Monday, January 27, 2014

Added focus on action over what Sri Aurobindo wrote - 4

Corruption has agitated from Adam Smith to Anna Hazare and civilisation has been a quest for overcoming human imperfections. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, however, see ethics as inbuilt in Yoga which is a joint operation between human effort and Divine Grace. But the tragedy is that many institutions run in the name of Sri Aurobindo have turned dynastic fiefdoms and dens of corruption. Some educational institutions are a sorry spectacle. While the great virtues of education and creativity are extolled outwardly, demeaning hankering for power and manipulation continue as undercurrent. So, the lesson is mere enrolling as a seeker is no assurance for ethical behaviour.

From this perspective, the role of proper management, rule of law, administration of justice, political correctness etc. become crucial. How even a highly motivated movement like AAP is floundering in Delhi is a lesson for all. Human affairs can't be dealt with by mere common sense any more in this complex world; very refined and rigorous policy making is essential. Further, there are no fixed, textbook solutions; sensibilities emerge as situations unfold and responses shift in commensurate fashion. Media and advocates foisting twists complicate the situation.

Ban on the book robbed much of the moral ground and it has become indefensible over the years. A parallel can be drawn to the Minister in Delhi who has lost legitimacy for moral policing. Loss of credibility like the Michhua Radhua can play havoc on the part of an individual or organisation. The Mother introduced many exemplary modalities in the Ashram but some others can justifyably be criticized for being harsh on human wants and emotions. So, whether they can be pardoned today in the pretext of spirituality is a much larger question. Devoloping competence and sagacity for judging such matters is also urgent and we need fresh texts to fall back upon. [TNM55]

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