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I won't allow anyone to wash my feet

Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar

I won't allow anyone to wash my feet and no one should. It's against personal ethics and modern values. When the PM sets an example of ceremonially doing the same, the backward march of negating what Bengal Renaissance achieved 200 years back, sets in. Why impose whims on others?

Each citizen is entitled to his own perspective in a Democracy and free to refuse any monochromatic assumption. Respect for and tolerance of diversity is pivotal to a civil society, whether Western or Indian. Ethics and human values are universal but Democracy came from the West.

Succumbing to optics is a compulsion in politics and especially dominant for those with modest intellectuality. Modi regime is replete with gimmickry but this incident takes the cake; and is a sacrilege of Constitutional norms. While Dharma experts are silent, Sri Aurobindo wins.

What a private person does as part of his social and cultural practice can't automatically be accepted as part of Prime Minister's conduct. Giving legitimacy to social hierarchy as official policy and patronage or allowing body-based religious rituals to be future norms is flawed

Honouring people of a particular profession disregarding the claims of other professions indicates bias and arbitrariness. Besides, very modality selected for so called honour is not an accepted practice in the modern world. Imposing such body-based ritualistic norms is immoral.

Please read the full thread. I'm questioning the rationale, and the criteria, of the very selection of a particular profession over others to be subjected to PM's fancies. Which book or manifesto gives sanction to such an arbitrary act of the State machinery or Party functionary?

On Rakhi Purnima day in Odisha, the draft bullocks are treated to much care and caressing and worshipped with all religious paraphernalia to express gratitude for their labour. This incident reminds of similar connotation which, I think, is not the right social contract with PM.

I said the sanitation work profession has its own dignity and must not be reinforced in the minds of the people as lowly in social hierarchy. PM's act is likely to be emulated by heads of each institution or office leading to a very ridiculous situation for the concerned employees.

Reservation doesn't require certain citizens to be summoned, habeas corpus, by the PM for performing his religious whims or using them as guinea pigs for his experiments in social engineering. Earmarking sanitary work as the lowest grade is again against any sense of modern norms

Not respecting someone's right to privacy of body is no less sordid than Gandhi having young women in his bed. The urge to touch is an aching problem in the old age and a PM should avoid different pretexts including hugging to satisfy the same in public. A public apology needed.

Harking back to tradition, mythology, or ritual-system is meaningless since Democracy and the duties of a PM as ordained in the Constitution are not part of them. Committing such a blunder is unthinkable for even an ordinary man of the street. Each profession has its own dignity.

Violates the very principle of equality and honouring basically amplifies the lack and vulnerability of the employees/citizens. This is simply abominable in a modern society. But, depends upon one's value system if one doesn't feel abhorrence for this ritual or rather praises it.

Not sure, if it's in his personal or official capacity, but typecasting fellow citizens and behaving so patronizingly is utterly indecent and immoral on the part of the Prime Minister of a Democracy. The ritual is nothing but insulting their dignity and violation of human rights.

From the common sense point of view, it's desirable to treat all available writings as texts without any special consideration, religious or otherwise. The question of Mantra, as emphasised by Sri Aurobindo, is subjective in nature and so the ritual aspect is rendered immaterial.

Religions or texts don't spawn hatred on their own; they are like a matchbox. When a person or a group use certain concepts or tenets to mobilise people, then the potentiality increases and the energy is directed either in a positive manner or negatively. So, self-interest rules.

You have added too many new aspects, so it's not possible to say something precisely. If you feel that Savarkar has been wrongly portrayed till now, that won't be a correct picture. One may or may not agree with him but he holds honour as father of a unique concept like Hindutva.

Implying that Sri Aurobindo had similar views as Savarkar is not based on facts. Sri Aurobindo differs in great many respects even from his close associates like Lal-Bal-Pal. Hope, you bring out these crucial points when necessary. Thanks. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion @SavitriEraParty

That's of course a long term approach and it's not easy to implement nor there's any surity as regards the outcome. My proposal is at the conceptual level: whether it's feasible to abolish the Act and whether modern life of a Nation is possible without the existence of Companies?

Function of religion is "to establish a communication with what is invisible" and all outward paraphernalia are merely an aid. Those who seek to reverse this principle to gather votes won't reap dividends for ever but would do irreparable damage to both Democracy and the religion

India is a Democracy comprising of people belonging to divergent religions like Hindus and Muslims. Any section claiming superiority or special considerations on religious grounds is anomalous. Those highlighting religious identity for political mobilisation are on the wrong side

Engaging with current affairs on Twitter is like preparing for competitive exams. To see it as moulding of public opinion or a sign of participative Democracy is farfetched. The reason is, reason is at a discount and spirit of propaganda in adolescent's zeal finds full expression

Abolishing the Companies Act might give rise to new forms of ownership with transparency and responsibility. Gambling in the guise of stock trading also needs to be reined in. Seat of power must exercise control upon business and not the other way round, as is the case at present

Searching for pan-Indian icons is a futile exercise as India is a subcontinent with multiple Nation-States. Each State has its own distinct language, literature, history, culture, religion, and tradition. Overlooking these to paint a monochromatic picture fails to capture reality

RSS is routinely accused of being anti-intellectual and it doesn't care but to give the devil his due, it kept an alternative version of history alive during the heyday of Congress-Marxists combine. Power bestows new legitimacy on RSS but its narratives need to be purged of lies.

This book, SRI AUROBINDO IN BARODA is a good one to understand the context of the epochal collaboration between Sri Aurobindo and Tilak; in fact Lal-Bal-Pal, which is crucial to later history, or even, what is unfolding today. @Gopanarya @SavitriEraParty

This is the most authoritative work on the Veda and connotations pertaining its deities. Please read online, if you haven't yet. There are two allied volumes too. #SriAurobindo @TrueIndology @Gopanarya

Scholarship is always a work in progress. I'm yet to find anyone on Twitter who has a good grasp on Sri Aurobindo's works. Consequently perspectives as well as inferences continue to be skewed. That's one challenge which each educated Indian needs to take up. #BrunchBookChallenge

Power and commerce motivate people to be social while others are perceived as selfish. It also translates to an image of being moral, caring, and compassionate. The yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo somehow bypasses tangentially such popular perspectives; so one must be tactful.

There was no Internet then, but Sri Aurobindo somehow had some competence in transmission of texts through thin air. Wrote a book on yoga by a deceased author, gave several speeches, dictated all guidance to his lawyer, and even is believed to have dictated Churchill's speech.

This brilliant thread tells the history but can't locate the invisible hand of Sri Aurobindo who later wrote [We welcome it all the more because it seems to be conceived in the same free and synthetic spirit as animates this Review. -Arya Aug 1914]. Tilak spoke about him in jail.

Every situation or event will have at least four different types of response; of the Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras and many others overlapping of course. The Veda brings out this distinction which unequivocally becomes the cornerstone of Sri Aurobindo's contention.

My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads:
1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astrology
2) Vedas against Rituals
3) Against Vivekananda
4) Espousing Modernity & Democracy
5) Nationhood to States & languages.

Misc. References:

Washing feet of mahatmas among the lowest strata/caste/varna of society is completely different from washing feet just because they are sanitation workers, that too by Raja at top is just misguided humility and spiritual outlook, Modi should first act like a Raja before anything

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[The argument that evolution implies involution was made by Swami Vivekananda with compelling logic]
Vivekananda’s doctored picture of Ramakrishna
Vivekananda uses the word involution exactly as in Theosophy

[What interests me in #Hegel is not what he has to say about Spirit or reconciliation or the formation of a total system – Despite its #Joycean prose, it is a work worth studying carefully and returning to again and again as an endless source of ideas] -LB

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