Wednesday, November 08, 2006

20th century philosophy

It can't be that something on The Mother and Sri Aurobindo won't interest me. You are welcome to keep me posted. But what I find in your articles is that you try to maintain a narrative and journalistic stance. Catering to the beginners is a good thing, but that stunts your personal growth also. A person of your calibre and experience should address the discerning niche. The articles should be able to stimulate further probings and also disturb and provoke so as to generate debates. Now that the Blogger is offering its hospitality, there is no obstacle to that.
On scanning through the write-up I noticed that you have not mentioned any philosopher. 20th century philosophy is an intense melting pot of human thought and without it we can't make any dependable appraisal of life and history. To arrive at Sri Aurobindo's lofty vision, the present must negotiate with and navigate through the available streams of thought.

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