Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Convert to Savitri Era

History very seldom records the things that were decisive but took place behind the veil; it records the show in front of the curtain. --Sri Aurobindo

Spirituality respects the freedom of the human soul, because it is itself fulfilled by freedom; and the deepest meaning of freedom is the power to expand and grow towards perfection.... --Sri Aurobindo
posted by Gagdad Bob at 8:37 AM One Cosmos
Clinical psychologist, spiritual aspirant, and author of the much acclaimed book, One Cosmos Under God, Robert W. Godwin (Gagdad Bob) has remembered the words of Sri Aurobindo in his blog One Cosmos on the anniversary of 9/11. Nothing can be more appropriate than this.
At a time when all the Semitic religions are busy engaged in internecine warfare, the war of words is also begetting a lot of fresh insights as regards civilizational crises. And, Savitri Era must fish in the troubled waters. There can't be a better moment than this to call upon all the people in the world to convert to Savitri Era. Bereft of any theological lacunae, Savitri Era can usher in peace and harmony in the hearts of people as well as in the world. [TNM1296mmyp]

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