Friday, June 29, 2007

There is nothing personal about it

The Life Divine sensitizes us to several pitfalls of pure empiricism such as:

  • Illusion of size
  • Illusion of quality
  • Illusion of quantity
  • Illusion of the obvious
  • Illusion of our present possibility
  • Separateness is an illusion, etc.

So when we talk about a tiny atom or a cell, it is really an approximation and not the actual. The Reality is anoranian-mahtomahian and hence least bothered by the scales and measures.

The Westernized attitude always looks for a locus, a process, a modality. When The Mother speaks of the Yoga of the Cells, the “action” is in the archetype and may not be in the restrictive seeming actual. Thus, there is nothing personal about it. And therefore the importance of Collective Yoga. Just as the Wikipedia collaborative project or Open Source Initiatives like Linux. [TNM]

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