Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No one can serve two masters

Barindranath Chaki said... Hi Tusar, I will always agree to work with you and others for such a cause, for the cause fighting for Truth. Opposition to the Teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is but natural. It comes from the old world of darkness and ignorance and falsehood and half-truth. We are for Truth that Sri Aurobindo stands for. We must have to fight, to bring the Transformation to mankind and the Earth, as willed by the Supreme. Barin 26-09-2006 11:17 AM

Tusar N Mohapatra said... But how to tackle the opposition from within? When insiders are busy worshiping multiple gods and acting as Trojan horses, then to think of Truth is sheer phantasy. 7:38 AM


  1. Hi Tusar,
    Let us try to see from the view-point of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They have a task of transformation of the humanity, of this earth. We are to participate in it. Thatis the practical aspect of the Truth.
    Those who are with Them, sincerely, those who do participate in this Work, are the real Insiders.
    Those who are NOT sincere, those whose faith and reliance is shaken, they cannot be the Insiders.
    MAsks will not work here.
    Even if Truth seem to be phanatsy, we shall have to cling to Truth.
    Remember, as Nolinida told, those who are not with us, are against us.
    But we will not engage ourselves in any vital warfare. The Force at Work will take care of it. Only, we will have aspire sincerely.

  2. Words from the Mother Tusar Mohapatra has published on 27-09-2006 ... 55 minutes ago by Barindranath Chaki
    To mix up worship of deities with the prayers and meditations before The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is a distortion. We do not worship The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They are NOT overmental deities who need to be worshipped by us. ... All choice -