Monday, August 08, 2011

Samuel Alexander and Nicolai Hartmann

[philosophical obligations from plastic bodies by plasticbodies
Leon has linked to an article which explores the question: is God necessary for Whitehead’s system? This raises the question: say you are presented with two metaphysical systems identical save for the fact that one includes God and the other omits God. Are we as philosophers obliged to favor the Godless system?
Whitehead and Catholicism Monday, August 8, 2011
Is God indispensable to Whitehead's metaphysics? The following article attempts to answer that question (pp. 666-669) as well as clarify Whitehead's relationship to Catholicism.

Current ontological haunt in the blogosphere revolves around Bergson, Whitehead, Husserl, & Heidegger while two other influential thinkers are almost forgotten. They are Samuel Alexander and Nicolai Hartmann whom, fortunately, we meet in Maitra’s magnum opus, Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy‎. [TNM55]

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