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Sri Aurobindo rids Veda of Mythology and Rituals

Sri Aurobindo translates 'go' as light and revolutionalises the understanding of the Veda. Pity that Hindutva brigade is promoting crackers!
Sri Aurobindo rids Veda of Mythology, Rituals, and Superstition and that sends shivers down the spine of the Hindutva bandwagon. So sad!
Why Pracharaks don't study the Veda or propagate it is a mystery. Very few know Sri Aurobindo wrote "The Secret of the Veda" 100 years ago.
Ask any "proud Hindu" about the Veda and he will draw a blank but would immediately turn the discussion to some passages of Koran or Bible.
Nothing can be more foolhardy than Hindutva brigade mobilising the loudest crackers for self-determination and heal centuries of victimhood.
Political power can scarcely mean intellectual legitimacy but a lot of average people are swayed by the show. Hindutva is anti-Evolutionary.
Hindutva abstained from the Freedom Struggle and as a result missed intellectual growth. Even today, it's under a time-warp and anti-Modern.
Most of our youth are unaware of the political discourse going on a century back. Bande Mataram editorials by Sri Aurobindo are very helpful.
Hindutva, Sangha, and Swadeshi are good instruments of dumbing down. Indians must be vigilant to preserve Democracy, Freedom, and Modernity.
Western Political Theory played a big role during India's Independence Struggle. Hindutva is no substitute for that and must be resisted.
Indian Constitution empowers you to be your own person and independent. Never surrender this right before Hindutva collectivist stipulations.
Social ills and superstitions must not be perpetuated in the pretext of promoting Hindutva. Modern political ideals are a must for citizens.
Fighting large-scale lack of education, reliance on superstition, and injustice against women and dalits remain challenging tasks in India.
With increasing prosperity, caste-based appeal would diminish. But secular question will be in currency to which Sri Aurobindo is the answer.
Extreme Marxist and Nehruvian positions are responsible for rise of Hindutva as a reaction but Sri Aurobindo offers the moderating solution.
Hindutva hubris spawns medievalism while Sri Aurobindo helps to shed anti-Modern outlook and embrace the Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic.
Liberation from rituals brings freedom of thought and zeal for self-perfection in line with the Vedic Evolution ushered in by Sri Aurobindo.
Mythology, with its confusing multiple narratives, can often be misleading or demotivating. Sri Aurobindo hews a new path towards the future.
Mythology takes you back in time and forces repetition while Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo invites your participation in crafting Evolution.
Studying Ethics orients to the Ontological indispensability vis-a-vis Pragmatic implementation of individual preferences & social standards.
A Minister or a street vendor, a mechanic or an industrialist, moral tenets are equal for everyone; they are so simple and straightforward.
It's amazing that India has become corruption-free during the last five months as no Dharma defender has ever complained of any such anomaly.
Dharma defenders might employ ornate rhetoric and jugglery of words to justify financial misappropriation but there is no escape from Karma.
Modi-rallies and evening-TV-fights are two extremes of current mode of Democracy catering more to big businesses than the people's interest.
Phrases like Crony capitalism and Delhi punditry are quite safe for claiming the moral high-ground without going into inconvenient specifics.
BJP-hating is no inborn trait but precipitates when not a single person from the Dharma defender brigade objects to the alleged Adani-nexus.
Situating Modi between Madison and Modiano involves wide-ranging awareness & alertness that our instant psephologists are ill-equipped with.
Youth being deprived of adequate grounding in Political Theory is a very regrettable fall out of present emphasis on Professional education.
A powerful brand like Congress won't vanish easily but Sri Aurobindo is a much secure ideological avenue than the Gandhi-Godse divergences.
If India must rise and lead the world, then following the towering figure of Sri Aurobindo is the answer and not building a statue of Patel.
Many are put off by religion in politics but given human vulnerability, politics can't be left safe and sound in the hands of men and women.
The way most Parties are mired in corruption, it's apparent that their present ideals are not effective. Sri Aurobindo is better inspiration.
Weaving inspiring narrative involving virtues practiced in imagined glorious past of the country would mean little if one falters here & now.
How many seats a party wins should never be the be all and end all of politics. Larger goals and ideals must be the compass and touchstone.
Permit BJP enjoying the pleasure of 33% win but the truth is that two third people of this country are firmly against its divisive politics.
Election results, more or less, reflect the complex mosaic that is India and how Modi, BJP, RSS are singularly incapable of dealing with it.
RSS capitulating to Modi is a far-reaching development than the electoral success of BJP. Even the party President is a yes-man of the PM.
The more Modi wins elections, the more RSS shrinks and loses clout. Mass entry is sure to dilute ideology and spur amnesia among faithfuls.
RSS is already under attack by ├╝ber-Modi-fans and would increasingly be seen as a hindrance to the larger electoral appeal of BJP in future.
@GuruuGhantaal If BJP builds on 2014, then it's no longer BJP and becomes Congress. That, of course, is a good sign but RSS can't digest it.
Clarity at last: Hindutva won't award you power; toeing the Congress-line is the most assured formula in Indian politics, be it BJP or NCP.
With Modi at the helm, it's like The Congress is dead, long live The Congress! Kulkarni Doctrine eventually getting a renewed lease of life.
Most are prone to analysing the election results in Hindu-Muslim terms but the real fight taking place is between Hindutva and Kulkarnitva.
Modi hates coalitions and Maha debacle has rattled him. Getting nervous by the thought that compromising in States would erode his autonomy.
Both Lok Satta and AAP, despite all good intentions, fell prey to the Great Leader (derided as Yugpurush) trap which thwarted their growth.
Fate of AAP and Lok Satta shouldn't be a reason for despair. Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision can be a base for a sound Party programme.
AAP abstaining like Mayawati in UP bypoll has surely contributed to limiting BJP seats in both the States denying a fresh round of Modiwave.
By taking a leaf from Mayawati, Uddhav has the best opportunity to become the CM both ways. And he must not lose his chance to adorn the top.
Rise of Uddhav is the most significant contribution of this election who has the potential of injecting drastic change into Indian politics.
Uddhav in exceptional bargaining position and must earn the permanent designation of a "former Chief Minister" no matter how early happening.
Evolution proceeds in strange sequences! The way Uddhav is pitted against Modi now is no less epic in significance as well as consequences.
@Sheks65 Am merely a commentator and a pedestrian interpreter; would be too much to claim to remote control the move of various leaders :-)
If it's true that AAP fellows are leaving the party in hordes they are welcome to support & work for Savitri Era Party to serve the country.
A new party - with freedom, democracy, and transparency as core operating principles - can win people's faith if it proceeds with sincerity.
Unique political affections are turning each State into a different nation. A new pan-Indian Party is the need of the hour for integration.
Voters have no other option than to support existing parties with outdated policies. New all-India party needed in the wake of AAP caving in.
AAP is perhaps waiting for the day when all prominent Parties join BJP in some alliance so that it could solely occupy the Opposition space.
Theoretical viability of a new all-India party should attract attention of intellectuals so that the mistakes AAP committed can be avoided.
@Sheks65 You are right, for once; but ideological issues with regard to Sri Aurobindo poses a wall. AAP is a hostage of the Left, right now.
@Sheks65 Let's see, if Twitter can facilitate to shape such a career at 60.
@Sheks65 Thanks for the good wishes. The Mother has been very much in command throughout and it won't be otherwise in future too.
Nothing is more pitiable than relying upon Ramdev as a saviour of Savarkar's Hindutva as if lay Indians are nothing better than vegetables.
SRG-RS were merely the Finger but many mistook them for the Moon. Neglect of Sri Aurobindo by a whole generation has cost the nation dearly.
Fighting Fascism and defending Freedom should be the default moorings of any educated person. All other pursuits are certainly negotiable.
@SMarrtnoj Freedom should be touchstone for every phenomenon and I don't think advising citizens to cast their vote be one's responsibility.
@krsnakhandelwal Promoting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals goes against nascent scientific spirit among children reinforcing superstition.
Eulogising emperors for building grand architecture or upbraiding sovereign kings for destroying some of them constitute a fruitless pastime.
Lambasting foreign invaders by Hindutva supporters sadly eclipses ills pervading Indian society through centuries and their legitimisation.
Democracy is good for electing the ruler but not as effective in getting rid of a power greedy maneuverer. The 8 year cap restricts decay.
Sri Aurobindo's The Human Cycle offers an alternative Ontological framework tracing common source of will & intellect http://t.co/U7OLOBhrlQ
Coleridge, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo: Politics, Poetry, and Morality http://t.co/mB36RrOXzw

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