Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vāsānsi jīrnāni yathā vihāya

[a disagreement with Gratton by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman)
Gratton with a defense of postmodernism:
Stupid postmodernists. If only they used the word network or assemblage instead of ‘text.’”]
[finite shirts from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman)
And then I started wondering how many times you can wear a typical item of clothing before it wears out… If I wore that shirt once per week, and there are maybe 12-15 cold weeks in a year where the shirt was wearable, and it was right around a decade… There’s an obvious philosophy angle on this question, as you will know if you have reread Plato’s Phaedo any time recently. One of Socrates’s arguments for the immortality of the soul (one of his weakest) is countered by an argument about clothing wearing out.]

Harman’s musing over his shirt (vicariously, text) opens a welcome path to the real focus of ontology. Sri Aurobindo’s ambitious The Problem of Rebirth remains inconclusive and needs debate. [TNM]  

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