Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is sitting on a volcano of land scams and shady deals

Tweets Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - 18h An influential section of Auroville's elitehas been complicit in this power game and is happy with the status quo. … - 18h The state of Auroville itself is highlytroubling. A complete negation of the original conception, it is verily acaricature and a betrayal. 18h Auroville must be returned to its rightfulowners. The Mother’s property has to be released from the hands of theunbelievers and atheists. 20h Sri Aurobindo Ashram responds only to theCourts or the Collector & not the general public. A public institution mustpractice transparency. 20h Visitors recall the abode of peace that theAshram is but are blissfully unaware that it is sitting on a volcano of landscams & shady deals. 20h How long the Devotees must wait beforetheir beloved Ashram rescued from the evil occupation by vile usurpers? Whyeven the Courts so slow? 21h The luminous legacy of The Mother & SriAurobindo is definitely not safe in the dubious custody of Manoj Das Gupta& friends of Peter Heehs. 21h The Mother recognised Sri Aurobindo at onceon arrival in Puducherry in 1914. Indians are yet to know his real worth evenafter a century. 21h It's ludicrous Manoj Das Gupta claimingDivine Right to rule over Sri Aurobindo Ashram by pathetically sponsoring well-wisherspamphleteering. 21h Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry must stopthe system of life-long appointment of Trustees to prevent sycophancy,nepotism, & black-mailing. 21h Peter Heehs has impersonated variously withfancy designations which the Ashram never conferred upon him. Why silence onthis? Conspiracy? 22h The Ashram will be stirred only when itspremises is attacked or property ransacked and not if the reputation of TheMother & Sri Aurobindo. 22h The Ashram maintains that it has got nobusiness with whatever people write about Sri Aurobindo including its inmates.Exemplary neutrality! 22h - @gchikermaneYou may say goodbye to me but you owe the nation an apology for perpetratingfalsehood with regard to Peter Heehs last year.  Viewconversation - 22h No amount of paid-media coverage andplanted panegyrical can exonerate Peter Heehs of the indiscretions committed inLives of Sri Aurobindo. 23h @gchikermaneThat's obvious but you should clarify on your Peter Heehs nexus and thehospitality by the Ashram enjoyed by you so frequently. Viewconversation - 23h Must be some serious groundwork for PeterHeehs' defence when @gchikermaneis in Puducherry. Admirable nexus between history and economics.  Viewconversation - 23h The world needs Peter Heehs' extraordinarygenius as historian and his fans are thirsty for his forthcoming book. Why ishe locking himself? 23h Vigilance needs to be beefed up andresistance augmented so that Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not hijacked by likes ofPeter Heehs the CIIS way. 23h Authentic historical account regarding TheMother & Sri Aurobindo can emerge only when the stranglehold of Peter Heehsover the Ashram ends. 23h Residence of just 1 person has beentroubling a whole community of devotees & admirers of Sri Aurobindo. Ashramshould throw Peter Heehs out. 23h Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry hasembarked upon a propaganda campaign to acquit itself of the sins committed byPeter Heehs but in vain. 30 Mar Peter Heehs hit upon the queer formulathat whatever others say about Sri Aurobindo is true but what he himself saidis suspect as history.

30 Mar [He whom we saw yesterday is on earth.His presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall betransformed into light..]

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