Sunday, February 11, 2007

A simple mention can create a slant as an omission a fork

The large corpus of the writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo along with that of their disciples and admirers pose a lofty challenge to anyone who wishes to be acquainted with them. Expository essays and articles by scholars and journalists are being added on an ongoing basis so also critical opinions, although oftentimes ill-informed. Hagiographic book-reviews, obituaries and anecdotes are proliferating. Quasi-fictional literature too is sprouting. All these are bound to grow manifold as the popularity of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo increases. In the absence of any reliable documentation system, it is likely to turn into a sort of tower of Babel within a decade or so.

The problem gets accentuated when confronted with the questions of semiology, hermeneutics and deconstruction. A simple mention can create a slant as an omission a fork. Since it is impossible to think of any accurate history or purity of thought, there can at least be some kind of institutionalized mechanism to react to misinformation and scan exaggerations. All religious and political formations maintain it and the Savitri Erans should not lag behind. [TNM]

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