Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You need real spine to read The Life Divine

Tweets 4m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty More than the leaders the readers rather require it. You need real spine to go through a book like The Life Divine of over a thousand pages.
42m - @ArunKrTiwari Respect and study are two different things. Chanakya is hardly any match with the encyclopaedic writings of Sri Aurobindo. [TNM55]   View conversation
54m - @ArunKrTiwari Instead of invoking controversial legendary characters like Chanakya, it'd be politically correct to learn from Sri Aurobindo.   View conversation
1h No public figure has canvassed for exclusively adopting Sri Aurobindo's philosophy by the countrymen during the last sixty years. How sad!  View location
1h Twitter turned many writers before they had time to read. It made many warriors before they knew whom to fight & what's worth fighting for.  View location
1h In order to be a true Indian, one has to be a Sri Aurobindian. Sure cure for intellectual impoverishment of who too much flutter on Twitter.  View location
1h Harmonising wisdom, power, wealth, & work within one is what integral leadership all about. Look out for same among the living and not dead.  View location
[2h - krishnarjun @krishnarjun108 - @gopimaliwal no sir, i don't blindly follow anybody, but admire sandhya jain's articles, neither i am anti-west, just love truth & knowledge.  View conversation] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
1h Leaving familiar field and venture into new area is the only means of personal growth. Sri Aurobindo invites for Adventure of Consciousness.
4h Failure to see through fallacies has been useful to befuddle the gullible. The pretense of poverty also corrodes just grounds of Socialism.
4h Just as P.V. Narasimha Rao's “Not taking a decision is itself a decision,” Mamata Banerjee's abstaining from voting too amounts to voting.
4h Poverty & defeat is a thousand times preferable to flouting the rules of the game is an old Indian ethic and so twisting of facts flounders.
5h Politics & Social intervention tend to ape dramatic performance for effect but carry the risk of succumbing to hypocrisy and exhibitionism.
5h Even a thief needs an honest ally which proves the worth of eternal values. Evolution is all about traversing toward an Integral perfection.
5h Good citizenship and clinging to ethics is not too distant from spirituality. Vedic destination of Truth, Light, & Immortality is for both.
6h Scheming and chicanery can carry one only so far. The safer course in life is to surrender to unity, beauty, & harmony as a matter of habit.
6h Bestsellers are not always the best guides or products. To seek out the voice of the true and the good from among the cacophony is courage.
11h Neither noise nor numbers are indicators of quality or direction. Beware of decibel and let not the crowd overwhelm your quest for just path.  View location
12h Neither history nor nostalgia, the past is not a safe guide for a sublime future. Yoga as thought revolution is a pure voluntary occupation.  View location
12h Neither China nor America, India alone has the power of wisdom to lead the world as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Party gives leg.  View location
12h Neither socialism nor secularism, a benevolent spiritual ambition will drive us into action leading to a Life Divine and Vedic Immortality.  View location
12h Neither hatred nor hubris, hunger for the truth & the right must drive the young. Disregarding the source of wisdom is the worst corruption.  View location
12h Neither activists nor celebrities, public affairs must be ruled by knowledge and philosophy as money and power surrender to the discerning.  View location
13h Sri Aurobindo holds the key to a secure future for India as well as the World. Unity, mutuality and harmony is his formula for emancipation.  View location
13h Neither economy nor technology, they are merely scaffolding for the more profound Vedic imperative of integral fulfillment of man & society.  View location
13h Neither castes nor conversion, future agenda for India would centre around individual freedom and an urge for World Union, the Third Dream.  View location
13h From BJP to Kejriwal confusion prevails everywhere whereas a strong ideological underpinning anchored to 5 Dreams propels Savitri Era Party.  View location

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