermined theories. Scant regard for 'versity degrees!
A few weeks back @sankrant called me a fraud but with this Sokalesque essay, he has documented he himself is a fraud
@Hiranyareta Further complicating the issue with anti-Brahminism not fair. MT takes his stand on science; let it be scrutinized accordingly.
@ngc1729 @Hiranyareta You have to prove that MT is doing bunkum science. What I meant was only a capable person can contest him, not me/you.
@ngc1729 @Hiranyareta So, let's wait; what's the hurry?
@ngc1729 @Hiranyareta I'm supporting science (till it's disproved) although Sri Aurobindo wrote against AIT. Hindutva believes in Mythology!
@ngc1729 @Hiranyareta I'm not equipped to understand all these. Matter should be debated with scholarly rigour and better wait for a year.
Hindutva teapoys now realise how difficult it is to write a book even to qualify as a sepoy. Parroting the names of Goel or Shourie not enuf
@yugaparivartan Like in the case of AIT, we support gifts of Science and careerists shouldn't derail Development by discredited ideologies.
@yugaparivartan The Mother & Sri Aurobindo used to encourage new technology in the Ashram and Auroville is an example of innovative culture.
There is no dearth of people in this country who genuinely aspire for a #GlobalHarmony and their only recourse is to follow Sri Aurobindo.
It's not easy to renounce affection of, and affiliation to, one's caste and community but Sri Aurobindo's teaching endows with perspective.
@Indian4liberty Targeting particular caste/votebank is not the longterm solution. RSS must shed strident Hindutva so that BJP is mainstream.
While attacks on Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd needs to be condemned, his hare-brained ideas on economy, production, protest etc. better discarded.
Dalits have occupied all kinds of Constitutional posts. Savitri Era Party demands end of all sorts of Reservations and branding of citizens.
We are the only party in India that demands complete abolition of all Reservations and electing one man and one woman from each Constituency
@raulral1987 Just double; not a very large number. But the election process will acquire considerable depth and complexity. @kiran_patniak
@raulral1987 Costs don't matter when refining Democracy and system of representation is the priority. Reservations have served their purpose
@raulral1987 Your projections are based on historical data but we have a different vision altogether. Money won't rule but serve Democracy.
@raulral1987 Election is sine qua non of Democracy. A people who opts for Democracy has to pay the price for it. There is no free launch.
@raulral1987 I'm not sure whether your calculation of costs is error free. In that case, Constituencies can be merged for optimal no of reps
@raulral1987 No, each seat elects 2 persons, the top ranking man and woman who belong to different parties. So, FPTP is modified suitably.
@gupta_milan Ladder (proposed) (which one must kick away after climbing :-) ) 
@gupta_milan To satisfy legal formalities; part of plans and possibilities.
@gupta_milan Building a concept/machine is important, there is no dearth of people who just copy or are mere mechanics and technicians.
@gupta_milan We are against "High Command distributing Tickets" culture. Right now, any one supporting us can fight election as independent.
@gupta_milan We are committed to Democratic functioning and future decisions/diversions will depend upon the apex body, as situation demands
@gupta_milan We have not approached EC yet. Representatives should draw power from the people on their own without crutches of party/symbol.
For most anti-BJP parties Reservation is the Oxygen. USP of Savitri Era Party is to reignite the dream of a society wedded to Equality & Freedom
@gupta_milan Priority is to build the party and popularise its appeal for new politics instead of being seen as a NGO for systemic changes.
@gupta_milan I'm not conversant about the issue. You may consider to make use of SEP banner instead of fighting in your individual capacity.
I'm no economist but want 1) People settling transactions in whatever currency; and 2) Stock Exchanges permitting trade sans ceiling/circuit
Whenever economic issues are debated, I remember: [A Libertarian Rock Star That India Never Had: Sauvik Chakraverti]
@Rita_Banerji @autumnrainwish Right to do wrongs are part of human nature and can't be taken away or banned. How you penalise is different !
Forced migration of Tamil Brahmins, Kashmir Pundits, and poor Dalits has significant role in nation building. Same for to Gulf & Canada etc.
@YRDeshmukh @theDDixit Dreaming and executing a project in the Swadeshi spirit challenging the foreign rulers freed the minds of people.
@HabbuVijay @theDDixit There are more occult aspects than money-making. Swami Vivekananda has a role too. So don't take things at face value
@HabbuVijay @theDDixit [In 1907, Tata Steel undertook a groundbreaking journey into unknown and uncharted territory]
Sri Aurobindo reiterates Vedic sanction for four-Varnas (not birth-based). Though politically incorrect, those writing/tweeting are Brahmins
@proftakar @ColonelGerard
The Secret of the Veda: With Selected Hymns
The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, Volume 15
@blog_supplement I remember, Sri Aurobindo mentions about Ila, Mahi, and Dakshina also.
@anil_pandey12 Like others, please mention the author's full and correct name as Sri Aurobindo (his adopted name & he used to sign as such).
@krumbbumm Please write Sri Aurobindo (the way he used to sign his adopted name) & stop distortion of a proper noun (pronounced as one word)
@Sheks65 Just Google: [Sri Aurobindo and his partner, known as "the Mother,” apparently claimed to have decided the outcome of World War II]
[in the body’s cells. One is compelled to constant vigilance. The slightest slackening, you know, is catastrophic.]
[Siddhartha Mukherjee's #TheGene is a biography of the gene as brilliant as his Pulitzer Prize-winning work on cancer]
Many on Twitter are forever in "crying over spilt milk" mode who deserve a royal ignore. Don't concentrate on difficulties, says The Mother.
Savitri Era: Sri Aurobindo as inspiration and Freedom as focus #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #JoinSEP #CongressMuktBharat
[Emerson made leap through his brilliant fusion of neo-Platonism, science, Hegel, and India's philosophy of samsara]
[their crimes are not their fault. we can dispassionately consider how to manage offenders in order to rehabilitate]
Languages should flourish independent of their use in Administrative purposes. Recent decision on Odia for official use is a retrograde step
June, the month of Raja. No amount of words can describe how much happiness we felt in our childhood counting days for this swings festival.
@WrongDoc Absolutely right, they peddle the duplicate. To taste the original, you have to visit Salepur (not Pahala) in Odisha. @OdiaCulture
[Surya Deo has worked single handed, to document and highlight the beauty and history of 80 years of Odia cinema.]
Feeling of national integration is best invoked when credits flash on the screen at the beginning of old Hindi films
[We do not belong to the past dawns, but to the noons of the future.] Sri Aurobindo (Essays on the Gita)
[Overview of the Psycho-Physical Practices for Opening the Centers of Consciousness]
@alokpi Lila
"One who has made in sport the suns and seas
Mirrors in our being his immense caprice."
Sri Aurobindo