Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God save this blind-leading-the blind brigade!

[How Dare You TOI Edit 28 Oct 2008: The caste system pervaded all Indian institutions of the past. Its influence has been more pronounced in our understanding of knowledge and the learning process. Guru was at the apex of the knowledge pyramid in the Brahmanical scheme. He spoke down to disciples. Modern-day gurus, learned or otherwise, have dutifully copied the pattern. A hierarchical social order has replicated itself in institutions of learning. The result has not been pleasing. We have institutionalised rote learning with the focus on gathering information. The spirit of inquiry is missing in the present system. Education that fails to encourage students to raise questions can’t be expected to produce original minds. New ideas are born in a climate of dialogue and debate. India has long ceased to be a crucible for great ideas and minds. We produce successful doctors, software professionals and businessmen, but not original thinkers. Mahatma Gandhi was an original social and political thinker. His genius was shaped in the school of life rather than in any educational institution and he, like Rabindranath Tagore, was acutely conscious of the limits of our educational system. They knew that great nations were built by original minds.]

This edit writer is not only loathe to mention the name of Sri Aurobindo but also unaware of his insights. No wonder he makes a mess of his politically correct stance on Guru, Brahmanical scheme etc. God save this blind-leading-the blind brigade! [TNM]

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