Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should resign

It is a criminal offence on the part of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In his acceptance address on being conferred with an honorary degree of Doctor of Law, he spoke about the links between India and Cambridge. So many names he recalled, but forgot the name of Sri Aurobindo, the foremost poet and philosopher of India.

If this is inadvertent, then he must resign from his post for his poor memory. But if deliberate, then also he should resign for insulting the great Teacher of the Nation as well as the Savitri Erans. ¶ 2:08 AM

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  1. I feel sorry for the type of "reason" you have displayed to protect and impose your idology over all Indians. There are many scholars in India who do not consider the integral phiolosphy of Sri Aurobindo as a worthful or significant contribution to human race or to India. Manmohan Singh is a learned person, and wise leader whoes vision and ideas are pragmatic and already started shaping its place unlike "heavenly poems" or "arm-chair philosohpies". For your more information Manmohan Singh admires Osho- I would like to see your face getting red here:). Your attitude resembles the anger in response to this failuer of your master or your belief(?), an immature act of disgrace for any spiritual aspirant. I suggest, you should have asked "How the thinking-India perceived Sri Aurobindo and its contribution." That would have perhaps helped you a little better.