Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sri Aurobindo posits a grand pillar of possibility

What differentiates Sri Aurobindo from other famous philosophers and savants is his emphasis on evolution linked to a definite teleology. Whereas other notions of evolution are speculative and uncertain, Sri Aurobindo posits a grand pillar of possibility which the world has to embrace unwaveringly.

As regards Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey [ /] it is really astonishing that such large number of people are still enamored of Marxist thought. Similar is the case with other Masters of Suspicion as well as prominent thinkers. Why this happens is necessary to understand.

Sri Aurobindo spoke about the typal society that does not evolve but relegates itself into a conventional machanicity. Elsewhere, the Devatas have been described as typal beings who, being incapable of evolving further, inhabit their respective domains for ever. Similarly, these powerful thought-systems are typal realms that survive and continue to attract followers.

All teachings – religious or rational – are such typal traps that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have warned us to keep away from. They are anti-evolutionary, and hence any hobnobbing with them erodes our own sense of certitude. The Supramental transformation will happen only under the benign gaze of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. [TNM] [11:25 AM , 5:23 AM ]

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