Monday, June 04, 2007

Aspiration for a higher consciousness cannot be fettered by the market dynamics

[Life in the tribe is among known faces, following a leader towards known ends, while life in a city is among strangers...Collectivism, therefore, is a product of primitive minds, and appeals to primitive minds in turn. Collectivists are the real ‘scheduled tribes’. They alone slavishly follow leaders, who ‘share the kill’. Liberalism is methodological individualism. -- Sauvik Chakraverti The Times of India 1 Jun, 2007] 7:35 PM
In the transition from the tribe to the city, living “among known faces” ceases and one transacts with “strangers.” That is how trade and commerce flourishes. So the individual here is primarily a player in the seamless market; sometimes as a buyer and a seller at others. That leaves the Savitri Erans in a sort of predicament over the attitude to be adopted towards the free market.

Since aspiration for a higher consciousness cannot be fettered by the market dynamics, we can claim independence. Here the distinction emphasized by Sri Aurobindo between our true subjectivity and false subjectivity becomes utterly crucial. The difference between the soul and the desire soul become primary points of instruction. [TNM]

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