Friday, July 16, 2010

Survival of the seniles

By Lisa M. Krieger Posted: 07/10/2010
Hoping to create more space for young scholars, Stanford has revamped its generous "Retirement Incentive Program" — for the second time in a decade — to nudge more old-timers toward the door. …
And like a seat on the Supreme Court and papal office, university tenure is lifelong. With the brightest students, best libraries and labs, and lighter teaching loads than at most state schools, professors at elite research universities have little reason to retire. …
India mandates retirement at age 60. If too many older scholars prevent the younger generation's advancement, bright students may not go into academia, Etchemendy worries. … Stanford has tried different approaches to gently encourage departures.]

Sri Aurobindo Ashram administration and its college in Puducherry are groaning under seniles. [TNM]

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