Sunday, October 16, 2005

Savitri: A Legend & A Symbol

by Sri Aurobindo
Paperback: 816 pages, Publisher: Lotus Press
Editorial Reviews- Book Description:
In this epic spiritual poem, Sri Aurobindo reveals his vision of mankind's destiny within the universal evolution. He sets forth the optimistic view that life on earth has a purpose, and he places our travail within the context of this purpose: to participate in the evolution of consciousness that represents the secret thread behind life on Earth.
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Adventure of consciousness, October 15, 2005
Reviewer: savitriera - See all my reviews
Yes, it was originally written in English, it's not a translation from some Indian language. The whole book is one poem, a long poem, one of the longest, they call it an epic. A poem is not meant for the poets only, it can be read by anyone. But, it is so difficult to understand? OK, a poem or a song is primarily meant for the ears, so reading aloud is the key. Can it be one page a day? Yes, and then the power and music of the words play magic. The message seeps in by and by.
SAVITRI is the finest substitute for those who can't access the VEDA because of the difficult sanskrit language. As a modern scripture it synthesizes the wisdom of all cultures. So, go for the pure gold; what better way to read SAVITRI than to start reading, right away? Bon Voyage.

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  1. How come you are writing like a stranger! We have been co-workers so often in the Delhi Book Fair courtesy Dr Gyanchandra.

    Chase your dream, as they say. SAVITRI must vanquish and Harmony prevail.