Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You do have a one track approach

@SavitriEraParty: This tweet owes its existence as much to technology as to the legal rights won over centuries. The content, of course, is force of the word.
@SavitriEraParty: Which words? It's always a matter of dispute but Sri Aurobindo firmly settles it in favour of the Vedic & set out in 24000 lines of Savitri.
@SavitriEraParty: By just denoting the word Go as ray of light Sri Aurobindo managed to clear the cobwebs spread over the Veda for more than a thousand years.
@SavitriEraParty: The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga, The Human Cycle-Human Unity, The Future Poetry and there was no stopping the action from the word Go.
@SavitriEraParty: It's laughable that without reading any book of Sri Aurobindo, CRI editors/writers consider themselves experts on Indian history & culture.
@SavitriEraParty: Congress & the Left resisting Sri Aurobindo is understandable but people like @SandeepWeb, @hguptapolicy & @orsoraggiante ridiculing me is sad.
@SavitriEraParty: IGNOU thankfully has been running Courses on Sri Aurobindo Studies up to the PhD level which our Leftist dominated Universities don't allow.
@SavitriEraParty: @hguptapolicy Marketing is like that and you must excuse rhetoric. No serious complains but I don't think you'll rate Sri Aurobindo boring.
@SavitriEraParty: If Gandhi's My Experiments with Truth & Nehru's The Discovery of India are essential reading so is The Renaissance in India by Sri Aurobindo.
@SavitriEraParty: To reign in supporters' frustration BJP should encourage study of Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy for their overall intellectual growth.
@SavitriEraParty: @MukulKMishra @smarket People are so used to dumbing down and consuming trivia that unadulterated truth is rated as boring even by the wise.

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