Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ambivalent, comical, confusing, paradoxical

Election campaigns are on in India and many issues are in the melting pot though they are hardly approached from a philosophical perspective. If anyone cares to look at them with some seriousness, then the word ethics might be of added contemporary interest. [TNM55]

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First quarter of 1914 will be over in a few days. Political developments so far have been confusing; no firm indications but part of History.
It's a perfect postmodernist scenario: ambivalent, comical, confusing, paradoxical, no ideological anchorage, frustrating and fast-changing.
@outburstindia @shivageologist To say anti-India, one must define what exactly India denotes but even the Constitution falls short of real.
@shivageologist Both BJP & AAP, backed by RSS & the ultra-Left as they are, are not very comfortable with the present shape of Constitution.
Even there is a mismatch between Yoga and ethics and so between politics and ethics is no surprise. Enchantment and charisma fuel politics.
There is no greater delusion than looking at the past centuries as model societies. Present day Indians must firmly resist such temptation.
New breed of writers using sophisticated English argue earnestly in favour of bygone days & glorify pre-modern culture. Safe to ignore them.
None of the political parties aspire what inspired Sri Aurobindo. It's upon the young to be aware of his vision and consciously work for it.
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo strived to awaken the young about the beauty of the future world. They first met 100 years back in Puducherry.
Many in their thirties seem to be more confident about the shape of Indian society and customs 3000 years back than during their life time.
Very idea of forcibly keeping people bonded to a set of religious or cultural prescriptions handed down by tradition is against democracy.

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