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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sri Aurobindo is not wanting in offering theory and guidance

Most of Sri Aurobindo's writings come to us in a much revised and heavily edited form. Matters from different periods are also presented thematically as in the Letters. So, understanding the context before examining any attempt at deconstruction is important. And then, debate on issues raised should be welcome instead of being unduly apprehensive. [TNM55]

Savitri Era Religion drawing inspiration from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the religion of the future & has people from all over the world.
Scientific & Sociological studies owe their findings to diverse human behaviour but that they are Ontologically connected is often forgotten.
India is too large for building as many busts or statues and there shouldn't be any objection if public money or property is not involved.
BJP wants Monarchy back and not Parliamentary accountability. RSS runs on that lines the Head of which is no less than Mythological kings.
It's severely damaging to defer splitting of UP into four separate States just because no one is demanding it vociferously at the moment.
The notion that our future should be validated by precedents and tradition is intriguing. Indians must think Innovation and Experimentation.
Sad that Sri Aurobindo Ashram is in news for wrong reasons. Enforcing election of a fixed tenure based Head for it is a crying need today.
Some seem to be suggesting that there should be an amendment to the Constitution barring Prime Ministers from speaking in the Parliament!
Hindutva enthusiasts display reasonableness on Twitter at times and that's the silver lining amidst RSS push of medievalism and homogeneity.
Modi has undoubtedly wasted seven precious months. Juvenile showmanship doesn't add to prestige; he must reinvent to retain respect for PM.
BJP is no longer what it used to be under Advani and autocratic functioning will take it in the path of destruction. Caution for supporters!
@Srichand01 You are right but the author is proposing that Gandhi attempted to raise Ahimsa to a creed (instead of say, a liberal Syadvad).
No one expected that the integrity of @SurajitDasgupta would decline to such inane level.
It is sad & unfortunate that since 2011 Indians are being continuously fed with falsehood courtesy Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Ramdev, and Modi.
@ngc1729 Sri Aurobindo allows to see a problem in relation to multiple issues leading to amelioration of feeling of injury or victim hood.
@ngc1729 Everyone is free but if somebody has certain grounding in Sri Aurobindo's teaching then his worldview would be better. @drsbasu2115
@ngc1729 What is the right course of action is most important to decide and Sri Aurobindo is not wanting in offering theory and guidance.
RSS is fond of spectacles and large scale mobilisation reminiscent of fascist era. Nothing like a nationwide event involving school children.
BJP is targeting schools directly to extend its reach bypassing State Govts. especially those are unfriendly. Turf war to get dirtier ahead.
@Outlookindia Next, the PM will advise erring CMs to observe Rajdharma!
Sri Aurobindo's Third Dream was World Union. The situation in Pakistan is indication enough for formation of a World Govt. on federal basis.
Kant or Coleridge, Nietzsche or Deleuze, in Sri Aurobindo we get exposed to expression of Integral spirit of humanity
@GreatHeretic Is it compatible with the latest findings of Neuro-
Science etc? How come such an old text has not been superseded?
[@SwarajyaMag @prasannavishy What is Life --- Erwin Schroedinger This small book of 32 pages is a must read. Read it a couple of pages per day & ponder over it.]

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sri Aurobindo warns against literal reading

Sri Aurobindo warns against literal reading of old texts. His extensive translations and commentaries on Veda & Upanishads are an eye opener.
Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo enables you to take control of the Present instead of worrying too much about History, Mythology and Rituals.
Right should uphold individual freedom but in India they tend to kowtow before Mythology while Left fights for liberty instead of supressing.
Scholars on either side of ideological isle find Sri Aurobindo problematic and avoid him as he is found subversive to their neat narratives.
Constitution of India offers everyone utter freedom but some fear it so much that they prefer to take refuge under the yoke of Mythology.
There is no greater delusion than professing a Hinduism based on Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals is better & hence others should embrace it.
Fortunately, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have left behind enough intellectual resource & cultural capital to take recourse to escape Hindutva.
@AgentSaffron @HindolSengupta No nation or religion should be a permanent address and man must reclaim his right to choose his destination.
Why the most dominant religion of India should depend upon State support to spread itself is really astonishing. Mythology fails to deliver?
Mythology and Temples perpetuate the Caste system and Indians must mull over how this social monster can be annihilated and justice awarded.
Sad that those under spell of mythology want their kids to be injected with it right from infancy. Indian Culture !!!
While Common Sense provides protection against Mythology, it isn't a sound base for Democracy or Civilisation. Sri Aurobindo, a great help.
Independence came on the day Sri Aurobindo was born (August 15) and he passed away the same year the Constitution of India came into force.
"Swami Dayananda denounced idolatry and ritualistic worship prevalent in Hinduism" and Jyotirao Phule "opposed idolatry and caste system."
@gsurya @rationalketan @sumanlayak @MDPai05 Not Economics, the Nehruvian view of religion, by ignoring Sri Aurobindo, has sapped the nation.
"Man is a transitional being, he is not final" said Sri Aurobindo. Thus Science, Economics, and Politics are in flux.
Sri Aurobindo's thought helps to overgrow Nehruvian juvenility & Hindutva obscurity by imparting a robust Ontology based on Vedic Evolution.
Man's relation to religion, as pointed out by Sri Aurobindo, is a permanent one. So both Hindutva and Nehruvian lines are avoidable extremes.
Despite good intentions, love for four languages is bound to be bogged down. English for reading, Hindi for Music and Odia for talking fine.
@Nimai_Swain Identity is not something fixed, it evolves; it's also traded for advantage in life. So, better to sail with time & technology.
@Nimai_Swain Consequence of unkind course of history & geography plus Market dynamics; emotion not enough to resist favourites of Evolution!
Reading Sri Aurobindo tells alternative motivations of "Male Idiot Theory: That men often do stupid and risky things"
Evolution is about the future and not lamenting over the past. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo award excellent opportunity to pursue Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo was busy writing The Life Divine while "Austria-Hungary competed with Serbia and Russia for territory" triggering World War I.
@GreatHeretic See, from one religion's viewpoint you may be right but one can be magnanimous unilaterally sans any spite towards rival faiths.
@GreatHeretic Those who are chasing political careers through religious mobilisation would act like that but for you and me, we needn't copy.
@GreatHeretic Doesn't help; history of Europe is different. Indian situation is complex and it's upon us to make our Constitution a success.
@GreatHeretic Their Management is facilitated by the Govt. but I don't think any siphoning of funds takes place. If yes it should be stopped.
@GreatHeretic Parliament should discuss this on a priority basis as there would be many angles to the problem. But no one demanding it seems
Indian territory has always been tempting and will continue to be so. War is a perpetual phenomenon, yet love for man must not extinguish.
AIT is defended by @blog_supplement and must be respected, so also Aravindan Neelakandan's @SwarajyaMag articles. 
Brief guide to access Sri Aurobindo's thought structure and its relevance for future Evolution and human emancipation
Nitish Kumar and the proposed SJD, despite all misgivings of the past, are a ray of hope amidst the gloom pervading Indian Democracy today.
While consolidation of all anti-Hindutva forces is welcome, Congress and Left are sure to face isolation/decimation. Tragic but inevitable!
@Lutyenspundit Who is the President of AAP? Do they have any list of Office Bearers, btw? Their Website doesn't show any; seems strange!
Internet Hindus feel ashamed and embarrassed that they have to repeat their pet demands on Twitter though having a majority Govt. in Delhi.
Ashok Malik is advising silence. The other name for censorship or dumbing down; a time-tested fascist tactic to mute dissent or criticism.
@waglenikhil Behind the hullabaloo, awarding some contract or big purchase takes place which generally goes unnoticed. Money surely matters!
2014 is a landmark year in Indian politics that exposed both Modi and Kejriwal's subversive ways to capture power and dumbing down methods.
The year 2014 can be fairly represented by a movie with the proposed title, "Modi, Mehdi, Modiano."

Friday, December 12, 2014

How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo

Left or Right, Centre or Subaltern; Sri Aurobindo is the most sought after voice to cut through theoretical confusion
1. How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo is a complex topic but a few tips can be of help to those with open mind and tons of curiosity to learn.
2. The basic requirement is to be aware about Sri Aurobindo's life history in brief and remember the names of major books authored by him.
3. To look at Sri Aurobindo as a poet, scholar, and thinker at the outset is more profitable than as a Freedom fighter or Spiritual teacher.
4. Synthesising ancient and modern knowledge of East and West was the intention while Sri Aurobindo began publishing ARYA on August 15, 1914.
5. A secret of fast learning is not to compare Sri Aurobindo with others  and voluntarily keep him high above in appreciation on all fronts.
6. Sri Aurobindo might criticise your idols & heroes or oppose your fond theories & ideologies. Stay prepared for such cruel dethronements!
7. Sri Aurobindo's opinions on people and events are invaluable which may not match with popular impressions or politically correct notions.
8. What was Sri Aurobindo's most important task and accomplishment?
The answer is "downfall of Hitler" whom he considered anti-Evolutionary.
9. In "The Future Poetry" Sri Aurobindo has written in detail how he ranked European poets whom he admired and modelled his own poetry upon.
10. Romanticism is said to form the bedrock of Sri Aurobindo's poetry and philosophy while Vedic symbolism validated his Evolutionary thrust.
11. Sri Aurobindo's thought, though embedded in Vedantic utterances, is seen as response to Marx, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, Freud, & James.
12. "Nietzsche," hazards Debashish Banerji, "can be said  to inaugurate  the modern age." ~
13. "Sri Aurobindo’s idea of the superman was derived neither from Darwin nor Nietzche, but from the occult visions"
14. Segall "theories of Schelling and Goethe in Germany, and of Coleridge in England, is already fully evolutionary."
15. Evolution being the cornerstone of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy entails a radically new Ontology involving human origin as well as destiny.
16. The voice of Vivekananda speaking to Sri Aurobindo for a fortnight in the jail gave him a clue towards Supermind.
17. Though seeds of some crucial concepts like Involution can be traced to Vivekananda (as Rajiv Malhotra emphasises), Sri Aurobindo excels.
18. Evolution for Sri Aurobindo means ongoing Transformation of human nature which needs to be accelerated by volitional Aspiration or Yoga.
19. Sri Aurobindo differs with Sayana (and Max Muller) on Vedic interpretation and with Shankara on Mayavada and interpreting Isha Upanishad.
20. Sri Aurobindo's association with and admiration for Lal-Bal-Pal and Bharathi is well known besides his eulogies on Bankim and Dayananda.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gita is a covert means for Mythology

Defending your religion without understanding the essence of it or knowing its malaise is juvenile. Sri Aurobindo endows the power to probe.
Gita is a covert means for spreading Mythology. Rationality demands that Sri Aurobindo's symbolic interpretation of the Veda is followed.
Without understanding the significance of the ancient texts many make the empty claim that the Gita is the essence of Vedas and Upanishads.
Prejudice is part of one's past but wrestling with Sri Aurobindo is one wonderful opportunity to look at the world afresh. @sarkar_swati
Life, History, and Evolution are so entrenched in the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo that no serious researcher can afford to ignore.
@sarkar_swati Please look at people and events in history through the prism of Sri Aurobindo's viewpoint for more accurate dissemination.
Since general tourism is tied mostly to monuments, Indian mind tends to travel backwards instead of thinking in Futuristic terms & Evolution.
Whenever a Hindutva fellow contemplates something that would bind the nation together, it really means dividing the people by sowing hatred.
Shourie, Malhotra, or Akbar - if one has no hesitation in endorsing a person like Modi at the top then public esteem automatically plummets.
Bypassing Advani has proved to be a Himalayan blunder for the Hindutva movement which has now become a prisoner of international syndicates.
The Adani connection is conveniently overlooked by those who go ballistic over Shourie softcorner for Shekhar Gupta. Such moral high ground!
The same forces who unleashed 26/11 are now controlling Delhi through myriad strings and the public is in dark due to lack of transparency.
Judging Indians through Hindu prism is the greatest folly RSS is busy with to delude its supporters knowing fully well that it's a chimera.
As regards rituals sanctioned by scriptures: [Circular reasoning is of the form: "A is true because B is true; B is true because A is true"]
Let not youthful enthusiasm goad you to support group actions that are ethically abhorrent, no matter how much justified they appear to be.
RW-wallahs pick up issues from pre-Independence period to stoke conflicts which is intellectually dishonest & denotes disrespect for others.
RW worthies certify each other as great intellects and formidable thinkers but ask them about Sri Aurobindo's thought, they draw a blank!
Hindutva know-alls on Twitter are so fearful of Sri Aurobindo that they invariably eclipse references to him whether laudatory or critical.
Religion and Culture are always at war with rivals and do fail like bad brands competing in the Market. Sri Aurobindo is key to stay afloat.
@CatchHRah You may be right but since Ashram publications state "The Mother" as the author, no one else or no other name can own copyright.
Ontology, and not Mythology or Religion, is key to human emancipation and hence The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hold the helm of future Evolution.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's Letters & Conversations awakens to the fact that defending present state of dominant religions is anti-Evolutionary.
@Hitarth1987 The spirited attempt can really boast of substance if Sri Aurobindo's insights can be imbibed showing Evolutionary direction.
Think Civilisation, it's Sri Aurobindo; think Evolution, it's Sri Aurobindo. Be it Religion or Politics there's no escape from Sri Aurobindo.
@the_hindu Away from the MSM glare, the narrative Sri Aurobindo inaugurated in 1914 is slowly occupying the arena as a viable alternative.
Instead of discussing the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and its superiority, many are just content in remembering a few incidents of his life.
Left or Right, Centre or Subaltern; Sri Aurobindo is the most sought after voice to cut through theoretical confusion
@ariannahuff @HuffPostIndia Fair to begin with Gandhi but the Indian adventure of consciousness is understanding Sri Aurobindo's Evolution.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

How Sri Aurobindo challenged the Congress

Sri Aurobindo isn't a mere writer. His intervention in politics in the embryonic stage of Freedom Movement was crucial & effect far reaching.
How young Sri Aurobindo challenged the Congress veterans of his time should warm the hearts of all patriots but few are willing to revisit.
@SwarajyaMag The article seeks to spread the superstition that what was handed down by tradition are successful formulas, without scrutiny.
@PranayGupte Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams Manifesto provides the much-needed corrective to the defective paradigms referred to in the article.
Hindutva insistence on unchanging tradition and culture of ancient India is not only anti-Evolutionary but also suppresses human innovation.
Modesty is as much a virtue in Academics as in Democracy. Citizens must get used to the habit of recoiling from the theatrics of politicians
Charmed people were attributing omniscience & omnipotence to a Chief Minister a year back but now their enthusiasm seems to have lost steam.
@Satyapriyan @AShetty84 BJP supporters now feel so relieved as they don't have to tweet furiously against terrorist killings or rape cases!
@Janamejayan Matter of regret that the questionable means of Modi capturing power is tolerated while pioneers are castigated! @manekshaws
One Hindutva Gharana slams Vajpayee, another Advani, some other is against S.R. Goel, yet another against Shourie or Malhotra. So riddlesome!
Good that Hindutva no longer appears a monolith as fault lines are becoming public. RSS effort to conserve the Banyan tree image will fail.
Hindutva must shed Mythology and Medievalism to embrace Modernity and Science. Sri Aurobindo has already demonstrated this so successfully.
@vijayprashad @bhartendu2206 Neither Congress nor Left, Sri Aurobindo is the right answer for India's future as he links Veda to Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo signifies new Illumination and the next Evolution integrating Vedic wisdom with modern love for Freedom

Saturday, December 06, 2014

No better authority on Veda than Sri Aurobindo

@brownbrumby There is no better authority on the Veda and the Upanishads than Sri Aurobindo reading whom all doubts are easily clarified.
@brownbrumby Spirituality is nothing but depth-Physics as Sri Aurobindo has delineated in his magnum opus The Life Divine based on the Veda.
@TweetsFromHP @brownbrumby Sri Aurobindo awakens us to the Vedic notion of Existence, Consciousness, & Bliss instead of anthropomorphic God.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show the way to steer clear of both Nehruvian as well as Hindutva extremities in espousing a sensible worldview.
Sri Aurobindo empowers us to discard Mythology - its naïve literalism and ritualism - and rely, instead, on deeper symbols of Vedic vintage.
Nehruvian propensity is to keep matters of religion private but Sri Aurobindo insists All life is Yoga and so no such separation is possible.
Sri Aurobindo's passing away anniversary passed yesterday without stirring India's elite a bit. Such indifference and ignorance is ignoble.
@ShekharGupta The only true route of Liberalism is following Sri Aurobindo and his #FiveDreams Manifesto crafted by East-West integration.
@veejaysai Time now to turn to Sri Aurobindo and his epochal works like The Synthesis of Yoga, The Life Divine, The Future Poetry & Savitri.
@Vamsee9002 @AgentSaffron @dikgaj The Human Cycle by Sri Aurobindo envisages a comprehensive view of future based on Evolution and Harmony.
@GuruuGhantaal I don't trust anonymous Cyber-Gurus and prefer to rely upon the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for matters esoteric.
@GuruuGhantaal What I tweet is meant for potential learners, to stimulate their curiosity; I don't explain "my" views here nor am answerable.
@GuruuGhantaal You are free to draw your own conclusions and characterise me according to your sweet will.
@GuruuGhantaal The Mother started speaking high of Sri Aurobindo right from 1914 and in any case, the posterity weighs one and not himself.
SavitriEra of those who adore Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother - Adam Smith, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter & Sri Aurobindo
Poet, Prophet, Philosopher Sri Aurobindo (August 15, 1872 - December 5, 1950) is the greatest son India has produced.
[Confluence: by elisa freschi — What is the difference between intercultural philosophy and comparative philosophy?]
[We, the devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo in Odisha, read on 28.10.2014 in the Odiya…]
One comes across an overdose of moral stances on Twitter but it's doubtful whether that many people are really so ethical in their behaviour.
@Nimai_Swain Himself a beneficiary of #Reservations, @shantprakash now finds that the provision is not benefitting majority of SCs and STs.
To be fair, the term used by the Minister Ms. Niranjan Jyoti for which she has expressed regret was rhetorical meant for alliterative effect.
Behind the façade of euphoria, disillusionment is fast spreading in the Hindutva camp due to incoherence of Ideology and a confounding Govt.
The young and the intelligent understand that the path to glory is not demolition but construction in which the record of Hindutva is zilch.
The message the young Indians must take is that a ghastly attempt was made to cripple the Indian Constitution but was rescued by patriots.
Nothing more ridiculous than foreigners like Frawley, Elst, or Gautier defining true Hindu identity and certifying genuine Indian character.
These worthies are hellbent on forcing inferiority complex among Indians for not being militant enough & thereby spoil the feelgood factor.
Rajiv Malhotra is another Hindutva killjoy who is perpetually haunted by ghosts of Sepoys through every individual he meets or thinks about.
Too much of learning, it appears, is also a dangerous thing as demonstrated presently by RW luminaries like Malhotra, Gurumurthy or Shourie.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sri Aurobindo took care to craft an Integral path

The Mother came from France a 100 year ago and made India her home. Thus, it's certainly not easy to predict the future course of Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo targeted man's adversaries and focused on Evolution without concentrating solely on his political opponents or foreign rulers.
All those who cannot mention the name of Sri Aurobindo without referring to Swami Vivekananda are the most misguided lot who mislead others.
RSS and RKM have been successful in spreading many misconceptions about Sri Aurobindo depriving many Indians of the opportunity to read him.
Proud Hindus don't consider it necessary to read the Veda. Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda can alter their worldview & notion of Self.
Promising fast development prior to the election is first rate dishonesty. Spreading support base by invoking religion is downright improper.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's works is an easy way of imbibing the best of all the insights the ancient Sanskrit texts can offer without originals.
Such intelligent people being mesmerised by Modi is the most astonishing phenomenon in India today, 45 years after man landed on the moon!
Our educated are more perturbed over the errors in History than reforms required at present. Social issues are hardly discussed seriously.
Resistance of human nature would have been insurmountable but for Evolution which, says Sri Aurobindo, is bound to carry the race forward.
Movies portray a moralistic angle but Politics displays actual difficulties ethics poses. This tension, however, is a pointer to Evolution.
Attacking the ideology must be the priority & not the person espousing it. Intellectual winning over is more durable than other enticements.
You are well within your right to love & learn Sanskrit but don't push it down the throat of school children. It should be left to Colleges.
Basic difference between the approach of traditional Religions and Indian Constitution is that the latter is nonchalant if you alter faith.
Hindu exceptionalism & chauvinism have acquired added legitimacy under the current regime but such leeway accrues from Indian Constitution.
No traditional Text of India can be said to equal the liberal and universal ethos unveiled by Constitution of India by burying differences.
Hindu tribalism can never reconcile with the spirit of Indian Constitution and the demographic reality of the country as it stands today.
Nothing unusual in supporters of the Ruling party being euphoric on decimation of all opposition parties but then that would be no Democracy.
Continued coexistence of Ultra-Left and RSS within Indian Democracy may be a sign of resilience but the long-term corrosion is inevitable.
Rampal or Sai Baba controversies relate to possible reforms in Hinduism but no serious response emerges signifying intellectual lethargy.
Most religions have tasted political power for long periods & Hindus have just acquired it after the gap of a millennium. Nothing promising.
Mythology narrates Monarchical models that run against the spirit of Democracy for which transparency and humility are essential elements.
Cricket & Bollywood have trained the young to chase the Stars but in Politics it's Ideology, and not the person, that needs to be supported.
BJP took birth on an ideological divergence and the dichotomy refuses to vanish despite wildly fluctuating electoral fortunes over the years.
Starting from canvassing in Hisar bypoll to abstaining from Haryana Assembly elections, all political moves by AAP so far has benefited BJP.
@Parikramah Not exactly, rather a much broader reference to the whole community or especially involving all those who prefer to be so known.
@Parikramah I might not doubt your broadmindedness but Hindutva does harbour elements who tend to display worst kind of hatred and animosity.
Genuine Nationalism is about expressing Indianness as our Constitution demands it and not lazily espousing Mythology, Astrology, or Rituals.
No way to dethrone English that looks down upon other Indian languages and cultures associated with them. Better take the bull by the horns.
English can never usurp the space for popular entertainment but it has a predominant position in prose: both journalism & academic discourse.
Sri Aurobindo understood the essence of India hundred years ago and wrote his profound thoughts in English. No language chauvinism involved.
Priority is how the present and future citizens can effectively contribute to make India a better nation. Sri Aurobindo shows the right path.
Fighting the so-called Sickulars and Sepoys involves colossal negativism and waste of energy; whining leaves a bad taste in your mouth too.
If Pfau makes a herculean attempt to resurrect Coleridge, why can't Indians rediscover Sri Aurobindo and take pride in his prose and poetry?
Instead of Pfau's "Modernity as a Metaphysical Dilemma: Moral Agency in Coleridge" we have the option of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Psychology.
The problem with relying upon Hindutva is that nothing is assured in terms of welfare or fortune. Reading Sri Aurobindo is an eye opener.
Integral Yoga enunciated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo gives meaning to individual life & strivings with a pronounced emphasis on Evolution.
The ideal of Hindutva has many loopholes and is a blind alley. Sri Aurobindo took care to craft an Integral path acceptable to all people.
Neither Hindutva nor Nehruvian temperament is based on any full proof Ontological framework whereas Sri Aurobindo possesses The Life Divine.
Reading a few pages from Savitri can make anyone realise the depth and height Sri Aurobindo is trying to reach but few get that opportunity.
Learnt skills turn of less use every few years and that's life's biggest predicament. Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo teaches to be a learner.
Power and showmanship can never rise to gain respect as Wisdom and Statesmanship. Numbers are a tool in Democracy but no assurance of virtue.
Current cultural scene in India is a complex mix of the Western and Tradition and hence it's impossible to identify anything as truly Indian.
Any attempt to resurrect ancient India or revive age old traditions is misguided & will fail. Evolutionary angle of Western contact crucial.
@GreatHeretic Just hinting at The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's effort in integrating India with the West that remains below the radar of elite.
@GreatHeretic Difficult to label Sri Aurobindo's multilayered contributions but then you may confine yourself to your present notions of him
RWs consider K.M. Munshi an icon and here is one of his less known sides
Peter Heehs' The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is under Govt. ban in India but those interested can now read it online at
As an extension of Parliamentary discourse Twitter interactions must persevere to preserve Democratic norms like transparency and tolerance.
@arunmsk @firaism Too much interest in women in Twitter runs counter to honest intellectual pursuit. But one can't help it, it's so natural!
@DharmicFundoo I said my observations and not what Sri Aurobindo said. However, he doesn't agree with the present muscular form of Hindutva.
@DharmicFundoo My observations are based on reading Sri Aurobindo whereas many Hindutva enthusiasts continue to neglect his epochal thought.
Sri Aurobindo's Savitri & The Life Divine being extensive investigations into story of creation as well as human condition are eye openers.
Let not group dynamics spoil your poise. The onus of navigating your life is solely in your hands and Sri Aurobindo is the safest channel.
True Nationalism is to discover the timeless spirit of India as Sri Aurobindo imagines it and not slavishly following worn out ideologies.
@Pawankhera Sri Aurobindo's extensive writings have made it difficult to appropriate him but attempts are on nevertheless.
@doctoratlarge Please read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo before making such lofty pronouncements and misguiding others.
@doctoratlarge The delusion of being "self-made" is transitory but dangerous.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have put in place the right kind of educational model for future Indians to follow in a globalized environment.
Understanding functioning of the body like Metabolizable Energy Intake (MEI) and Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) should be accessible.
@Hareshraichura The question is who'd pay them the fee. Further, they can argue the opposite way if someone else pays them more. So, tricky!
Some people used to admire Sanjay Gandhi. The same mindset is fond of Modi; the logic that "danda" mode is the right "medicine" for Indians!
@GuruuGhantaal I have used the word some. Anyway I wished to convey that many people vent their repressed instinct for violence vicariously.
Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014, India

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sri Aurobindo translated several Sanskrit texts

Moments and not men generate ideas and hence no talent is permanent and it's a mistake to expect someone to go on offering top rate output.
No one is willing to accept the past as it is. Everybody conjures up an imagined scenario propping his own pet heroes playing stellar roles.
Gandhi, Nehru, and Tagore have ruled the mind of Indians for too long but RSS is no sound substitute. Sri Aurobindo is the real alternative.
Those clamouring for Sanskrit would be shocked if they come across Sri Aurobindo's interpretations of the Veda, Gita, and select Upanishads.
Clinging to Mythology is nothing but lethargy. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invite braves for Adventure of Consciousness through Integral Yoga.
Those who are unable to value Sri Aurobindo's poetry, philosophy or prophecy are hardly entitled to be regarded as intellectuals. #FiveDreams
Sri Aurobindo's major works were written between 1914 and 1921 but RSS, born in 1925, has never shown any interest in understanding them.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's teachings can free one from the clutch of Mythology, rituals and superstition. Indian children deserve this minimum.
Many expressing free thought on Twitter are not free in real life to actually say it. Longing for Freedom, however, is an aid for Evolution.
Books on fictional characters abound as a neat boundary is available but the nature of a real person is as unfathomable as is unpredictable.
Defending Indian tradition and justifying its tenets are two different enterprises. Critical scrutiny or rigorous tests must not be eschewed.
Indian Constitution gives the option not to feel oppressed by the burden of tradition nor harbour a sense of being buried under old history.
Many important texts in India express their indebtedness to the tradition while diverging at the same time on some very crucial propositions.
Collective approach is always to impose & direct while respect of Individualism values subjective choice & creativity including aberrations.
Individuals deserve protection from the overpowering rhetoric of a great nation, a great leader, a great language or such other bamboozling.
An individual needs to be seen as one since he was born and not in terms of his supposed great grandfather or similar historical assumptions.
Claiming independence of individual citizens from collectivist and totalitarian mindset is the greatest challenge for Indians now in 2014.
Sri Aurobindo translated several Sanskrit texts into English but avoided being seen as a votary of either languages. The Mother spoke French.
Human origin and civilizational journey is a continuous whole which different people prefer to study under lens of different isms & epochs.
All apparently opposing ideologies are, in fact, somewhat complementary phenomena which depend for their origin and growth upon each other.
Reading Sri Aurobindo helps one to get over the East-West or Socialism- Capitalism dichotomies & regard things as part of a larger Ontology.
Indians have enjoyed the luxury of blaming the British rule but the real culprit is excessive dependence on Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
Greatest intellectual challenge in India today is that your political or ideological pursuit doesn't prevent you from reading Sri Aurobindo.
Words of Sri Aurobindo works at various levels & at various stages of life. World has not seen a more versatile teacher of such Integrality.
Learn from Sri Aurobindo when you are young & argumentative, passionate & curious. It'll stand in good stead through the rest of your life.
Many find Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Yoga too technical and his Poetry too otherworldly. True, but his words hide a world of treasure.
Everyone learns differently from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo according to his or her age and temperament; need, aptitude, and circumstances.
Lies perpetrated by religions are not outside the overall Ontological framework and hence need to be investigated with adequate diligence.
No matter whether you are secular or religious, reading Sri Aurobindo gives a firm grounding in the dynamics of rebirth and personal destiny.
Neither education nor indoctrination can solely make a man. The genetic built as necessitated by a preconceived personality holds the clue.
Integral Yoga is an on-the-job affair and doesn't defer the task-in-hand to some special realisation. All life is Yoga, says Sri Aurobindo.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo laid down elaborate route map for liberation from rituals and tradition to tread the path of yoga and aspiration.
Sri Aurobindo stressed upon stepping to a higher rung of consciousness instead of superficial logic for better organisation of human affairs.
Mere Development or Governance is not the aim. Embodying the Spirit of Constitution is as much an Enlightenment challenge as of Vedic values.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo believe in Evolution and steady Transformation of human nature through volitional force released by Integral Yoga.
The Mother's conversations are an excellent link to understand modern day concerns in Sri Aurobindo's light after his passing away in 1950.
No amount of prosperity can be a substitute for Democracy. Human nature vitiates politics at present but also can raise it from perversity.
A genuinely democratically elected Govt eludes India. All patriots must strive for creating a Party that runs in the spirit of Constitution.
First monolithic non-Congress Govt in the saddle at Centre but an extra-Constitutional authority like RSS with remote control mars the show.
The reigning misconception that Hindutva & Nationalism are synonymous and coincide with Modi is the greatest misfortune that India suffered.
Following Gandhi in the pre-Independence days was as anti-Evolutionary as supporting RSS, BJP, & Modi currently by neglecting Sri Aurobindo.
Just because Sri Aurobindo had political association with Lal-Bal-Pal, they are not without blemish from Evolutionary standpoint. Caution!!!
Human nature determines economy but higher aspiration introduces the chaos factor. So, nothing Eastern or Western about economic endeavour.
Vedic ideals of striving after Light and Force must translate into our seeking Democracy and Transparency in collective existence in India.
Evolution and Perfection drive human progress in which Democracy is a crucial aid. Present political parties are a barrier in India's march.
Though not perfect, Democracy constitutes a significant advance in the realm of collective conduct but Indians are still far away from it.
The first word The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach is ASPIRATION. Indians must aspire for a Democratically functioning Party before having one.
No one represents India better than Sri Aurobindo. Be Indian, be Sri Aurobindian #FiveDreams

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sri Aurobindo rids Veda of Mythology and Rituals

Sri Aurobindo translates 'go' as light and revolutionalises the understanding of the Veda. Pity that Hindutva brigade is promoting crackers!
Sri Aurobindo rids Veda of Mythology, Rituals, and Superstition and that sends shivers down the spine of the Hindutva bandwagon. So sad!
Why Pracharaks don't study the Veda or propagate it is a mystery. Very few know Sri Aurobindo wrote "The Secret of the Veda" 100 years ago.
Ask any "proud Hindu" about the Veda and he will draw a blank but would immediately turn the discussion to some passages of Koran or Bible.
Nothing can be more foolhardy than Hindutva brigade mobilising the loudest crackers for self-determination and heal centuries of victimhood.
Political power can scarcely mean intellectual legitimacy but a lot of average people are swayed by the show. Hindutva is anti-Evolutionary.
Hindutva abstained from the Freedom Struggle and as a result missed intellectual growth. Even today, it's under a time-warp and anti-Modern.
Most of our youth are unaware of the political discourse going on a century back. Bande Mataram editorials by Sri Aurobindo are very helpful.
Hindutva, Sangha, and Swadeshi are good instruments of dumbing down. Indians must be vigilant to preserve Democracy, Freedom, and Modernity.
Western Political Theory played a big role during India's Independence Struggle. Hindutva is no substitute for that and must be resisted.
Indian Constitution empowers you to be your own person and independent. Never surrender this right before Hindutva collectivist stipulations.
Social ills and superstitions must not be perpetuated in the pretext of promoting Hindutva. Modern political ideals are a must for citizens.
Fighting large-scale lack of education, reliance on superstition, and injustice against women and dalits remain challenging tasks in India.
With increasing prosperity, caste-based appeal would diminish. But secular question will be in currency to which Sri Aurobindo is the answer.
Extreme Marxist and Nehruvian positions are responsible for rise of Hindutva as a reaction but Sri Aurobindo offers the moderating solution.
Hindutva hubris spawns medievalism while Sri Aurobindo helps to shed anti-Modern outlook and embrace the Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic.
Liberation from rituals brings freedom of thought and zeal for self-perfection in line with the Vedic Evolution ushered in by Sri Aurobindo.
Mythology, with its confusing multiple narratives, can often be misleading or demotivating. Sri Aurobindo hews a new path towards the future.
Mythology takes you back in time and forces repetition while Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo invites your participation in crafting Evolution.
Studying Ethics orients to the Ontological indispensability vis-a-vis Pragmatic implementation of individual preferences & social standards.
A Minister or a street vendor, a mechanic or an industrialist, moral tenets are equal for everyone; they are so simple and straightforward.
It's amazing that India has become corruption-free during the last five months as no Dharma defender has ever complained of any such anomaly.
Dharma defenders might employ ornate rhetoric and jugglery of words to justify financial misappropriation but there is no escape from Karma.
Modi-rallies and evening-TV-fights are two extremes of current mode of Democracy catering more to big businesses than the people's interest.
Phrases like Crony capitalism and Delhi punditry are quite safe for claiming the moral high-ground without going into inconvenient specifics.
BJP-hating is no inborn trait but precipitates when not a single person from the Dharma defender brigade objects to the alleged Adani-nexus.
Situating Modi between Madison and Modiano involves wide-ranging awareness & alertness that our instant psephologists are ill-equipped with.
Youth being deprived of adequate grounding in Political Theory is a very regrettable fall out of present emphasis on Professional education.
A powerful brand like Congress won't vanish easily but Sri Aurobindo is a much secure ideological avenue than the Gandhi-Godse divergences.
If India must rise and lead the world, then following the towering figure of Sri Aurobindo is the answer and not building a statue of Patel.
Many are put off by religion in politics but given human vulnerability, politics can't be left safe and sound in the hands of men and women.
The way most Parties are mired in corruption, it's apparent that their present ideals are not effective. Sri Aurobindo is better inspiration.
Weaving inspiring narrative involving virtues practiced in imagined glorious past of the country would mean little if one falters here & now.
How many seats a party wins should never be the be all and end all of politics. Larger goals and ideals must be the compass and touchstone.
Permit BJP enjoying the pleasure of 33% win but the truth is that two third people of this country are firmly against its divisive politics.
Election results, more or less, reflect the complex mosaic that is India and how Modi, BJP, RSS are singularly incapable of dealing with it.
RSS capitulating to Modi is a far-reaching development than the electoral success of BJP. Even the party President is a yes-man of the PM.
The more Modi wins elections, the more RSS shrinks and loses clout. Mass entry is sure to dilute ideology and spur amnesia among faithfuls.
RSS is already under attack by über-Modi-fans and would increasingly be seen as a hindrance to the larger electoral appeal of BJP in future.
@GuruuGhantaal If BJP builds on 2014, then it's no longer BJP and becomes Congress. That, of course, is a good sign but RSS can't digest it.
Clarity at last: Hindutva won't award you power; toeing the Congress-line is the most assured formula in Indian politics, be it BJP or NCP.
With Modi at the helm, it's like The Congress is dead, long live The Congress! Kulkarni Doctrine eventually getting a renewed lease of life.
Most are prone to analysing the election results in Hindu-Muslim terms but the real fight taking place is between Hindutva and Kulkarnitva.
Modi hates coalitions and Maha debacle has rattled him. Getting nervous by the thought that compromising in States would erode his autonomy.
Both Lok Satta and AAP, despite all good intentions, fell prey to the Great Leader (derided as Yugpurush) trap which thwarted their growth.
Fate of AAP and Lok Satta shouldn't be a reason for despair. Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision can be a base for a sound Party programme.
AAP abstaining like Mayawati in UP bypoll has surely contributed to limiting BJP seats in both the States denying a fresh round of Modiwave.
By taking a leaf from Mayawati, Uddhav has the best opportunity to become the CM both ways. And he must not lose his chance to adorn the top.
Rise of Uddhav is the most significant contribution of this election who has the potential of injecting drastic change into Indian politics.
Uddhav in exceptional bargaining position and must earn the permanent designation of a "former Chief Minister" no matter how early happening.
Evolution proceeds in strange sequences! The way Uddhav is pitted against Modi now is no less epic in significance as well as consequences.
@Sheks65 Am merely a commentator and a pedestrian interpreter; would be too much to claim to remote control the move of various leaders :-)
If it's true that AAP fellows are leaving the party in hordes they are welcome to support & work for Savitri Era Party to serve the country.
A new party - with freedom, democracy, and transparency as core operating principles - can win people's faith if it proceeds with sincerity.
Unique political affections are turning each State into a different nation. A new pan-Indian Party is the need of the hour for integration.
Voters have no other option than to support existing parties with outdated policies. New all-India party needed in the wake of AAP caving in.
AAP is perhaps waiting for the day when all prominent Parties join BJP in some alliance so that it could solely occupy the Opposition space.
Theoretical viability of a new all-India party should attract attention of intellectuals so that the mistakes AAP committed can be avoided.
@Sheks65 You are right, for once; but ideological issues with regard to Sri Aurobindo poses a wall. AAP is a hostage of the Left, right now.
@Sheks65 Let's see, if Twitter can facilitate to shape such a career at 60.
@Sheks65 Thanks for the good wishes. The Mother has been very much in command throughout and it won't be otherwise in future too.
Nothing is more pitiable than relying upon Ramdev as a saviour of Savarkar's Hindutva as if lay Indians are nothing better than vegetables.
SRG-RS were merely the Finger but many mistook them for the Moon. Neglect of Sri Aurobindo by a whole generation has cost the nation dearly.
Fighting Fascism and defending Freedom should be the default moorings of any educated person. All other pursuits are certainly negotiable.
@SMarrtnoj Freedom should be touchstone for every phenomenon and I don't think advising citizens to cast their vote be one's responsibility.
@krsnakhandelwal Promoting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals goes against nascent scientific spirit among children reinforcing superstition.
Eulogising emperors for building grand architecture or upbraiding sovereign kings for destroying some of them constitute a fruitless pastime.
Lambasting foreign invaders by Hindutva supporters sadly eclipses ills pervading Indian society through centuries and their legitimisation.
Democracy is good for electing the ruler but not as effective in getting rid of a power greedy maneuverer. The 8 year cap restricts decay.
Sri Aurobindo's The Human Cycle offers an alternative Ontological framework tracing common source of will & intellect
Coleridge, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo: Politics, Poetry, and Morality

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lessons and skills for the future

Tusar Nath Mohapatra says: Responses to “Mindful love: On Thomas Pfau’s critical appropriation of Thomist moral theory” October 18, 2014 at 4:41 am

Sri Aurobindo wrote a series of essays a century back, later published under the title, “The Human Cycle,” offers an alternative Ontological framework tracing the common source of will and intellect and their role in the ongoing Evolution. Understanding the past is surely important but the lessons and skills for the future needs to be sought elsewhere. [TNM55]

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sri Aurobindo echoes Vico, Herder, and Hegel

While browsing through “Indian Philosophy and the Consequences of Knowledge” yesterday, I noticed that reference to Sri Aurobindo is absent while Gandhi (as mandatorily) is there. Even the chapter on Consciousness, though alluded to certain notions Sri Aurobindo has foregrounded, doesn’t mention him. While this reticence and exclusion is not uncommon, neglecting Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Evolutionary theory doesn’t do justice to the treatment of the subject. Transformation through Knowledge has also a bearing on our bodily existence and the hope of surmounting Death. Regrettably, such profound applications of Philosophy is being downplayed by current commentators. [TNM55]

Sri Aurobindo, in SAVITRI, confronts the ultimate human question of Death and explores ways and means to surmount it.
@kshetragnya @Mahaakaala001 @AgentSaffron Also, there's no reason to believe that Buddha existed.
No dearth of scholarly articles and books on Sri Aurobindo but the challenge is how to wean the youth away from Current Affairs & Mythology.
Children learn from the TV & their friends
Adventure, Cricket, and sundry tales
Who'd tell of Adventure of Consciousness
Than Sri Aurobindo?
Economy, Politics, and Foreign Policy
All grist for the Twitter mill
Sri Aurobindo foregrounds the unfathomable
Buried in the Vedic deities.
Tweeting is part activism & part entertainment
Direction is far more important than Content
No other way than Sri Aurobindo at the moment.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid the foundation for a perfect and harmonious human society the faint contours of which must be our focus.
In Sri Aurobindo, India has a formidable thinker to guide it beyond the Hindutva, Nehruvian, or Marxist worldview that have pervaded so far.
All Life is Yoga is alright, but learn the right perspective on various political and sociological dimensions in the light of Sri Aurobindo.
The intellectual and political correctives Sri Aurobindo provides is missed by the youth due to the Ashram's emphasis on Yoga & Spirituality.
Sri Aurobindo prepares us to shed fond hopes and pet ideas when need be. India can't progress into the future with Mythology as the vehicle.
Continued neglect of Sri Aurobindo by RW organs like @SwarajyaMag exposes their intellectual bankruptcy, myopic ontology, & shallow notions.
Indian Renaissance encompasses numerous voices drawing inspiration from Comte, Mill, and Mazzini but Sri Aurobindo brings its culmination.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo strived to build highways to the future and, hence, harking back to ancient Philosophy or Mythology is redundant.
Issues like conversion or immigration will not evaporate but Sri Aurobindo's World Union provides a plan-view of the future as a reference.
As many economic operations are international & are crucial for human welfare, Sri Aurobindo's call for World Union is the logical outcome.
It seems that neither Congress nor RSS can be wished away; even AAP is showing no sign of vanishing. Let's hope people turn to Sri Aurobindo.
The Judeo-Vedic synergy fermented by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo forms the inner core for transformation of the whole humanity into Harmony.
Now that signs of ideological vacillation is visible within ruling dispensation Sri Aurobindo's epochal utterances will stand in good stead.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo built the Ashram in Pondicherry and Auroville to experiment harmonious living on beyond mere economic principles.
International realignments will be through ideology for which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid firm foundations through Judeo-Vedic tie.
Colonialism needn't blind us to the brighter side of the West of which the Indian Constitution is a direct descendant. Sri Aurobindo guides.
Sri Aurobindo's Integral vision far supercedes that of Gandhi, Tagore, and Vivekananda, or for that matter, of Bankim, Tilak, and Dayananda.
Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams Manifesto broadcast on August 14, 1947 forms the bedrock of future Evolution in India as well as the World.
Unless you differentiate between Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo so as to respect Quality any talk of RW intellectual ecosystem is infructuous.
@nupur1210 @ThinkersPad Read from page 101 or 361 as they are earlier and relatively easier commentaries. Isha Upanishad by Sri Aurobindo
Traditional Indian Philosophy fetches bread and butter for many scholars and academicians and so they are averse to entertain Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo echoes Vico, Herder, & Hegel while formulating a unique teleological account of History & Evolution defying Indian tradition.
Gita, Upanishads, or Veda mean nothing if not accompanied by Sri Aurobindo's commentaries. Indians are yet to understand this simple truth.
The path of Sri Aurobindo is truly Integral since it encompasses Psychology and Philosophy, Poetry and Politics, Education and Literature.
Sri Aurobindo phobia is the hallmark of our born-again right-wing theoreticians-rhetoricians. Surely a sad spectacle!
The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo forces to think in terms of Human race & not past Empires, present Nationalities, or future Economic blocks.
Many assume that Development is not dependent upon Philosophy or Ethics but an intellectual conviction is at the base of any human progress.
Sri Aurobindo established new benchmarks in Philosophy but most Indians are still under the spell of Mythology without any quest for Quality.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
Sri Aurobindo decodes Vedic utterances to add coherence
Nitish Kumar lacks an all India vote base but compared to Modi and Kejriwal, he still remains the best bet as a PM candidate symbolizing JP.
Bypolls have proved the shaky hold of Modi regime and by projecting a Central leader like Nitish Kumar, a credible alternative can be built.
Congress, AAP, and the Left must accept the supremacy of Nitish Kumar and declare him as the next PM candidate. Other Parties would follow.
October 30, 2013 Delhi Convention didn't yield much result due to leadership tussle. Nitish Kumar's deft move in Bihar has startled all now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sri Aurobindo decodes Vedic utterances to add coherence

Reading Sri Aurobindo's writings is indispensable for understanding India's past, present and future. Those neglecting can't reach anywhere.
Sri Aurobindo gets just a couple of pages but a masterly treatment in "India and Europe" by Wilhelm Halbfass. @amazon
Ambedkar overlooked Sri Aurobindo and hence his lifelong quest for reforming Hinduism from within failed miserably. Conversion proved futile.
Mayawati has discovered the limited use of Ambedkar. If she can fall back upon Sri Aurobindo then a new electoral history could be unveiled.
@kuffir The article fails to articulate how Dalits alone can't take their movement too far and require to build synergy with other sections.
Sri Aurobindo has left behind enough study material to subvert Mythology-based intellectual-empires. Words have power & Evolution is at work.
The Party comes first and not the country; that's the reality & there is no rationality. Choosing the right party, therefore, is a priority.
Political parties are like mini-Nations and nurture a well-oiled, self-sufficient economic-system involving the rank & file. A religion too.
Hindutva flirting with Vivekananda is as mischievous as mixing Gandhi & Tagore. Sri Aurobindo is the only escape route from present impasse.
Sri Aurobindo has set right the Indian thought a century back & no need for further hair splitting or renaming of civilizational imperatives.
As Mythology is the mainstay, theoretical neatness has never been RSS' forte. Hindutva can no longer survive by colourful spectacles alone.
If there is any noticeable difference between Advani and Adityanath within one Hindutva stable then it shouldn't be pushed under the carpet.
RSS supporters fear to debate, define, & desilt Hindutva. Sri Aurobindo helps in removing cobwebs and sedimentation gathered over centuries.
No point in complaining about persons in the past, they all have played their roles well. The strangest behavior now is by Modi supporters!
Modi's functioning so far is Kafkaesque and lacks transparency, yet his fans attribute all kinds of virtues and brainwaves to glorify him.
@DrunkVinodMehta Modi is smiling too in secret. He has been successful in dwarfing Adityanath who was seen growing bigger than his shoes.
Strange that smart and intelligent Modi supporters are dismissive of others in BJP and RSS and show no concern for democratic functioning!
After 90 years of its birth, RSS got a majority to rule at the Centre but within 90 days it displayed that it is unworthy of such a mandate.
Those sold to Mythology and yet claiming to be scientists are a misguided lot. Sri Aurobindo decodes the Vedic utterances to add coherence.
India's future must be thought of on the basis of realities today & not on texts belonging to 2014 BCE. Sri Aurobindo stresses on Evolution.
BSP, AAP and Lok Satta Party are great experiments in Indian politics and their directionlessness proves how a core ideology really matters.
Those who don't like the Congress, RSS, and anarchy of AAP constitute a huge majority for whom Sri Aurobindo can be a fine ideological glue.
AAP, BJP, and Congress can never grow as a true national Party due to remote control. Sri Aurobindo's vision should be the rallying point.
Commerce begets courtesy and RSS' unquenchable thirst for money forces it to keep myriad streams of opinion across continents in good humour.
The present Hindutva model is incapable of surpassing 31% vote-base. Redesigning is the only option & Sri Aurobindo can lend a helping hand.
Your admiration for Adityanath to Vivekananda is well justified but don't toss Sri Aurobindo to the mix. His Evolution thesis is aeons apart.
@RajeevSrinivasa @ScorpiusMaximus @tweetingsourav @db_is_db @sarkar_swati Fine print would force to segregate Sri Aurobindo from Vivekananda.
No fixed methods in the Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo apart from exclusive loyalty to them and some amount of reading their works.
@ngc1729 There is a book by Sri Aurobindo titled, The Problem of Rebirth. The link is for a blog post while TNM55 my initials+year of birth.
Sri Aurobindo also shares concern on the Problem of Rebirth with Emerson. [TNM55] Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra
[Sri Aurobindo was by and large indebted to the critical insights of Cousins’ New Ways in English Literature.]
[tension between Hegel & Nietzsche or that between historicism & will is a constant & living dialog in Sri Aurobindo]
[Kireet Joshi Archives - Lecture Series by Prof. Kireet Joshi on Sri Aurobindo's "The Life Divine" - Chapters 1 to 7]
[@LarvalSubjects: I see figures like Adorno as betrayals of Marx because they turn away from Marx’s materialism and return to idealism.]
[Badiou will read differently after I read Derrida than he would have had I read him first.] by @LarvalSubjects

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Emerson, Nietzsche, and Sri Aurobindo

Emerson and the Light of India by Robert C. Gordon has a chapter on Sri Aurobindo where the author notes that Sri Aurobindo doesn't appear to have read even a page of Emerson. However, he enumerates several commonalities between their philosophies and hastens to add that Emerson precedes Sri Aurobindo as far as Evolution is concerned.

Reviewing Cousins' book Sri Aurobindo commented, "Each essay is indeed excellent in itself; that on Emerson is a masterpiece of fullness in brevity, for it says perfectly in a few pages all that need be said about Emerson the poet and nothing that need not be said..." Of course, the essay deals more with poetry than philosophy.

Lastly, Emerson's influence in shaping Nietzsche's thought is a crucial point. Besides, Sri Aurobindo also shares concern on the Problem of Rebirth with Emerson. [TNM55]

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Sri Aurobindo Ashram must be purged of imposters

Ontological intricacies are beyond the common people but Sri Aurobindo foregrounds it to liberate Indian masses from Mythology and Astrology.
Hindutva bandwagon talking of Education is a paradox. Sri Aurobindo holds the key to Modernity by abandoning Mythology-Rituals-Superstition.
Mythology is perpetuated through stone or bronze artworks but children's brain shouldn't be petrified by mythological fiction & superstition.
Estimating Sri Aurobindo in conjunction with Vivekananda is as erroneous as clubbing Gandhi and Nehru or Radhakrishnan and Tagore together.
While one group endeavors to rob Sri Aurobindo of any imputation of Divinity, a rival team in the Ashram strives to reinforce Hindutva mode.
Savitri Era Religion discards claims of both the groups and retains faith in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as Supreme Divine leading Evolution.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram must be purged of imposters who don't accept the Masters as Supreme Divine or prefer to worship other gods & goddesses.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not an old-age home and those who exhibit questionable devotion to the Masters must shift to Auroville or elsewhere.
It's an irony that hardcore devotees are at the margins whereas imposters & conspirators are at the helm of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry.
Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, President, Savitri Era Party and Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum, Ph: 96500-65636

Friday, September 05, 2014

Sri Aurobindo shows how to bypass Hindutva trappings

@Sheks65 You are free to disseminate your own interpretations of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's words instead of bothering about what I write.
@kirchan9991 Not much on the ground now as supporters are scattered. You are free to take initiative at the local level to convince others.
Peddling Mythology and Astrology in the name of Swadeshi and Nationalism is a crime against Mother India and the future of her inhabitants.
The Life Divine is a difficult book but Sri Aurobindo packs it with ammunitions to fight Hindutva, Shankara, Vivekananda, and Radhakrishnan.
Hindutva intellectual bankruptcy is responsible for proliferating Marxist scholarship whose analyses worth pondering over but not inferences.
The Science of Living laid out by The Mother forms the backbone of Integral Yoga which has been ably elaborated by Sri Aurobindo in SAVITRI.
Science and Philosophy are signs of intellectual height while Mythology subverts individuality. Read Sri Aurobindo's works for illumination.
Mythology enters a child's mind before his schooling starts & it's a life-long struggle to get rid of its ill-effects. Sri Aurobindo guides.
Those who take pleasure in propagating Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals may carry on but Sri Aurobindo will guide the modern generation.
It's not easy to escape the hegemony of huge temples and elaborate festivals but a visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram teaches essence of religion.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show the way out how to bypass Hindutva trappings without falling prey to the atheist Marxist or Nehruvian traps.
Modern Indians must escape from the Mythology and Rituals industry that is designed to suck them as helpless voters for the Modi machine.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's works can empower the members of new generation to respect Science & Technology and eschew rituals & stones-wearing.
May everyone follow Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony by abandoning Mythology, Astrology, and Miracle-mongering.
Savitri Era Religion deflates present confusion & controversies surrounding Mythology, Theology, & Astrology in the light of Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda busts many myths and superstitions that have been in currency in this country for centuries together.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Savitri Era Religion demands legal recognition

Two recents Posts elsewhere, The Rationalised Ashramite – by An "Irrational" As... and The “No Religion” Refrain – by Baikunth grapple with the religion issue. But still it's too late and too little. There are apparent confusions too which we may point out in a nutshell.

Religion has been characterized as a set of devotional practices and rituals (specific to a dominant Religion) whereas the real issues are sociological and political. Further, it's not simply a question of what happens within the protected environs of the Ashram or Auroville but rather about the identity crisis of thousands of devotees scattered all over the Globe. Marriage and Minority-Education are two specific fields in India where a categorical legal sanction as a separate Religion can help the followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo immensely.

A further point to note is that although Sri Aurobindo was involved with many of his contemporaries tangentially, none of them schould be accorded any importance. Literary and Philosophical comparative studies may be in order but when it comes to his Divine Manifestation and Yogic Vision, bringing in other names is wholly absurd. Jettisoning past baggage is also a crucial element in Integral Yoga. The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo enables the modern generation to imagine a Universe sans any assistance from arcane Mythology or Astrology.

Now that the Hindutva bandwagon is in power, there would be immense pressure on our Centres and Schools to abdicate our specialities and introduce Mythology. Such attempts need to be resisted with firm hands and steadfast conviction. For this, political identity and unity is also important since Courts are not helpful always. In this context, it's hoped that spontaneous support builds up for Savitri Era Party and Savitri Era Religion. We must expose all those who are eager to brand us as nothing more than just another Hindu sect. [TNM55]

Isha, Gita, and Savitri

Death is the progenitor of all questions, interrogations, and philosophy; all the rest are beating about the bush. Sri Aurobindo attempts to understand Death in his philosophical epic Savitri and it’s worth consulting. [TNM55]

The 18 verses of the Isha Upanishad are far more pregnant with wisdom than the Gita. Sri Aurobindo weaves an astounding Ontology around it.
Sri Aurobindo embodied Evolutionary vigour while Hitler represented wanton destruction reenacting the Vedic Indra vs. Vritra fight in 20thC.
A bottom-up view of Evolution would present diverse contradictions but Sri Aurobindo's top-down thesis constitutes a neat piece of Ontology.
Humans, opines Dunbar, are different because of religion, storytelling, and music for which they have arrived at present stage of Evolution.
Indians are memorizing the same Mythology for generations and undertaking the same pilgrimages for ages. Sameness is so fascinating a force!
How religions have metamorphosed and civilization has undergone countless peregrinations cannot be delinked from Evolutionary plans ahead.
Building Bridges or Statues are not lone indicators of growth. Attuning culture and education to demands of Evolution is the key to progress.
Forget Nalanda. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a free online University for your self-study and Self-culture. Click
Nalanda had no bicycles, no cars, no electricity, no fans, no printed books, no microscopes, and no computers. So what's the brouhaha about?
Sri Aurobindo: Saga of a Great Indian Sage by Wilfried Huchzermeyer is a concise & brilliant introduction via @amazon
Visiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram has nothing much to do with understanding Sri Aurobindo, rather, there is a likelihood of getting prejudiced.
Popularity is never a sign of true worth & Indians discovering Sri Aurobindo's work through sincere quest for quality will be the real test.
The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga, The Secret of the Veda, The Human Cycle, The Future Poetry, and Savitri are gems by Sri Aurobindo.
Reinventing the Veda & assigning a superior role for the body under an Evolutionary schema constitute signal contributions of Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo resolves age-old discords between Sankhya and Yoga, Advaita and Visistadvaita, Vaishnavism and Tantra, and Buddhism and Veda.
Nagging victimhood of Hindutva votaries is a serious psychological disorder which can be remedied by Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary optimism.
Sri Aurobindo can be safely regarded as an authority & he would seem to concur with Muller but not fully with Besant.
Irrespective of Party or Coalition the Govt. always speaks the same language and the Opposition barks in the same way. Democracy is amazing!
Even Leftists who inveigh against the System and rubbish the State follow a paradigm of street protests and killings when Police is at rest.
Sameness is surely boring but, strangely, the TV and Movies have made dishing out the same formula highly entertaining for decades together.
The kind of rapturous feeling that every move of Modi evokes among such a large number of people as a coping mechanism against ennui is good.
A group of transgenders have descended in our colony and are singing some lilting numbers. Very few occasions now to listen to live music!
The taste of a South Indian thali went sour when the restaurant charged INR 110 + taxes for the water bottle. India has really progressed!
Old books for 100 rupees each from the Delhi Book Fair. Most of the stalls were doing good business out of such sales 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Rediscovering Sri Aurobindo is the safest destination

Scope for juxtaposing incongruences in arguments by commentators is limitless unless a firm point of reference is affirmed. As regards the specific issues raised here, Sri Aurobindo can be safely regarded as an authority and he would seem to concur with Muller but not fully with Besant. The Life Divine remains a repository of knowledge on such matters. [TNM55]

Savitri Era Religion is a new adventure of synthesizing faith with rationality, tradition with modernity and mundane matters with sublimity.
Amidst noise on Teachers Day, let's not forget that even a brilliant mind like S. Radhakrishnan failed to fathom greatness of Sri Aurobindo.
Ministers are chosen as administrators and are not supposed to be role models for students. Only Sri Aurobindo is the Teacher of the nation.
The West now posits Whitehead as its head-note but Sri Aurobindo is head and shoulders above him in formulating an Evolutionary Philosophy.
From strains of music to motifs on fabric, logic is everywhere. Neglecting Vedic Ontology of Sri Aurobindo will lead to Buddhist Nihilism.
Someone asked about Ganesha and the drinking-milk squad preferred to rant. A basic acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo would have helped answer.
Learning is the engine of progress and spurs innovation but unfortunately the current rulers of India celebrate mediocrity and pedestrianism.
Since when begging bowl has become so honourable? India must value its own assets & Soft Power to win the world as per Sri Aurobindo's Dream.
Scientific attitude & questioning spirit is the cornerstone of human civilisation. No nation can be great by perpetually parroting Mythology.
Skirting arguments and peddling slogans is a hallmark of Hindutva votaries. India can't develop as long as such disregard for logic persists.
@avenger_D You are off-track as I didn't criticise Modi. The question is how anti-Hindus among the Hindus should be dealt with or persuaded.
@avenger_D FPTP-based electoral victory is not the issue I'm discussing. Those numbers are mere indicators of size of Hindutva supporters.
@avenger_D Let's not forget that this victory doesn't have the sanction of 66% sickulars who still form a huge majority and counter-factor.
Savitri Era Religion is a reality today apart from many other offshoots which are clear Hindutva failures. Hold of Mythology falling apart!
Those who have fought against the Congress for over 50 years have reason to be happy but uncritical support to Hindutva impairs credibility.
Hindutva has long privileged spectacles over rational basis of its strengths like Leftists. Sri Aurobindo acts as an umpire as well as coach.
BJP win is hawa-based and any euphoria over interpreting it as victory for Hindutva is utterly myopic. Engaging with "sickulars" is crucial.
Befriending the Chinese and Japanese is appreciated but snubbing fellow Hindu citizens for their alternative views is a Hindutva-downside.
By constantly accusing them as sickular, Hindutva brigade further alienates a section of their own brethren instead of any remedial measures.
Hindutva votaries never care or dare to probe why there is such a huge percentage of anti-Hindus among the Hindus who may not be atheists.
Secular (or sickular) is an euphemism for anti-Hinduism in India which even the Hindutva folks use so approvingly to avoid the stark reality.
Devotees from all over the world visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry & Auroville regularly. So the administration needs to be streamlined.
Several petitions pertaining to alleged malpractices by the Trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry are pending now before the Courts.
Nationalism is not anti-intellect nor synonymous with Mythology. Sri Aurobindo offers balanced food-for-thought curing mental-malnutrition.
Many fail to make any sense of Sri Aurobindo's Evolution. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is very helpful
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo strove to bring the East and the West together. Their writings apart, Auroville marches on in its embryonic form.
The Mother met Sri Aurobindo in Puducherry in 1914 and through their spiritual collaboration arose a new adventure of Divine Consciousness.
Migrating to Puducherry in 1910, Sri Aurobindo took leave from political activity and published ARYA in 1914 spreading Synthetic Philosophy.
Sri Aurobindo was in a prominent position when the Congress split in Surat in 1907 and wrote fiery editorials in BANDE MATARAM in Kolkata.
On returning to India in 1893, Sri Aurobindo wrote a few essays in a journal lambasting the weak-kneed policies of Congress against British.
Very few people would be aware of today that Sri Aurobindo had his entire school and college education in England between 1879 and 1893.
Identifying Nationalism with Hindi or Sanskrit is foolishness. Reciting daily a page from SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo can heal many prejudices.
Much before Peter Heehs' The Lives of Sri Aurobindo (2008), Anita Desai's novel Journey to Ithaca was responsible for indecent insinuations.
Sri Aurobindo never considered various alien rules in India as sheer aberrations and rather emphasized upon their cross-cultural dimensions.
Sri Aurobindo's conversations with disciples are a goldmine of rare insights into historical events & civilizational Evolutionary trajectory.
Sri Aurobindo, not only wrote Philosophy, Poetry, and Literary criticism, but also enough material on himself and his contemporaries for us.
@kirchan9991 It's more about the thrust of what @RajivMessage writes which is patently divisive while Sri Aurobindo calls for World Union.
@kirchan9991 Very much. Ideologically, we are against BJP-RSS, Congress, AAP and the Left but support the legacy of the JP movement of 1974.
@kirchan9991 I don't consider @RajivMessage a worthwhile teacher as his polemical arguments tend to spawn hatred and prejudice among young.
Knowledge won't descend by feeding fish or elephant. Sri Aurobindo has churned the oceans of the East & the West. We must read what he wrote.
Sri Aurobindo will direct you to Shelley, Blake and Coleridge. He will also encourage you to consult Mazzini, Nietzsche, Emerson and Bergson.
Savitri Era Religion doesn't rest on the oars of past glory or pastoral life. Technology must keep pace with Ontology, advises Sri Aurobindo.
Comte, Mill, & Mazzini inspired early Nationalists and Theory has a place even today. Rediscovering Sri Aurobindo is the safest destination.
Swami Vivekananda & Yogi Adityanath in news today for different reasons. Time to remember Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams